This idiot gal weh har man stab har up 17 time n 11 in har hear and leave har to die afta di man almost kill you an god save yoh life you still gone back to him?? The man did dey a jail an come out yesterday because she drop the case now me see she hide go up a the man yard yesterday like say nobody never did ago see har I never know say idiot still dey you really gone back gone f**k with the man who nearly kill yoh girl all a how did on your side now must shame the whole negril and orange hill must shame bout you gone him go up a the man yard go f**k boy am telling you so many stupid people in this world


7 thoughts on “AND SHE REALLY TEK HIM BACK??

  1. no sah, mi waan judge har hard, but the psychology of victims of abuse is very strange, most victims often go back to their abusers. abusers are usually very charming, so he probably charm his way back in her heart, they are often manipulative, he probably have her feeling that a she cuz it, and that he luuuvsss her and won’t do it again, she also probably feels like she can change him, and save him cuz everybody is against him and she is the only one in his corner(he probably planted those ideas in her head). Sender, just pray she wise up soon yah.

  2. My cousin man did finally kill her. But he did it when she finally decided to stop going back. She use to tek the abuse and always go back and one day she say no more. He hunt her down for months and when he finally found her he ended her life.

    I wish my cousin had survived.

  3. Here’s my issue with victims of abuse.

    It’s never a jump and start cuss you out or beat you up put you inna hospital thing. It starts as little things that the person who getting the abuse knows is wrong and they stay as it builds up until it reaches this point!

    Usually when all this going on at least 1 person will see that something is wrong and say it and get a cussing like no other or be avoided. And when the emotional and physical abuse reaches the point that the person being abused finally leaves (if them nuh dead already) they blame everybody else about taking action and doing something. Everybody else but themselves!

    When this man best her till she come to her senses. The first thing she going seh is that everybody else did kno and never try help her and how everybody a wicked!

    Sender turn a blind eye and gwaan your ways. Woman like this will beat you if you try help them when them man beating them up!

  4. OMG, he is gonna kill her, im sorry but be prepared. She was suppose to die but got a second chance, and she is not using it well. So sad.

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