Sunday I watched what was said to be Angel’s last response and I was kinda shocked but I know black people’s spirituality is inherent. …..

Sometimes we are moved to do things because our ancestors or guardian angels sense the urgency and hurt in our spirit and they direct our head..This has nothing to do with if youre a Christian or not a Christian..your ancestors will direct you either way and they come to you by way of your blood so there is no denying them..

I saw Angel come out of the dress she had on…was in a blue bathing the beach…I said hmmm……..okay…When I saw her go for the limes that she already cut and rubbed them on her …I made another mental note again……..Then when she put the cardboard box and set it on the water ..I laughed…….not because it was funny , but because Im sure Angel did not understand what she was doing.

Who led her to go to the beach?

Her ancestors.

And although she said her mother told her about the lime…doing it at the beach in blue then setting the box on the water…was a simple ebo to the African orisha Yemaya…….

Yemaya must have seen something going wrong for her and urged her spirit to respond…….and she did…without knowing what she was responding to…Im sure Angel did not know what she was doing…..the spirituality behind it…

Now, I hope Spice takes from this the fact that we dont know who is backing us from out there ……………..And trust me they see who is right and who is wrong…I trust that someone who knows more than I do will tell you what beckoning Yemaya to this problem will do…..

It also means that Angel’s ancestors see whats happening as more than words..something is taking place in the spiritual realm that needs addressing so again..I wish to see what the spiritualist on here will say about what is next…

Spice, mi hate your behavior God knows..But I cant hate you as a person because your behavior on occasion is not all there is to you..Sometimes its the weakest who is the strongest and in fighting constantly ………..we do not get what we are supposed to…it will never happen..

The words exchanged during the arguments…speak on our spirit and we never know when those words will set us back..The year has just started and look at the mess that is happening already? Is this how your year will be? Please stop carousing with those dancers and keep it professional..Maintain a professional distance because if Rebel did not start the nonsense this would not have happened .

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  1. People are still defending R.Kelly even though all the evidence is laid out before them. Someone who is blinded will not boldly go on camera and perform such an act. Its what she do and who she is…People have the right to believe in whomever are whatever works for them but dnt come write no b.s bout ancestor dis nd ancestor dat. My spirit wouldn’t allow me to watch the intro because I thought the girl was about to get into spirit. I was so frightened by the look in her eyes, I immediately went to the next post.

    1. With all that Spice warrior Ancesters go behind her and build har up fi come dun the war.. provide her with receipts and all. Har ancestor dem should warn her not to fuck with somebody whose spirit crossss.Spice a maroon.. That’s why she couldnt manage Bounty Killer. the voicenote had me ROTMFL

  2. Met your spiritual wisdom is good. You posted something once regarding our mouth and who we speak things to. I took your advice that you posted on Facebook because I knew it was for me cause I was going through a hard time. Met let me tell you the Lord started working for me and exposed my enemy to he world.

    You have good insight Met and I will always be grateful for that. Hallelujah, hallelujah, Amen!

  3. Yemeja is yellow. I think Angel was bring defended my Oshun. Yemeja is the deeper water. Oshun is more sensual and from ‘sweet water.’ Even though what Angel was doing was serious. You had the sensuality and grace (No pun intended) coming through. Angel is Oshun’s child. You saw her beating with the stick, Ogun is with her as well.

      1. That is Yemaya defending angel and the stick represents her ancestors..Ogun dont walk wid stick he is iron…the stick is ancestral and represents the ancestral spirits..This is the reason why we should always put thought into what we do because we dont know our powers and what we are calling to come into our realm

    1. Yemayah is blue like the seas that she dominates.

      Ochun is yellow/amber. Think of honey to remember her.

      Ogun is not on Angel. She more have Chango base on her antics.

  4. People think that that Spirituality is a joke. Its not. Angel’s ancestors, the universe and her ori (head) lead her to defend herself. Spice it has been said that Spice used bad Obeah to get out J. Capri. Angel’s tribe had to protect her and I believe they have been protecting her from evil Spice.

    I believe that Spice hate Angel for Angel’s good looks, shape and complexion. Spice is so fixated on Angel’s failed relationships with Beenie and Bounty. Its like she wanted wither or both of these men and were overlooked. Spice rejoices that the marriage didn’t work, while she herself has not one, but two children outside of marriage. Spice keeps a steady count on every woman vagina, why so vested Spice. Why would anyone spend so much time and energy. Spice hold yu one an gwan. Mumma it nuh look good.

