1. Yes mi gyal u talk the things dem, mek spice gweh she run down crown and think she’s all that. Question is who crown har? She didnt over throw the Queen, Lady Saw is still Queen. Dirty hood rat spice leave di ppl dem mek dem prosper, you a gwan like u want bully everyone in the business true u feel like u a rub shoulders with some hip hop ppl….BTW Who are you empowering mam?

  2. big up yourself Dangel, A feel say dutty spice a carry pussy feelings for dangel. she want fuck d angel, i honestly believe so, thats why she have up d angel, look how dangel skin clean and pretty, a it a mad dutty spice, spice remember say you a old lesbian from breaton, so stop act like you a somebody, you need to help your mother. the whole portmore know your dutty ways. old gogo fuck a box spice, you is a nobody.

  3. Yes angel spice a OBEAH worker because them did say a she JCapr and that is why lady saw turn Christian,kill the girl and then attend her funeral spice is a wicked bitch

  4. Beat har Angel. I lift my hat to you Angel. New found respect!
    No weapons formed against you shall prosper. Wash way the ole crosses and hypocrite dis-“grace” hamilton a/k/a black heart she-devil. ole seasoning you are now sent back from whence you dwell….

  5. Old gyal dem fi leave young people business alone.

    This old mattress looks like a Cucumber in a bath-suit.

  6. Angel has inner peace and it shows, money can’t buy that. Spice aka DISGRACE u fi shame because this is so uncalled for and again u r getting the blame. I am always cheering for my fellow Jamaican but u have to put a stop to this. Shaggy is our brand ambassador because he is clean cut and respectable. Spice you are our top female artists but i don’t see you representing Jamaica because of your attitude/behavior. Check yourself before you reck yourself, the hoodrat behavior will limit you

  7. I hope Angel done now because I see Spice has no intention fi stop. She went Live last night and behaved worse than a child. Angel please be the bigger person and done.

  8. Neva haffi nice suh :thumbup :selamat :angel :2thumbup :peluk :alay ..but D’Angel is speaking on our behalf…we nuh want any DisGRACE inna di business.Right now is only one Jezebel at the center of all di almshouse going on in dancehall..who she empowering fi real though who!!??

    with her damn one dimensional jackass braying not DJing and host of insecurities low self esteem self!! D’ANGEL yuh win straight up n classy up! All u do is ignore her typical gutter underbelly sewage waste response, although if she has one iota of sense she left yuh cuz the dead ought not to communicate with the living if Dem know Dem place.

  9. Is so long she a film for? She all haffi refuel wid 2 june plum? dwl After this please ignore Grace u cut and clear and finish.

  10. First of all fallen angel is no saint all of a sudden this blog is on Angel side (come on now Met me a follow u fr 2009) just because Spice a gwaan d most disgraceful ways an a mek dancehall look bad
    Angel in this particular scenario the lesser of 2 evil. Who can wuk obeah like angel? KMT and yall know this
    Spice look like she have up angel long time and now that she have the LHH Fame she really dont know how to behave.
    Ppl what you’ll dont know is that yes Spice is brawling n chat everything on social media but Fallen Angel do chat too n gwaan like she a rass saint. D ole lot a dem a hypocrite

    1. Dont call me out on no b.s that has no basis. I dont care how u feel about angel or what she speaks off social media. We are speaking on the situation that was presented to us by spice and Im sure jmg is not the only place that ppl are saying spice was wrong so …Happy New year and good to see u but dont call me out on what dont make no sense please

    1. What campaign ? Saying that Angel is not in the wrong is a campaign? I would like if someone dont like me to atleast be able to split my justice so I will always do that for anyone. Angel a whore………..and? Has she ever had any of this kind of trouble with anyone? :travel

  11. @Ppl business, weh di rass reall wrong wid yuh, mum????? Wi nuh tek sides, wi SPLIT JUSTICE!!!!! Yesssss, the site used to be BUBBLING AND STEAMY back in di day widdy suss and nahve NOOOOO FILTER, but have forgotten the obvious changes and growth????? Yuh nuh si seh all Rosie evolved????? Wi nuh deh yah fi tear dung and nyam ppl, like wild dog! Haven’t you seen the difference in many ppl featured here, whom we’ve encouraged and advised????? Yuh nuh si seh all Ele paint di house????? We must we able to step away from the bullshit, pick sense out of nonsense and ALWAYS MAINTAIN FAIRNESS!!!!! Weh yuh mean by “Campaign fi Angel”????? What does anything you have mentioned have to do with the MATTER AT HAND????? Evidently, you have missed the memo and the point! We are addressing the matter at hand!!!!! Nobody is asking you to chastise Spice if you’ve failed to see her error, either; but it’s a new year, only seven (7) days in, and Spice has already peaked the drama charts, she is the one who brought the situation to our attention, when everyone was busy with their lives, so tell me, what does ANY OF WHAT YOU’VE STATED have to do with what’s going on????? Call Angel a flock of dirty names, but you CANNOT say you’ve ever seen her mixed up inna passa passa and caylissniss, like Spice! If you call this a “Campaign”; go and tell Spice to aim at monthly or bi-monthly drama, and then maybe, just maybe, we can “Campaign” fi di bitch! Smaddy can gi up every day ah behave like nawsy naygah and ah war wid ppl weh nuh trouble har, and yuh nuh si nutten wrong wid it, and waahn wi fi ignore weh ah gwaahn and come talk bout Angel track record, instead????? Guh tell Spice fi calm har farm and gi wi likkle chance fi sympathize wid har and split likkle justice, if deserved! But si yah????? Den ah wah cudda cause dis?????

  12. Anon 12:40 am why does that even matter, the point is Spice needs to stop all the drama she is not the only female in the industry or the only person with kids to feed.

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