But can somebody tell me what’s the tea on this chick
Mi have nuff questions …
Never see her wid a man yet a own her up but word on the streets is
Apple n Jadion is her good good man is dem a mine r
Mi all hear seh dem buy her some batty wa day and icon a dash weh money pan it she was @ Apple bday hotel party as the bar tender dressed like a damn sex slave lol I wanna know why she do it to herself ..: Met Apple couldn’t go Jamaica but guess who down dere wid icon dis chick Apple play mate guh deh Apple
Ah u seh when u can’t mek it call d executive Assistant


  1. Icon and apple a pimp out people what u call that dem a run 3 some ring. Sick set how low how can she stoop to that just for Porsche truck me would ace to do without always a go bed with different gal to please him.
    Who is him so my girl u sick

  2. she is apple girl , a she icon like baddddd but him nuh want rotten fi cus him ,so she tell him bring she home, n not roit , apple do 3sum wid har

  3. the pics in ja , oh poor rotten apple ja nice , ja nice,apple waiting on u girl, apple the girl nah worry bout u , jay have her lock ,happle ask jay if the girl can come live with u over in merica, rotten gal jay woman dun ya nice and she nuh f**k gal rotten body gal,met jay and di gal deh a him dance then off to her house , yes her house up on the hill , apple u coming ???????, apple u coming , apple ur fren keriann tell everybody say it was not no marriage , yes apple stinking mouth keriann say so , yes me stay weh dun ya and hear,

  4. Apple secure the icon buddy to one hole while in Jamaica to this young girl dwl yes Frapple you the best wife in history. Sorry me no suck no puss or send no puss with my man anywhere. By the way Apple princess don’t suck puss in any sucking a gwan is the princess getting sucked you husband don’t rate you .

  5. Apple i know you here reading stop suck gal puss for 2017 flip on jay any Thresome let them please you since your addicted to all three off you in bed stop eat for jay .

    1. She fi start mek she an next man team up pon ikonlic. Nuff likkle hungry, young dancehall faggot de bout, willing fi do tricks fi dem. Thank god applett can’t land a Jamaica…lily gal dem clit safe from har horse dentures

  6. Her name crystal and she only 22 years old no education no nothing why you hyping up wid Apple them just to have certain things you ain’t ugly you can get your own man . She was with a white guy before have him all over her ig then she was with this Jamaican guy & now she sleeping wid these crosses cause she love likes sad run crystal

  7. Lol @ anonymous 11:23 was thinking the same thing the dunce person who’s writing these comments is the sender who send in the story what the sender wrote gave me a headache

  8. Tell your dunce friend Apple stop suck gal since you read dunce sentences like you say we are dunce writing about the dunce apple that can’t fly but ina dancehall :ngakak :ngakak :alay Apple stop it princess don’t eat cunt.

  9. Fly go where i dare frapple fly under this new administration with Trump being president me want see she and Robbas flying to Hawaii & Purto Rico 2017 . Them luck run out and Apple can’t get any papers jay icon trap with his bag & boot wife fly fly ina dancehall.

  10. Apple been eating p…y and lick out batty before she met been doing 3sums from she with Marlon that’s from 2001 .this bitch apple is nasty all she does is look litte girls and lower them and eat them pu..y .apple u are a perverted up on social media everyday acting like she a goodas. Jaydon him been a freak and now him meet apple and they both extend their nasty life style .they the perfect match.dirty Freaks,they both suck p…y , they both suck cock,, they both eat ass, they both scammer, they both shop lifters,, they both false pretenders,,they both wannabe ,, they both have no furnitures in the living room , they both have an old mattress that’s dirty .apple u got the perfect husband. Birds of the same color feathers really flock together.

  11. What a way fi dirty up somebody name. I don’t know any of these people, I know them only because of this site. Yes the wife is nuff a bit much so she cause people not to like her but don’t Dog her like that. I was shaking my head while I read the comments. Girrrrl u need to humble yourself and stop hype so u won’t have so many enemies

  12. Wooooo Real Chat sum it and multiple it for us bloggers Very my god is the fuss me see a princess eat sooooo much pussy and claim she rich . Sorry Apple it seems like your specialist to eat young gal pussy can’t chat to any eating going on must be the next B not me no way .

  13. OMG. why…why…why. You people talk so much about her. I’m JA…born in US. My grandfather brought his family here. If you don’t like her…shut up about her. YOU HYPE HER!!! STOP MAKING JAMICIANS SOUND SOOOO IGNORANT!

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