112 thoughts on “APPLE AND TOYA IN THE BRONX

      1. I’m not sure what Mr. & Mrs. Icon portray on social media is even 10% accurate. How can you own several Hermes bags and not own a home to secure those expensive merchandise in? Some people may say homeownership isn’t everything, however, financially paying a mortgage vs renting will always win. Renter’s monies go no where except to the landlord and a mortgage build equity in your home that can be used at a later time.

        The area in the Bronx where this altercation occurred does not mimic that lifestyle portrayed on Social Media. The Bronx isn’t one of my favorite places and some may call the borough ghetto, However, there’s great locations in The Bronx to reside such as Riverdale, Fordham, Pelham Bay, and Kingsbridge areas. Why doesn’t Mr. & Mrs. Icon reside it the above listed neighborhoods?

        It’s an open relationship, open relationship still set boundaries. Open relationship doesn’t mean having relationships with everyone and not respecting your partner. What was exhibited is not an open relationship but a non-existent relationship which both partners are only together for financial means and social media clout. There’s no love there and no respect on both parts. As a wife and mother, it’s unacceptable to conduct yourself on social media in that manner.

        1. I beg to differ scantly clad ever in mix up fake over made up she is everything they portrayed i dont know what the labels made others see but they are two peas in a pod Perfect for them one another. I know plenty ppl who push labels but can’t meet the mark at the end of the day. Frogs in a princess dress is merely still a frog. It all will come out with time!

    1. Jay ah f**k Apple because is another man wife. Yuh think him want Apple? She was just a cheap F**K any time him want. Fly har guh LA, Florida, meet har at hotel near har home. Easy P***Y so a man wi jus gwaan f**k it

  1. Dis hard to believe. “Apple say she only make the man suck her pussy and she take him money”… what the hell am I hearing? Ain’t she married in a long standing relationship with children? She make it sound like cause him no sex her it is okay or acceptable. These girls are filthy.. You are married for Christ sake! I thought you were rich why do u need another man’s money? Are you desperate? How many more men did u make eat you?

    1. Apple a fuck pon gay long time. Nuff time mi pass har an a man a buy food a Blue Cantina a mount vernon. But true mu nuh know dancehall ppl I couldn’t tell yuh who him be.

    2. The sad thing is, females on social media supports her actions. It’s deplorable and disgraceful. You can’t be a fly and successful female but sells her most previous body parts for money. This world of social media really make a lot of people lose self-love.

  2. When you worship vanity and you have to go to the ultimate low to maintain it, husband seems unbothered because he clearly benefiting. Well now we know she a sell pussy and him take it! Me glad me cheap no BBC dare thing no strike me eye… cause me nah go through them ya embarrassment and nastiness to impress no boy or gal ! Onnu move up ! Big and careless

  3. Him fuck apple to is apple just keep a try loud up that part to cover the fick part. Apple careless bad. Apple been a fuck all top artist and jay know about it. You notice how jay him relax in the situation

      1. 1st of all the girl shouldn’t of gone down to Apple house no woman house period to fight ova har man but since it’s Apple that made her upset she damn well know she has a man that eat other woman Pusey besides yours the phone conversation between him and Apple tells it all… let me ask you why go war with the next woman she had no loyalty to you, your msn do the argument should be direct to him only… now when it comes to Apple and her husband it doesn’t bother him because his doing the same damn thing so they have an understanding to were his going to always have her back… this entire thing was uncalled for… what i want to know do you plan to leave your man over this because he might with you because of convenience

  4. So what is so exciting and new that apple fuk all the time. Is way before jay and apple married them been a allow apple to fuck big man for likes and money and Jay make other girls piss up him and apple all the time. Apple and jay life is a skeptic tank always. See how them both nasty . Why isn’t she married keep talking. That’s the life they both married to. See Hay well relax and comfortable with the situation, if this was strange or new him would a put on pon apple same speed. Toya your man too is a problem hope you see that because him obviously love apple pussy to.

