16 thoughts on “ALL FROM DI SIDE

  1. No something deh deh fi true plus di hand dem nuh look manly like konshen girl own but they are slightly man_ish…. I’m starting to see what the sender is getting@ here!

  2. Sender u are a hater clearly.. She is all woman I saw her 2 beautiful daughter push out so send in a better file …

  3. Thanks for the promo, big up memory straight ,gal weh hold har good job take care of her kids ,u bitches ain’t on her level .u mad or nah

  4. @ her niece, the caption clearly say ‘the sender waa know’ the person is asking a valid question. She a man or woman? u a come run een now bout haters and half a unuh nuh have nothing fi nobody hate gal guh siddung yaaa

    1. Thank you cause a that mi was wondering. Hate on her for what exactly. I never see a pumpum look so on a person who not fat. It buff out from even the sides. Lol. Practically visible from the back. Mi want to know too. Lol

  5. It’s sad how her family can join had with botched body to try and destroy that girl I don’t no her like that but I no she is a nice funny person in botched did you tell them it’s you put up her sister back in the day hmmmmm I guess not lol you should have kept you mouth shut only your fren know your secret lol PS I hope she sees this.

  6. One side no pull up good.

    Niece…majority of the time is how onu come on to defend someone that causes sh%t to go downhill.

    Onu slang bout “hater” will catch rebuttals – some bone deep ones just fi spite.

  7. All of u bitches are haters an can come suck me ,show u face mek mi get fi lick it in bitches all 3 of u hoes bout ,send in bitch bye go sum out unu nasty madda ,an go haunt the man weh nuh want unu.I bet none of u how’s that have something to say ,don’t even have a job or even straight in this country, me nuh haffi hide behind pink wall fi talk .only if me could a see sum a unu.story boring like I said hoes.

  8. Ppl always talking about someone is hating ok she have a job anymore can get a job but wait WHERR DO YOU WORK LOL

  9. She’s pretty,lovely legs and great cheekbones. The skirt was made poorly but that’s all woman, there.

  10. Gabriella Thank you nothing is wrong with that girl it’s probably the way she’s posing I tell you ppl will try to destroy You for nothing at all and I see her in party’s all the time

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