Met i was just minding my business scrolling down my IG and look who pop up! this is a screenshot from Ms BlingMiami page so don’t shoot me, I’m just the messenger! This hoe try to act like she has so much class, but she made the RATCHET PAGE ON IG dwl. She been a rat tho I guess she assume she can erase some of her RATchetness by losing the naked see thru clothes, blue contacts and cheap lace fronts, but ure tacky af, ure 30 and live at home with ure motha, ure f**king a married deportee, and u claim to be CEO of a “luxury” t shirt line it’s not YSL that’s luxury dwl


  1. Met all this is a lie. Maybe she made the ratchet page but you know that Pascale Rowe is my friend. Pascale drives a Bentley and lives in a mansion in Plantation Acres. Pascale doesn’t need a weave because her real hair is the length of a 22″ weave, even though over the last few years she’s been rocking extensions. This girl would be the biggest fool on the planet to wear lace front when her own hair is long and pretty.
    How the hell is she ratchet? Pascale’s son and my daughter went to the same private school and she was married to an Indian Jamaican guy. They got divorced and have shared custody.
    Pascale gets paid to host clubs, hangs with Maeweather and the like and lives the good life. Nothing more than this chick wishes she was MsBling Miami. She’s not even Jamaican. Nothing I despise more than a hater following you!

  2. Oh and she’s not 30…she’s 37 and put most 25 year olds to shame!! If she ever know who MsBling really deh wid shi drop dung. You notice you’ve never seen a pic go her and her man on IG! Guess why???????

    1. :thanks2 @Foxy Lady…….sender is verrrrrrryyyyy misinformed. Everything you said above is correct, I will add that Pascale is Haitian and talented…….lets continue to keep her husband quiet 😉

          1. Sender needed to clarify met cos Pascale have a “luxury” line called house of bling so you see how the confusion was made.

  3. Pascale and her ex-husband Quincy is my friend for years… Nothing ratchet about Pascale.. she is beautiful, talented and has self-respect. She and I used to make t’s together in her house back when she lived in Parkland. Her brother Ques and my husband travel to JA together all the time. Sender ur dirty and hateful… yuh madd coz d girl thing shattt… Get f*k outta her.. badmind ah kill yuh nastiness

  4. Pascale is the young lady up shecall herself MsBlingMiami; she does custom bling out anyting… She’s blinged out headphones for Birdman the rapper and Lili Wayne, shoes, bangles and tee-shirts for Gabrielle Union, Trina, Sommore for the original queens of comedy and the list goes on n on…

      1. Yuh smart enuh Met!!! Dats exactly what sender did. Dash it up on both of them at the same time. Cos Pascale bling out everything in Chanel, Versace, LVIV, Fendi and YSL and call it luxury so that was her intention.

  5. So now that we’ve clarified that the story is about Sweets and not Ms Bling Miami (Pascale). Who is the “married Deportee” that Sweets is seeing…….didn’t someone months behind say she is gay :shutup: So now that we’ve clarified that the story is about Sweets and not Ms Bling Miami (Pascale). Who is the “married Deportee” that Sweets is seeing…….didn’t someone months behind say she is gay :bingung:

  6. But is it me r nah but dolly nuh post no pics of sweets on her bday r u c dolly out with sweets on her bday. Is what happen

  7. Msblingmiami say sweets is part of ha ratchet page. Sender say sweets a 30 yr old rat that live at home with mommy with the married deportee.

  8. Please they both ratchet aint nothing sophisticated bout ms bling Miami
    They style is the same cheap clothes with expensive shoes if you ask me most days sweet and dolly look more sophisticated than ms bling miami

  9. Y is everyone cussing the sender?? It said she screen shot it from msblongmiami page. Relax people, gosh!?

  10. Naaw Dali chat pay bad things bout sweets duh har up bad wid a certain person
    Suh she Neva deh a di beautiful bd shellinz..met pure tings mi Cyah talk mi feel bad! Dali chuckie bloodcla$t bride yu hart too dutty lickle Gyal Mek yu suh bad mind wa yu sistah duh yu Mek yu hate har suh
    Mi tiad fi hear yu pon phn a chat pure tings bout di poh Gyal.dalli hell Naaw miss yuh.. Yu badmind till yu fava bad mind.Lol… Look good pan di picha dalli tek in a di long skirt real rass badmind print pon har … She sey she drive “C” class Benz

  11. Y’all are missing it .. It nuh have ntn fi do with ma bling Miami at all!
    Msblingmiami made the ratchet page or somehow took a screenshot of a page where ppl put up ratchet pics … Now when msblingmiami screen shot the page n put it up the person see seh a sweets couture picture .. This is about Sweets couture! But not only are they calling out sweets them a use sikes! & dem
    Nuh WAH talk up too much suh dem send it in as subliminal & confusion! Then the person comment a hint say sweets n dolly inna war lmfao that’s what the story was suppose to be about cuz Yonique & Shari na chat cuz dolly heart dutty and mud up ! Hint TSHIRT line “luxury not ysl” they stole the ysl
    Logo lmao c’mon ppl unu cah that slow haha

    1. GOSH! somebody decipher the subs…lol Thanks. Isn’t one of them in LA? That cupcake display was ratchet bad…lol

      HEY MET & de GANG!

  12. met mi sidung an a ask mi self whyyyyyyy dolli nuh out with sweets and them a sister somebody need to run the the story i personally dont like dolli

  13. None a dem nuh deh ah LA .. Apparently dolly go out with her gf chanel star n never attend sweets ratchet get together .. Dem vex tru dolly talk up a bag a tings bout sweets n the deportee n pare tings it deh yasso mi luv

    1. lolol…look to de left a de ratchet cake shot and yu see a cali postcard/brochure…lol The promotor of selfpromoters hinted at relocation and big things to come…those shirts and lames are……..lolol

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