16 thoughts on “ANGEL ANSA DIS MAWNIN

  1. Spice is nothing more than a bully.I have never heard or seen Angel conduct herself the way Spice does.She started a foundation about women empowerment where and how is she empowering women?She feel she reach now so she can go around disrespecting people but she should remember that God don’t like ugly.Disgraceful behaviour for a woman in her position.

  2. Yo, big up D’Angel, please can you do some more singing songs like Break-Free
    that is the best female song for the decade…
    That song needed more promition.. Better still remix it with a foreign artist…
    You sing nice would like to here more…..

    Dat Mi ([email protected]@[email protected]@rt) Seh….

  3. This is Angel’s problem, she prolong tings too damn much! Shi dun kill di dirty bitch wid class and grace, already; suh shi need fi done, now! Ah same suh shi did drag out di ting wid Beenie inna last year, when him never dance wid ‘ar! Ah must dutty disgrace shi get dat from, caws ah suh she extra and nuff and cloying and over bearing and annoying and disgusting….! Michelle, D-O-N-E, now!

  4. D’angel Spice can call you whatever she wants but you are what she will never be and that’s dancehall royalty. Married/divorced to the king of dancehall, you are the first lady while she has to fight for her crown.

  5. I hope no woman uses that foundation Spice has, because she will use it cuss an tek it tell dem. Be ye aware.

  6. this isn’t going to end well. i would advise Angel not to prolong this argument any further, its not worth it. Spice is nothing but a BULLY and all BULLIES MEET THEIR MATCH in the end!!! I love both these ladies and this nuh look good at all. SPICE ITS A NEW YEAR DROP ALL THIS CRAP AND GUH MEK SOME GOOD POSITIVE MUSIC!!!! YOU STARTED A CHARITY AND TALKING ABOUT WOMEN EMPOWERMENT BUT YET STILL YOU REFUSE TO PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH!!!! THIS IS RIDICULOUS!!!

  7. Met! Oooo! Me think buff baff did out grow Jamaica. Why it a fas wid those who can more than leave, but will not?!

    Buff baff moley seasoning! Yu run go pon de yankee shiw whey de pon life support. Yu do shock and awe video a tell lie and yet the big big foreign done wid yu in less than a week.

    Fuk off and lef D’angel. She patriotic. Yu a Ole tun coat joncrow.

  8. Jamaicans are just some real fucked up ppl , y’all enjoy tearing down ppl SMF WHY y’all hate spice so much y’all talk about her so bad and when she responds she suddenly becomes a bully? Leave the bloodclaat gal alone a so when people start strive unu use unu dirty mouth and try bring them down . Y’all are not bullies on here talking bad about others? Isn’t that a part of bullying? Smfh May the god lord help some of y’all .

    1. EXACTLY! Is like she nuh fi seh nothing at allllll. A jus wah day dem a dun angel all of a sudden she deh pan a pedestal ????

  9. Yu si wey Spice name inna real life. GRACE. That means the Father gives her new mercies every day. It is not too late for her to look into herself and make a change. Spice it look a way still, yu a war wid he, she and the old lady. As Ryan Mark sey inna di song wid Wayne Marshall, ‘LET IT GO’.

    Speaking of which, Wayne Marshall was off the scene for many years. He got the idea for a song and he graciously shared it with Ryan Mark. Yu nuh hear nuh bickering. The man dem duh a song, strengthen up each other and that’s it. Anyways these are family people who rather lose a dollar than sell themselves short, just for the spot light.

  10. @FUCKA DEM, Well at least shi “skin it out and get store”, Poison skin out fi ‘ar own and STILL haffi fork over and pay for the upkeep and perks of the man and him ENTIIIIIRE GENERATION; even di grand aunt, weh shi used to full up di car trunk ah medicine and food, and drive out har has guh country, guh issue out, religiously pon di weekends! And wid ALLLLL AH DAT, plus a dash a obeah, di man STILL up and :travel ????? Not even di generational mindings couldn’t keep him!!!!! Ain’t that ah bitch! If gyal ah guh “skin out”, “skin out” and collect!!!!! How di fu@k yuh “skin out”, spend, work, mind/upkeep, get beat, feed, medicate and obeah and STILL, you dem nuh rate????? Dat nuh spell nuh kind ah sense! Wooooooooiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeee, ah Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, seven days ah di weeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaakkklkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gyal mind man and him gingeration Twelve (12) ah di year, and STILL, nutten fair and it ah BUNNNNNNN ‘AR, but shi ah gwaahn like shi nuh care!!!!!! :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

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