Word on the street and in political circles is that Holness has not offered up any new projects to the Chinese government or Chinese business men who are interested in doing business in Jamaica. The projects that the Chinese currently have are those that were settled with the People’s National Party and Holness has not engaged the Chinese investors at all in fear of Jamaica falling victim to Chinese shady tactics.

In recent times the Chinese would have been invited to political functions and to large investment bids but they have been bared from doing so by Holness’ goverment.

The recent auction of the Mavis Bank Coffee Company was one of the companies the Chinese were denied bidding in. Mavis Bank Coffee company is the head of the Blue Mountain Peak brand and it was said that the government fears the Chinese would not do right by the company name which stands by creating the world famous Blue Mountain Coffee that is revered worldwide.


  1. If this is so.. I rate him wholeheep!! It’s been past the time for these leaders to stop allowing outsiders to rape our country. Give the contracts to the locals and pump up the economy!! I just got back from Yard and it comin’ like China town to rahtid!!! Ridiculous

  2. People be not decieved! “uptidy mulatto” is holding off the chinese to make way for the indian money/investers :thumbup in just a matter of time you’ll see mr. Indus riding right in on the back of his elephant, awash with cash to rival the chinese in the exploitation of jamaica :travel in the not so far future, there will be a proxy war between the two over where else? you know just like I do, remember I told you so, “mulatto-man” don’t deceive the jamaican people pretending like you’re a jamerican patriot or a nationalist like your uncle trump now, you’all are just carving up the country reserving the carvings for your favorites to get your cut from the deal(s), the native arawok people’s spirits will be haunting you’all forever.

    1. I agree. I am not the brightest spark when it comes to politics, but from what I do know, I highly doubt that there is a politician out there who’s morals stretch far enough to have the inherent desire to protect Jamaican culture.

      Ultimately, they are all about the money- who is he trying to kid?

  3. Thank you Andrew Holness, The licky licky PNP would sell every ounce a the country to di chiney dem. No more fi dem

  4. the same way how europeans, americans, canadians, chinese etc. see the country as ripe for investment, why don’t you market jamaica for investment to wealthy black south africans, nigerians etc, shouldn’t you be courting the OBIANGS in equatorial guinea and people like them to invest some of that vast oil proceeds and wealth in jamaica? with that classist/imperialist mindset, you and your minions in govt. kiss too much white backside, and I say this with absolutely no apology.

    1. You know seh you on to something. Why not dem or Dangote or other filthy rich Blacks fi true. Nuh black ppl fi build up each other place so the money circulate mongst us. High time wi start get clanish and insular like all these other ppl, we too easily accessible by the others.

  5. At last mi can big up Holness pon that but Holness need fe change the law and stop mek chinese benefit from we country, such as mek dem pay tax from dem have business here an no 5 year exemption around here.

  6. If this is true, me give you big ratings. Go for a referendum to change or amend the constitution so that foreigners can only have leasehold properties. Jamaica too small to be selling it to foreigners suh .fifty years from now, jamaica will be a Chinese colony, I am sure our ancestors did not fight so something like that could happen. There’s no way China would allow foreigners to exploit there country like this.

    Jamaica , because of how it is strategically located has a good chance of bargaining power with the US. Look to Africa and the middle east and also European countries to do investment in jamaica. However, you have got to do something drastically about the crime rate. As a matter of fact, bring back hangin and if nations complains, give them the offer of taking g the criminals. Just like Castro did, and let them know that if the good USA can do it, so can Jamaica. Get rid of the negative elements.

  7. also people need to take note of the timing! right at the moment when his uncle trump’s administration is about to venture into a trade war showdown with china :thumbup he is held hostage :travel maybe even threatened :tkp
    thats what happens to ideological uptidy, classist imperialist like you and people as such, you become nothing more than a pawn in the hands of racist white supremacists :2thumbup

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