Sherika wright is a gal me did like but me feel she too greedy. U have likkle shape so y u dont satisfy.. unu nuh pick up say by now we know when the body contour app is being used??? And a full time now u fi stop put down destiny(chenelle) with your mouth good gosh man d gyal no see u…d gyal nice and clean so stay ina yuh basic chick lane with u badmind wanna b famous self. Ooh n da 1 bogle pose deh weh u hve disturbing.

17 thoughts on “APP CONTROVERSY

  1. I used to follow her but I think she is annoying now..i realize that she not working at courts anymore..where is she working now???looks like digicel

  2. Sherika somehow think she’s a classy female. She behaves like a sketel. Chenell seems like a sweet young lady though.

  3. She wa b famous so badly…if you know her in person you would know what am talking about. buy all instagram followers if she have to. Courts tell har no come back long long time. she say her eye color real. True or lie?

  4. I cant stand this wanna be, she wants to fit in so bad and she will never be a “HIT GIRL”.. she’s annoying bad and a spend the little money on clothes for likes on instagram. She and her immature boyfriend weh nuh use to woman need to take several seats. SHE LOVED TO BRAG IT’S DISGUSTING!!

  5. Lol her arm use to green bad as funny as it seems.. Everybody a Courts used to chat har how ar arm green. She use to f**k one a d top man dem. One old director man. So she used to go the ppl dem work late and absent often. So dem kindly ask her to resign. Anyways..

  6. Wow so much hate…..y ppl just see ppl and just hate dem? Sighs this just sound like a lot of hate…. nutten substantial

  7. she shape good….period! Every woman nowadays wear sumn fake whether is hair, nails, lashes, boobs, etc so wah d big deal if she wear contact lens… Y’all really reaching for sumn bad to say abt the girl… From the negative comments u know unnu b some miserable, insecure, hating ass women & some bitter, idle, non-progressive men. It’s 2017… stop hating for no God damn reason and mind ur business in fact… start a business. Smh

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