    1. No this can’t be real at all my man would a just beat fi di gal and dun .. it look like jay di want di gal beat Apple.. and what’s disturbing they made a video saying jay know about it and Apple is hurting guys .. I would love to know what type of relationship they have .. are they swingers ? I think jay dick gets hard when his woman fuck other men I’m just say ‍♀️‍♀️

    2. Jay ah f**k Apple because is another man wife. Yuh think him want Apple? She was just a cheap F**K any time him want. Fly har guh LA, Florida, meet har at hotel near har home. Easy P***Y so a man wi jus gwaan f**k it

  5. Apple husband means her no good. How the hell you standby and watch another person put your wife in a chokehold. Apple change your life and low out crasis people. This video gives ammunition to the rest of your enemies to try the same thing, you can’t fight. Walk good

    1. A same so dem did get ketch a shoplift n him run lef har he really don’t care! Hey dem SM rich ppl here no easy a rawse eno

      1. An she did a breed and him cut left har. Pregnant and paperless and yuh partner put on foot onna hand and cut.

  6. Toya was tired of Apple bothering her . Apple you get a proper drape up in front you friends and I am happy the men insist nobody go in it because your coward friends would only use teargas and try jump Toya. Toya never fight you if she did you would be in the hospital nasty bitch , toyo only drape you, take away the hammer out you hand and hand it to sombody just to show she never wah blood u up which she should let both a unu go jail only difference is you would get deported because Toya Toya straight. Apple go buy some building block a Jamaica you only have cloth and boot. You mouth wah fix you ugly like sin, Jay him a bisexual so him too is a pity party unu both have too much dirty secrets for each other so just gwan live unu nasty life and fuck out of towners and leave locals out of it. Tell the people them about the artist you fucking all the time and you is the artist clean up gorl.

    1. Nuh gal couldn’t drape my fren so in my presence..all bark and no bite. Paparazzi u fren dem is wutliss. Dat could never be me. Jay icon mi rate u style.i know u don’t want to beat apple so u leave Toya fi do it. Toya should a mash apple then turn round put r pon a one way flight. Sell uno pussy/soul fi vanity. Paparazzi kingdom shame pon uno becuz if a gal come a my gate. A kill dem all n done. Mi naah ask christ.

      1. Fren dem wutliss fi trueeeee…. Kerry need fi go worry bout JUE and him new born baby and move har low life self and gweh

  7. I’m confused isn’t that icon’s woman in a fight? Is the other girl his woman also? I don’t understand why he is allowing his woman to be doing this in front of him and not step in.

  8. Jay icon can’t do nothing cause mobay empire man dem will dirt him…. Jay yuh not suppose to let no man kill yuh because yuh “wife” choose fi go fuck other people man!! A don’t wrong yuh stand up Mek dem beat out har rasse!!!
    When de fight done Jay icon walk off wid Toya looooooooooool can see say him glad she beat Apple

      1. Maybe jay a try get back a revenge slap you can tell toya rate jay enuh she just don’t understand why he’s with Apple

  9. This is what fake rich looks like. It is okay to live normal and shop at fashion nova and stack up. Wasting time in America smh.

  10. For the people who asking why the man stand and allow her to fight. Why shouldn’t he? Did u hear what she did? Me woulda run leave her to.

      1. Its disgusting asf fake rich people life them want live ..bagga bagga and suddy bad. Apple a whore out har self fi bran thing while her hubby with it lol

  11. One thing I can say for sure apple you just Embarrass the heck outta your husband me feel so ashamed for jay icon like how can you walk around after this!! Apple you shouting say the man nyam yuh pussy there is no man wey just ago nyam yuh so and nuh fuck yuh common sense.. if I was jay icon as you say that me box yuh dung and drag yuh go yuh yard!! But who to know what you told him.. girl you sick..which married woman go out a street go fight a next woman for her man while her husband stand there

  12. I dont blame him to stand up and watch dem tear out har hair. After she go dash out har pussy to next man and want fight the man woman fi har man. Apple aren’t you meant to be a happily married woman? This cant real tpc. Big disgrace. Icon you ting look lili

  13. So all that I have been reading on pinkwall over the years about Apple and her man is true… These people are a set of disgusting shit house..,Both of them sleeping around for stuff and they believe when they get dressed in designer stuff it supposedly cleanse them… you guys are dirty fuckers. I don’t know how people look up to them. Pinkwall have been saying this for years and now you have proved us wright

  14. One bag a Red Bull, Supligen and Nutrament. How me
    Fi stand up and watch gal a tear out my friend hair and
    Buck har, knee har, fling har and dash har. Weak asses. Full a
    Pure mouth only good for cuss. One hammer Pepper
    Spray, Baseball Bat and Iron Pipe and none a dem caan
    Swing nothing. Apple should of woke up today friendless and husband less cause NO ONE to the rescue. I don’t fight fair
    You lick my friend a WAR STR8

