I was to post this a few days ago…As you know we are in the business of helping Angella Crew and her daughter Ashley. On Tuesday she went outside and one of the wheels broke on her wheel chair. She has no other means by which to get around so we need a wheel chair for her ASAP because she needs to be able to get around to get her daughter’s things for school. If you have one please call her at 876-842-4032




17 thoughts on “ANGELLA NEEDS A WHEEL CHAIR +++

    1. Yes that wheel can be replaced but she does need another wheelchair. She uses the chairs regular so mi notice seh she go through them quickly, this chair she got last year I think so it fairly new

      1. “She go through them quickly” because she knows she has suckers like yourself demanding that people donate to support her. You cannot move around in a wheelchair in your yard filled with rocks and other forms of obstruction and damages your wheelchair and expect donors to replace the wheelchair every year.

        There are literally thousands of wheelchair bound individuals in Jamaica with an equal or greater need than her. Why this woman thinks she is so special that individuals should give her a wheelchair every year. She needs to learn to care for what other people provide. She thinks people owe her something, which is typical ghetto thinking.

        1. You eva give her one day in your life yet? NO . Yuh know mi nuh understand non-entities like yourself who dont give why it disturb uno whey nah give nothing why it a bother uno and u aint giving a thing? Mek who a give complain and you who nah give shet yuh ass and come outa whey nuh concern your ass. The lady has a young child that she has to attend to .Come outa whey nuh concern yuh. I am sucker a suck yuh a look fi suck to why u mad. You are hating on someone that is disabled mi sure she wudda exchange her crippled legs for yours whey u a walk pan so why u nuh go give her your legs and tek hers so she dont have to depend on anyone?

          1. And one more time before day liyad u eva si mi a demand anybody give har anything yet? Mi waa know why people and dem beggings badda some a uno and uno not giving..mek who a give complain and mek sure nothing nuh happen to your spine u hear cause this world yah is a funny place.

          2. Blastid bright and outawda like seh because she disabled she fi stay in and dont move..U a feed har or clothe har? U doing anything fi har u have di nerves a come complain??????????

          3. And mi jus read over u comment again and realize u neva go so had but where Angella is concerned mi a go defend her so my apologies if mi deal wid u rash. This is a woman who needs her chair to go out and in on a daily basis she has a daughter and as u see she is not old and the roads are bad.

  1. She need one a di hoveround dem weh can power up an she just press a button… Dem wheels pan di wheel chair caah manij Jamaica road dem. Di power chairs have different wheels..

    1. Fi buy it a one but fi clear it will be a big headache. She really need a replacement fast because she needs to get going for Ashley’s school stuff

      1. So all wheelchair fi physically challenged ppl need money fi clear? I caan bodda wid JA customs and dem foolishness.

        Met, a di first mi see Angella, she is a beauty. You can tell she is a upbeat person too.

        1. Yes dem nuh care bout dem and instead of waving the duty pan these kinds of donations dem will still charge but at a reduced rate

  2. Anyday now God mi ready to go home once more cuz I’ve now lived to see it all!how just how can Smaddie come on a charity post n cussing the disabled n donor??it defies logic esp when not even prayer unno have it in unno heart to offer!this is some sick sick twisted pure evil energy a spew to the defenceless.anon may JAh soften ur soul n met set up a gofund me post so we can raise couple trillions to buy bk anon soul from the devil.

  3. Anonymous who directs a statement like ” why she feel she special to get wheelchair every year ” to a disabled mother . Whosoever ur , please remember this world is a funny one , you can go outside right now and a car lick dung it Rass and cripple u so stop it . This lady is very special and maybe the area or the yard that she has to move around in is not level and smooth like Urs or other ppl. I don’t think u had enough info about this lady to say she not caring th wheel chair , probably she jus need a more durable one and for future if u don’t have Ntn good to say , shut ur pussyclaut cuz based on how u sound , u soun like u never contribute to buying a chair fi har yet so guh sleep .

    1. Di person mussy think Angella a dance di wheel chair cause who the hell would deliberately destroy the only means they have to get around..and what hurt they are not giving but dem a complain and a go lie bout me a demand

  4. OMG where do these heartless people come from?? I went to a wake last night, the man dead left millions and he was dead in his house for three days, they could not even show his body. How much did he take with him?? Give if you can, no questions ask.

  5. Know seh one a mi patient have an electric wheelchair giving away..but mi nuh kno if dat can wuk a Jamaica and how shi ago get it?

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