Evening Met…mi a fass pon one Instagram gossip page and buck up dis….di ppl dem did a try figure out if a Denyque oompa loompa husband Aneka deh pon vacation wid, only fi dem come buck up dah likkle foreign man yah!

Mi a look fi si di big post weh Kareembigdreams a go mek now bout di haters


      1. Ispy ispy! Doh tlk what you don’t kno! She is not with the other twin! The other twin was with Milan fashion and Aneka was with denyque man! Everybody uptown knows this! The other twin and Aneka play it off like a dem deh…

        1. you really think that Aneka cares what people think to play off shit, look how bold she was with Steppa husband. She and the brother deh ok not Denyque man.

          1. Ispy you have it twisted… Yeah she care because she in love with the koala bear. She have to keep things hush hush when they are out, but who does she leave with?… koala The braces twin with Milan fashion and Aneka with denyque man. But it seems like trouble in the camp, she deleted all promo for the restaurant his parties and he is posting about stick to one girl…

          2. Ispy I’m telling u for a FACT! The guy is very concerned about his Image and Him caw Badda wid the bagga talkings! I’m Telling you. It’s not Cadeem she’s with, she’s with denyque Man. Trust and believe me. Careem. The same Careem without the braces… the same one that drives drives the white Honda weh me see har in multiple times. The same one that came to Creep Wednesday events for her the night she was out wid har other man KareemBigdreams and him come fi him.

      2. And both brothers look identical and nasty alike wid di bag a gal dem and dem hav di sam businesses! Although mi wouldn’t put it pass dem fi a share her or pass her fi a fling it out pon di 2 a dem!

        But mi see some pictures a di restaurant weh dem hav, and is like di whole a di likkle seller gal dem migrate guh deh now! Lol!

    1. But the tea is…. is not even fi him Restaurant
      Doh mek IG fool ennuh. The four a dem don’t own the place sweetie pie.

      1. Mi kno! None a dem hype f**ker yah nuh own di place dem weh dem deh! And all di party weh dem a put on a nuh 100% fi dem, cause mi kno di main investor! Social media really gi everybody a false hype, it not even funny!

  1. no matter wah aneeka wear, or do she will always be a tacky non-relevant hoe, man dun pon dem gal yah longtime so dem hafi hoe it up for a plate of food!!! kmt she gota shop & keep up appearances, no ambition, no goals, no future plans. Them life sad as fkk

  2. Aneka a bout 30 now so her whoring days deh pon the brink younger girls out that man will gravitate towards, this girl know what time it is she need a investment and especially when she still some what relevant or should I “desirable” yuh haffi use that to your advantage. Lauren did it and the liquor locker girl did as well Aneka know seh that whoring won’t last forever so she has find a way to settle down with the old white man.

  3. Another thing Aneka cool off the bleaching because I literally can see through your skin, a natural brown person my self I find dark skin to be so beautiful I could never understand why people bleach because being a so call “browning” is boring now.

  4. Met yuh know say one a me friend go embassy since January and see bleach out Aneka in the line and look at this now, white man to her thing. A wonder if all a this a add up to something. Aneka foreign in a the process fi yuh. Yuh soon gone like Shamiele.

  5. Oh here we go, the girl upgrade her hustle. Foreign currency she seh. LOL Shamiele get fi har buss suh Aneka haffi step up her ting. Aneka sleep wid whoever to get whatever. SMH, dem gyal yah nuh have no shame.

  6. lol Denyque puddung har foot and say is either me or she so it look like the man tell her it’s over. that’s why she put up pic pon raft and beach cause she normally doesnt show when she go sell, her pics are usually in front of the staircase or round town. She a try bun Denyque husband, dunno if it’s working tho

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