  15. Apple and her frens are p#*%y how all your frens stay there plus ur man and watch you get fu$&ed up like that, couldn’t my frens if anything all a we a fight and all have to get f$&ked up not just one! All they have is mouth and can’t fight pulling hair is not even a fight. Then I know I see the girl Toya disarm Apple and tek weh her hammer – how the f&$k? Who raised these clowns? Big joke

  16. Ah wah kinna wul mi back fuckry mi jus watch? Apple ah real eeeeediat, shi cyah fight ah bomboclaat!!! She sound so childish. Sick stomach!!! Did tink shi have business ah run, mi confuse!?!

  17. Apple can’t keep her lies straight. Before she claim seh her friend dem neva kno. Now yuh guh pon live seh you and yuh fren dem including di gay one nyam out di youth.. Toya talk things yuh buy di youth and the money you use to give. Yuh send di man money inna jail. Yuh even meck di man come all di way up a CT fi fuck yuh inna hotel close to yuh yaad. For months Apple been a bother Toya and a throw word and yuh a big married ooman. Toya you ano betta cuz you siddung pon fone a listen to your man a talk seh him fuck out gal here and there. You yourself seh Apple ain’t the only one. Plus him out deh a suck pussy and a come home come kiss yuh up.. Alla uno suppose to SHAMMMEEEEE…but Jay Icon suppose to feel the lowest….the whole a uno life mucky bad..

  18. They are both in a open relationship that’s why they were stuttering on the live. Jay Icon is a batty man “me naw as Christ” it’s something they have been doing for years. They are only embarrassed they got caught.. if that’s the life they choose to live they shouldn’t be embarrassed they should embrace it with pride.

  19. Listen!!!! This lady Toya needs to leave this man Jay, there are levels to this shit. This man just confessed of eating a dutty careless married women pussy??? God knows who her husband ah fuck. Disgrace to this married lady who ah war over ppl man and you are whole married. No mon this bagg bagg lifestyle has to be put to rest. So question, Is it normal for Your man to bun you and ah nyam side women and them have them man? Just asking for a friend. That’s why STD ah get normalized. Sad bad. Life can’t just be to live like this. What kind of standards them ah set fi them pickney?? No mon, I guess the world has to have people like them for normal ppl realize them like is considered normal because this nuh normal ah tal

  20. Why then never beat Apple ???? Am happy that I never grudge these rich folks over ig. :malu :malu the way how she and har friend them BAD me shock them never jump in

  21. Apple ,kerryann, sushauna j,aydon and Shamar unno a garbage .unno worthless and careless .
    Jaydon you a real sketel. !! Jaydon you ain’t a man !!
    Jaydon you disgrace all husband and baby fathers inna bronx .
    Jaydon how could you watch another bitch beat up yuh bitch and it’s not your bitch beating your bitch wife .???

    Worthless shamar go sit down bronx beating stick .You and your crew phuck too much friend and friend and area man unno so cheap and love act like unno a somebody.

    Shamar ,kerryann, apple. Sushauna is bronx original Bicycle but I taught since man strat own unno up unno would than change unno life.
    But it’s clear a whore will always be a whore.
    Shamar ,Mario said to ask you how him best friend jay Dog doing in prison since you love to pass from friend to friend .

    I hope after today unno walk with unno head down like HOG. !!!

    Toya a bad Gal.
    Clown crew Apple inna.
    Nuh boy nor gal cant meck me watch no gal a beat my friend . Him would of to buss up him gun.
    Kerryann you just dumb as phuck you just hopping around like a wild bunny.
    Go sit and mind you fall and bruck yuh false ,jackass teeth.

    Sushauna your bangle just came off your feet 3 days ago and you careless bitch a fight .
    Sushauna you dont even own a bedroom set and your crew claims to be so rich why they dont help you.
    Sushauna, remember Apple neva sent you any money pon yuh books a prison so how you fighting for her.

    Jaydon you are the biggest waste man inna America you a direct and produce a fight with a next gal and yuh wife .

    Jaydon you are a real community clown you watch your wife matey from a next man come beat her up.
    Jaydon ,Apple man jay sey Apple sey him give her the best Phuck.
    What a disgrace pon you a bronx jaydon.
    You need to stop drink champagne and drink some olive oil you need clearance jaydon.!!!!

