Older woman says she needs ‘servicing’

Dear Pastor,

I am 40 years old and I do a little painting and maintenance work to survive.

A friend of mine told a woman about me. She was looking for somebody to paint her house. My friend gave me the woman’s number and told me to call her.

When I called her, she invited me to come up to her house. That was on a Saturday. She told me that she would be going to church, but I could come the Sunday evening after she returned home, by which time she would be finished cooking. We agreed to meet.

When I arrived, she showed me around, but I noticed that she was more concerned about me. She wanted to know everything.

When I asked her why she was questioning me so much, she said that she didn’t want anybody in her house that she didn’t know. I said fine.

She asked me if I was married. I told her no, but that I have a girlfriend. The next question was, are you guys living together? I told her that she comes and spend time with me. The next question was about my children, how many do I have. I told her I have six children.

We agreed to paint the house for a particular sum of money. She said that I did not have to go home every night and she showed me a room where I could stay.

This lady is 55 years old. She hardly wore clothes in the house. I took a young man to help me paint and it did not take long for the young man to pick up that this woman loves me.


He kept saying to me, “Don’t you see that this woman loves you? Look at how she looks at you when you’re on the ladder”. I kept telling him no. When I went there to work, I did not have this woman in mind at all. Sometimes she tells me to come early and would fix breakfast and lunch for me.

Her daughter was coming down to Jamaica and she wanted the place to be well attractive. So she encouraged me to work late and sleep over if I wanted.

The guy who helped me, left the job, and I worked two evenings until late into the night. She gave me towels, rags, soap and everything and offered to scrub my back. I knew when she said that, she was after me.


I could hardly sleep the first night because I was scared of this woman. I slept with the door closed. She laughed at me and said that I was scared of her. I told her no, I don’t like to sleep with my door open.

Since she was so friendly, I asked her where her husband was. She said that she didn’t have any husband.

She said that from the time she saw me, she wanted me. I told her I was taken and she said that she is going to take me away. To cut a long story short, I didn’t go home for four days. I stayed with her. The woman laughed at me because I couldn’t get an erection the first time I tried to have sex with her. My children’s mother was calling me, but the reason I couldn’t get an erection was because she threatened to come up to the woman’s house and see what was preventing me from coming home. I told the woman I had to leave. She gave me half of what she had agreed to pay me and she told me that she was holding the rest to make sure I came back to see her. The young man who helped me, went and told my children’s mother everything about this woman. I had to lie and tell her that nothing went on between us; the woman was just nice to me. Pastor, this woman has everything. All she needs is ‘servicing’. She asked me if I would do that to her and I said that I wouldn’t have a problem.

When I went back to her house, she gave me all the money, but I had to have sex with her again.

I never thought that a man like me would have sex with that type of woman. She is well known and big in society. She calls me every day. I am trying to keep away from her.

All she wants is servicing. She does not want the men who are in her field of work because people would find out and talk.

My children’s mother is very jealous. I asked the young man who was helping me why he had to tell her? He said he was only joking. What can you advice me to do?


Dear M.T.,

Stay out of trouble. This woman would love to have you around, but you need to remember that you have children with another woman and your children and their mother needs you.

If you allow this woman to get the impression that she is so nice and that you appreciate her so much and that you can fill all her sexual needs, she will constantly call you and your children’s mother is not going to lie down and play dead.

The painting work is done. Ignore her phone calls. Perhaps the guy who helped you thought it was wonderful to know that a middle-class woman showed interest in you and he told your woman, believing that she would take it as a joke, but she didn’t and she was quite right in not taking it as a joke.

She must be a motor car or some sought of engine that needs to be serviced often.



  1. Drop a grung buff …pastor wah u seh she must be a motor car or some type a engine why she waan service on di regular??? :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak …u Mr sir u kno from di jump u did waan sort out di woman bout u a spend nights ova Gwaan yawww u kno u want it just as she.

  2. For the love of “Likes” This man clearly holds an agenda also. If he was able to service the woman and get her money and still be able to make it home for dinner with his baby mother and children, he would be a happy man.

  3. Needlie yu right why yu stay fah if yu know seh did woman want Sum cockey..I know why yu send in to di postor di woman stop calling u…lol

  4. Dis man need fi gweh :ngakak Like serusly, how him ah act like him nun know what time clock ah strike?? Which workman sleep ova dem worksite couple nights well. Bout ah sleep wid door lock…di ooman shoulda draw fi di screwdriver inna night and tek dung dat..:ngakak. Mi wonder if him sleep inna him overalls tuh…:ngakak

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