0 thoughts on “ALL DI TIME SUH?

  1. Ah muss joe lots she ah talk look pon him facebook an ah peer luv quoute look like bianca goodas an him in ah problem so him ah look back toya sorry as bruk pocket dude. Smh how much dutty whoring dancehall gyal him ago look den dem drop him cause di bwoy nuh have no job live ah him madda yard an all these things

  2. Good morn! Love to c wen the women a run di man them woieeee, cause oonu men love run oonu dutty mouth both women no stop blow up oonu phone. Done him toya it sweet me woieeeeee mad MON!

  3. Is who dah black ugly trailer head gyal yah a dun .. Smh bitch please .. Yuh nuh wah GUH put this INA the book weh yah write too .. BLACK SIT PIT

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