    Jaydon, Apple side man jay suck her p…y and Apple Suck him PENIS also.
    Apple you are a slut . Apple you trying to condemn the man sey him suck yuh p…y and you Apple suck the man Penis plus you is a original P…y eater also.

    Apple ,you gave up your p…y for a few hundred dollars and so said you Rich.
    Apple you have being exposed as the broke, nasty bitch you are and always will be.

    Apple you have a husband and a war over people baby father. Apple why you disgrace yourself and Jaydon like this ????

    Apple you really needs to go to school and educate yourself because only a dunce fool would promote this fight.

    Apple you so stupid you should have being stop entertaining Toya ,because you knew you was wrong to sleep with her man and that Toya had a right to Be mad at you.

    Apple and kerryann unno feel like a fi unno relationship alone gal fi respect. Clown bitches.

    Jue mi GLAD yuh neva come embarrass yourself.
    I know JUE he ain’t as dumb as Jaydon and one thing with jue him would and put kerryann into her place .
    Jue ,run because kerryann run the p….y and mouth also .

    These bitches have no loyalty.
    Apple you are shameless and you are a disgrace . Apple you bring the man to hotel around the corner from where you and jaydon live and phuck and suck him .
    Apple you lowlife Pig.
    Jaydon , what you going do ????
    What a disgrace fi 2021 this badder than Corona Virus .

  22. Apple n har fren dem inna mixup every month dem nuh tiad? Bunch ah waste woman all fi di hype. If yuh seh yuh man have money weh yuh ah fuk Toya man fi money fah? All Jay him ah idiot stand up deh before him pack apple tings n move har out. All dem woman yah do ah try walk n ruin people life dem
    Nah guh learn until somebody du dem something real bad unnu ah get old man just chill out ah Likkle n live life.

  23. All unu a talk about is Apple clothes, why unu so bad mind? Do you think that girls who wear Fashionova don’t in a bangarang? Honestly, is Toya keep bothering Apple, she sees Apple as a threat, and that’s just the truth. Toya claims to be unbothered by Apple, but know everything weh a gwan in Apple life. Apple this was disgraceful though, me nah lie.

    Back to unu hypocrites, you know how much time unu sit down over yah and laugh off Apple when Jadion a give her bun, unu same one used to talk who him want from him no want, so why is it an issue say Apple bun him. Right now Apple a lead, because she still have her man after the fact. Toya you seem like a nice girl, but you come off pressed.

    1. Talk Truth this Toya girl went to Apple house why is every making it seem Apple at the girl house and she promoting this and that Toya didn’t like the fact that hat man choose Apple I’m sure he had cheated on her before but not with Apple so it bun har so she come fight the girl. It wasn’t a fight still


  25. Idiot kerry ann a bawl out bite har apple..bite har
    Shamar jus stan up a look like one big clown jus a move aroun move aroun
    Take way the bat..di hamna..and all a dem is just one set a bronx dummies…
    Every minute apple a try pepper spray toya and dem say dem badddd dwll loll lmfao..disgrace!!!!
    Jadion mi shame fi yo dawg..real talk
    Di way jadion part weh toya n send har off yo woulda think a toya a jadion wife…
    Rotten apple you need some milkkkkkk

    1. I think all of them glad she got a choke out lololol those are not her friends. Very embarrassing for a boss lady

      1. Dem wicked fi true…kerry ann she love weapon and say dem bad
        Swear say she a di baddest thing a road
        Sushana look like she waah go back a prison lef har pitni dem fi careless apple
        No gal cannot have my friend inna headlock and we nuh rush dat…all a apple frens had weapon and nothing dem dont do
        Toya wudda get lick till she dizzy…but apple dem a some sad empty barrell

  26. With frens like these to BBC. My girl yuh fren dem a bait, yuh man a bait, yuh a bait. No sah this embarrassing yuh fuq

  27. Aye you gal Or bwoy buff don’t bloodclawt call Toya name!! Whey you know Toya from bout she a escort and she sell pussy bitch????? Toya work very hard and no mix wid nasty naega me only sorry she ever get mixed up Inna this, set a jahncrow

  28. Obviously Jay is not no bad man he is just a flosser. And from this day on he needs to remove the icon from him name kmft.Because God know my man would a box down everything out there including me.But I guess this bigger than even pinkwall.

