Just wow

Just wow

Posted by Pinkwall on Sunday, February 3, 2019

I don’t know if u read messages but ill try. i saw your post with the African lady and the American. there is this new grass roots movement call American descendant of slaves Ados they dont believe all blacks are the same,they are giving Kamala harris a fight because she have Jamaican and Indian parents. check it out thanks.


  1. Listen, they don’t like Caribbean or African people, especially the ghetto hoodrats dem. You can’t expect any better because they don’t like themselves or each other. The African lady is right. She is educated and has a real accent unlike the fake accent, Ebonics and broken English these two idiots are spewing. She will be more progressive in life than most born black Americans guaranteed.

    1. It’s not that African American’s don’t like non-African American’s. We are all descendants of Africa and the only difference that separates us is where our ancestors landed when they departed the slave ships. However, the hate that some of you have for us African Americans is unreal but still yet you are fleeing the countries where your ancestors landed to come have a better life in America. How can you determine the African lady is more educated from a one minute video??? Unless you were on the train you don’t know what the African lady did or said to cause this American woman to feel disrespected. Hate is everywhere and you Caribbean woman hate on each other to so don’t act like this is an African American issue. The American woman has a New York accent, so where is a the fake accent??? Most people speak some form of broken English so get on the real. And your last statement that this African woman will be more progressive in life than most African American women is ridiculous and you sound very ignorant.

      1. So then why is it that whenever an African American gets into it with an immigrant or an alien they always say the person should go back to their country or they try to mock their accent?? Ive seen it too much times. Its the same way poor white people scorn poor black people when they are all in the same position, but for some reason they think they are better than black people.

  2. The problems with AAs and other blacks is a complex issue that needs addressing and full dialogue. On one hand many AAs see themselves as being superior to black from other regions, perhaps by virtue of being born in the US and inculcated from birth that America is the greatest country on earth. On the other hand, the non-American blacks see the AAs as being non-ambitious for having all the opportunities of being born in that land but is still the group of the underclass. The only way to become united is to understand each other’s journey, and stay away from sweeping judgements. Because AAs are not where they are because they chose to be, every effort was made to ensure that their rising up would be limited and hard. Black ppl need to stop their petty hatreds and focus on building a black superpower nation, because we have no allies in ANY other groups of ppl and we need each other more than we think we do. Africa is being recolonized, as is many other black nations and here have ppl angry at each other over nothing when they have a common enemy who would be happy to see them off the face of the earth, or put on farms to work as field hands. Look at what happened in Libya last year? Who do we have in our corner if not each other?

  3. First hand Kamala Harris is the absolute worst and you need to check her record before going for the race card… look at what her stance has been for blacks … she’s a complete Whitewashed bedwrenched whore …. now onto this video…. blacks are so divided it’s embarrassing and disgraceful !!!! Did she really say go back on the Banana boat?! Black ppl are lost and I don’t know if we can be healed and fix to realize that we are our own worst enemy. We can’t hold one head and see we in this together Noooo we feel like we’re better than our sisters and brothers and not willing to look past our differences and unite Rather we tear down and fight amongst ourselves ….. I can go on but

  4. Mek she rass stay deh… Hear di gal seh if yuh touch mi a mek u neva touch aneda person inna yuh life… She tan deh deh nuh tek heed.

  5. Besides the African American’s ignorance (I actually feel embarrassed for her), why exactly is it that she has to be there going off on one on behalf of her big grown husband?

    It’s evident who wears the trousers in that relationship…

    Coming to think of it, she sounded big and aggressive like one big hard back man, anyway !

  6. This is why I dont fart one some of these African Americans when white dog them cuz they turn and do the same thing to immigrants. They are on their own !!

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