  5. Angel knew what she was doing. There was nothing funny about her video but spiritual. The color blue; Yemaya color and the sea. Blue have positive elements and can be used to cast spells. If Angel wanted to cleanse herself why was she on camera? Why did Angel use the stick to BEAt the box and throw it in the sea? The sea can for carrying elements far. Another aspect of the video is Angel seem comfortable and accustomed to what she was doing, leading me to believe, that she has somewhat done similar acts like this before. Sender Angel Know what she is doing, nothing to do with her ancestor, more likely angel send blow for Spice;my opinion. Angel should ignore Spice, however the video at the sea reveal who/what Angel is about.

    1. Dont put that on her, she didnt know or else she would have worn blue but not the bathsuit n her head would be covered so she didnt know fully what she was doing………..when u nuh connect direct the message wont come through fully

      1. Right met she cannot be half naked and she would not throw the lime in the sea… mi used to be a fan of spice but nuh tek spice simple either spice know the spirituality she a hide it ….Angel cah wear bath suit and the horse mane in a spiritual warfare … I wish her the best but things nhango turn out too good fi ar

        1. Yow Sissy…Happy 2019 :kiss :kiss

          Spice hand dutty from all whose lives she altered. The universe is just and will never allow someone to get favors for too long.

          The comments bout spicee features is what is seen , but can’t be described by the untrained eyes.

          Spice a wha a ride you? LOL…mumzs de word. Met can finish this lolololol

      2. I understand the point you are making, however it could never be coincidence when she wore that blue suit, plus whoever said that rituals can’t be done naked and your head must be covered. Who?? Also who does a cleanse fully clothed? Angel did not go to the water goddess in peace but in distress, she went for protection and to send blow to Spice,whether or not Angel was aware. No one seek help from the underworld and not expect that spirit to harm their enemy.

    2. So what if a no de first she do what she do?!

      You want fi condemn har fi a practice what she have a right to?

      She may have been off or what she did wasn’t familiar but she can do it a million times and more.

      Gwan Angel! Ancestral practice belongs to WI! The chiny dem have dem alter inna dem shops wid orange and incents and de nygga dem no stop go back. Do yu thing!

      But me tek offense to that top yu a wear…

  6. Ok, I’m not going to go as deep as the sender because I am not spiritual enough to have an understanding of his/her angle; but I can honestly say that within the past few years I have seen that God- or whatever spiritual being there is above- guides you wherever you are meant to be .

    It may not be where you think you should be, or even want to be, but trust and believe it is the right place.

  7. What Angel did was called obeah. The same thing she claiming Spice do. So she did a obeah ritual right in front of us. And by the looks of it’s something she been doing for a long time… Just saying!

    1. And what of it? When pasta a dip baby and adults inna wata, rub ashes and olive oil pon people farrid…no obeah by a different name?

  8. Good post and analysis but some people won’t get it and think it’s nonsense. But ppl that have an anointing over them will receive the message behind this.

  9. @Obara Meji, Mums, we MISS YOU DEARLY, please come through for this one! I love you so much, although yuh scare (lol) me at times, but you impart such knowledge! I really hope you pass through and more so, that all is well concerning you and yours, my love.

  10. Good day everyone, Ms Met, I am confused and would really like some clarification. Since recently, I have been on spiritual journey where I am getting more closer to God. I must also admit your daily devotion, as been helping my family and I tremendously. However, I was of the notion that water sprite and not good, but here your stating that Yamaya, which is the mother of the ocean was defending Angel!So is that bad or good thing? I am interested in learning more about these things as now I strongly believe that this is where our progression and breakthrough lyes, in sense of bad pronouncements and generational curses.

    1. Who dipped in river Jordon 7 times and why? Why did the Angel trouble the water if all water spirits bad? U have spirits of earth and of the air and in the water that are bad of course but not all. Some things are inherent and not that an individual looks to find these things…u may find that a person has been living their lives with these characteristics even while in church .

  11. Good day Ms Met and all matter, this is a very interesting topic. However, I am a bit confused, I was of the notion that water sprite are not a good thing to invite into your life, but here your stating that Yamaya which is the mother of the ocean was defending Angel! As so, can you please educate me some more on this. As I strongly believe that such can break bad pronouncements and generational curses.

    Ms Met, I am a spiritual journey at the moment getting closer to God, I must also admit your daily devotion as been a tremendous help to my family and I.

