0 thoughts on “ANYONE WANT A PAIR?

  1. Mi ah wonda ef him hab license fi dat weapon of mass destruction :ngakak. Vegas yuh boot waan dash weh wid yuh gaberdine sharp seam bell bottoms.

  2. Long time mi nuh see ‘kick mi kill mi’.
    Metty, don’t forgets fi gi wi di highlighta a Ninjaman performance. Memba him tell wi how him a rehearse and all kinda tings, suh kip wi posted pon it.

  3. any real aficianado of dancehall and reggae would appreciate the gesture because this harkens back to waaay back inna di day………it was the chorus from a festival song…..”mi need a big heel boot and a bell foot pants fi go dance dis ya festival”………..dem days yard did nice. before shower and power and all dem tings……but some nowadays pussy whe only know gully or gaza and all dem odda f**keries woulda just miss di message entirely…..

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