Good day met meet Michaelaleenna ,fashionera and ishawna best friend she is a very pretty Girl she was with ruption da boss they even moved in together as of late I think they broke up because he removed all of her pics from his ig account. Anyone have any tea on this old and Thank u


  1. THESE HOES AINT LOYAL!!!! LMFAO is a disease pon social media ya now me realize cause ppl only waan look good pon d gram no loyalty nutten n some a dem boy ya a real idiot…me follow d yute whe name Ruption Da Boss look like a real chill yute me no know dem but O MY how him use to flood me timeline a dis girl here pic !!!! me no waan my son dem tun no clown fi none a dem gyal ya cause Russian n d same boy a fren…She a d next UPTOWN THOT!!!! GARBAGE DEM

  2. Let me tell uno ruption ketch the gal wid man at her apartment security let him in and him see a nigga car park up next to her car and he wanted to go inside and she she tell him say no … Ruption been a watch her wid dis one boy so him Knw the car …. Don’t make she trick u she been a whore from Uwi Rex days always have two man one time … She juggle the uptownan dem

  3. Him ketch wid man at her apartment … The gal wicked cause for her birthday ruption buy down the bijouxx and poor ruption Neva Knw say this gal a whore long time …. Uno men need to do uno investigations before uno wife them uptown girl yea but then again ruption friend den did a warm him and him Neva listen

  4. A true wid D birthday part. All all inclusive hin shell dung n pure tings a tink every day fi her bday him upload pics of a present as was shocked but then again a long time me no see young boy gwaan so n me never knoe say she a thot. MET UPLOAD D GUY PIC RUPTION DA BOSS D yute sell off Na lie good looking n ambitious a wonder if him packing???? U know my size. Maybe a dat mek she cut cause when dem cute so D package always short lol :ngacir2 :ngacir2

  5. lool…long time mee did curious but neva wan ask…
    neva seen him so in love wen he was wit dis “thot”
    anyways PPL BUSINESS him cute but def not packing

  6. Hes HUNG??? wha dat mean?? causen say if a confirmation to d shortage this jus mash up me meds – Nice sweet uptown boy u see how u go tek up UPTOWN THOT n reach d PINK WALL?? Bet if it was a ghetto girl u fren dem would a tell u pure tings but whe u no know is dat d ghetto girl would a keep it real wid all all a dem watch de n tings whe u buy dis witch …But big up uself Ruppi me still a watch u pon IG – MET dem say him favour AUGUST ALSINA …run d pic please :2thumbup cause him look like 1 a dem shy guy

  7. Anyways dis gyal dnt look good fuqing mash mouth n cheap clothes n boot dem please – there is nutten special bout her looks whe makeup no fix n highlight

  8. a long time me wah uno let me in cuz me did frighten say dem lef tuh! i dont want to say much and show my hand but lets just say a long time she have thot-ality (thot mentality) ! dear sender she move swiftly cause she have a new man already ,she promote him party very hard

  9. Ruption is a nice looking guy and from the looks of it very successful. I did see the all inclusive Sumn him do fi har. Pandora bracelet, watch, make up, hair products, all sorts of things. He use to flood the TL with pics of her. Looks can be very deceiving. Never would have thought she was a whore. She seems to have a nasty vibe about her though. I see she par with fashionenira heavy too. Nothing too fascinating about her in my opinion as well. Sorry that happened to Ruption. He seems like a wonderful guy. I’m sure he is not a saint but he did not try to hide his love for her. It was very clear that she was the special lady in his life. Sad if he found her with another man.

  10. Met send in the pic of Ruption let me see if I can take him for myself and tell the gyal fi go retire……
    Btw who is Ruption suppose to be?

  11. HUNG as in den sey him dick big.
    Yup he does look like August Alsina and all cut him beard and dress like him now.
    He is a videographer and well known throughout the party scene in JA. Hm f**k off half a di gal den a yard and is currently running road with Konshens. RD Studios is his company so any videos you see with the RD logo in the begging its his work.

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