    1. Deities manifest accordingly. Some people will not like my take…but “such is the way if the world”, go to a Sanataria store or site and read about the Orishas. I suggest this because by doing so you will gain knowledge about them and the christian relic associations….then you move on to other sources.

      Met, what say you? Lol

      1. Santeria mi nuh sure bout still…what they write is somewhat helpful but not the full knowledge di africans say

        1. Sanatria put the myth of what me hear growing up to rest.

          Jamaicans mud up the ancestors teachings by deminizing every aspect of it. The word obeah brings only negative thoughts to mind juat by the utterance of the word.

          When I needed answers Santaria opened my heart and mind. Now, me will defend the ancient in which ever name it get call inna.

  12. Metters where is Alkaline? Is he even alive? Met I hear from good source that his health is not so wonderful. No tell uno say uno see dem tatoo and bleaching things dey, the day uno need uno skin fi fight off zika part 3 and uno skin pale out n weak we gonna have mass death here in Jamaica. Met I know this bleacher and a bone prick her n she almost lost her finger just like that and she stop bleaching 2 years ago. My nurse friend tell me a lot of sick who are bleachers are turning up to the hospital now.

  13. I don’t understand anything about obeah rituals but I know obeah exist, good over evil. I guess Angel was letting Spice know that she knows how to fight in the spiritual realm. a prayer a day keeps the devil away. I’m wondering where that story about Spice obeahing J’Capris came from.

  14. Like who the hell has time to hate on no tune D’Angel? Please, as much as I am not a big fan of Spice who the hell is she. You all are one sided and full of hate. People dont pick side because of the truth, you all pick side because of who you like. Even if you are presented with the truth…to me, the both of them want roll in a barrel dung one steep hill. Remember D’Angel is a troublemaker, weren’t she the one throwing shades at Crystal? Please, that clown is a undercover problem seeker then cry foul and act innocent. This is the same pinkwall that style D’Angel and her clown in training dressing. Whether she want to guh sea etc…maybe is the same thing she did to Bernie Man, that’s why he put a ring on it. D’Angel, your wedding wasn’t no good good wedding. You probably guh sea fi Bernie too. :toast :tkp

    1. Facts a facts so u could weep..moan…groan..we talk bout everybaddie dressing its not personal……….what that has to do with the above?

  15. @Met 2:56.
    Still a bit confused, not going to lie as all this is new to me. I am not saying that I am not aware of ppl talking about taking bath or doing evilous things to others, but I use to think that by just prayering to Almighty you are protected.

    For the past couple of months I am learning something new everyday, even how to really pray! Thanks you very much for enlightening other and I eyes to such

    1. Of course u need prayers every moment..the old testament people were praying and were giving their offerings and Jesus still had to come as a great sacrifice and he did not only pray…to heal and to do things he had to move things..Remember God is God and its the angels who carry out the orders..Which is why God told Moses to tell the people to paint whatever door they had to do red with blood..there is a lot of symbolism in the bible and the bible is very symbolic..the holy spirit is transferable so up to now a lot of pastors have anointed oil and water………God nuh change…he is the unchangable changer that changes situations……our situation has changed..we are now more modern and we should always acknowleged God and Jesus and what he has done but we should never discourage our ancestors or our linage because they are not evil

  16. I’m smiling cause more than half of these ppl have no idea or even a clue what was written or what happened because they are clueless to who they even are or how powerful they are. Feel how you want to feel, think what you want to think but unless u are connected and know your true self then what you read up top will seem pointless to the individual, don’t ever mess with the Orisha’s ..period. I watched that video more than once on youtube and on here… not to watch cause I wanted to, but to really see if even she knew what she was doing and I kept focusing on her eyes to see more and she is not connected… She just know enough from what our Jamaican ppl have been doing for decades now. Things are not like it was b4 cause too many of the wrong ppl are dabbling without knowing the real deal and without knowing. First think first, what is happening with spice is well over due and more will come because just like how the Orisha’s help with good some will deal bad also depending on how and what you do.. angel just happened to be that person if you get what I’m saying….cause spice is on the take down she messed up period. This is so real it’s not fake. The Orisha’s have always been with us it’s in the blood, most won’t be able to comprehend and they don’t just come to anybody. One thing I noticed tho that made me know angel had no knowledge was the fact that she never gave an offering so she wasn’t trying to contact or I was maybe assuming she did but not on camera perhaps. This is so deep it’s going to need a whole post by itself.

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