  29. Jay say “nobody no jump in”, the nigga wife and another gal a fight ova another man. Me would a pretend like me shock, all if me know she a whore, the dog all walk off wid the other man woman fi make sure she is otay

    1. Talk truth you are a perfect fool + a dam idiot = a clown .
      How Toya fi bother Apple when a Apple Phuck the woman baby father .
      Talk truth you need to change you name to dam liad.
      Apple clothes them fake 85% so who nuh know that deaf and blind.
      A pure fake jewelries Apple and jaydon wear. Didnt you see apple wear a Balmain black and white dress to jaydon party that spelt Balemian mr chin made a mistake.
      Apple bruck like dog .
      Talk truth you is a original side low level chick because any gal wey dem man give them a matey press by the next girl and ignorant fi this mate especially when the mate knows you and just straight up red eye like Apple.

      Toya should and burst up Apple ,mouth and face .

      Nasty ,kerryann you dont even want jue to own him owna child that was born after your son
      But you want Toya to not beat up Apple.

      Kerryann you walk and try war with all of jue woman them so why unno nuh want Toya war for her man.

      Kerryann remember you phuck bruck pocket Nully because you taught he had money because you didnt know sey a pure fake brand him a wear and the 745 Bmw was a rental and Nully homeless.
      Unno bronx mattress get lost.
      Toya ,catch apple one away and beat the shit out of her because I know she was biting you with her stinking mouth.

    2. he surely did lol
      he better or it would be his ass on the streets it seems if Toya was touched……l ol

  30. Let me start by saying that this is clearly a sad situation for everyone involved, but my main concern is their children. Please people don’t forget that once we put something out on social media, there’s no point of return and our kids are watching this as well. Please be mindful of the things you put out there, remember the energy that you put out is the same energy you received. Respect yourselves and your families and think that life is too short for things like this.

    1. Lady shut u shit u no see a dem did a video themselves… you no see a dem upload the video? Didn’t you see apple on live first

      1. I honestly think that you misunderstood my comment. But reading comprehension is something that some people struggle with, so I’m not going there with you. I’m not pointing fingers at anyone and I was speaking in general terms.All I said was, we all should be mindful of what we out here. You have a blessed day!

  31. So this is the latest episode of jankcrow hookers gone wild mi deh here for the laughs period dwrcll Toya sound,fight ,look ,and stand up like a real Battyman dwll and the forbidden fruit only fling one tump and Toya man the toilet face sweet tooth std carrying jail bud weh like batty hole to who is the center of it all ah di biggest joke cant wait for the next episode all these soul and pussy selling hoes have children and look at them cyah seh if dem nuh fraid fi catch germs because all of them done a share bodily fluids pon ah regular mi nah ask mi ah tell u std inna dah circle yah dem ah real trash ah suh we know dem man yah anuh badman just ah bunch ah gyal clown di bagga tuff talk nuh mek sense Toya u feel stalking and fight can stop ntn di country boi ur waste man is dirty always was always will be and you are to you just vex you get embarrassed again as you should we say toya man a freak an seeit him batty ways soon buss out next just watch

  32. Toya everyday u get up ah stalk J and him gyal dem yuh nuh tired careless ooman ? Di man deh jail and everyday yuh inna cussing and fighting wid him and dem him hate you ah mi fren an mi tired fi see him business outside now guh tek care of your family ah internet fame yuh want true u couldn’t gwaan suh if him was free you is a disgrace and keeping up a show fi di internet him madda muss shame

  33. All wha gwaan this nah done cah toya and har nasty man want apple man leave her from the start cah toya man hate har n want har and toya hate apple n feel that woulda make har pleased she wants a man like apple man who is loyal to her but that will never happen cah toya deserve the dogshit man she get butch ur life ago forever fulla crosses di amount ah ppl ah watch n ah laugh affa u cah di man is like a community clean up crew

    1. You sound like Apple science project looking Dumb Mumma Christine. Please make what u wrote make sense please.

  34. toya big king kong gorilla sumo wrestler brolic bitch fighting with dolly baby Apple should be a shame of herself, toya man ugly bad with a big retarded head with him shit up hood foh

  35. Please put Apple and her friends in a garbage truck ..all of them look ghetto that day ..bleach out and and crawny, the waist trainer crew , they all wash up and need a life ..shamar a cuss toya daughter bout everyone suck , shamar is the teacher on that , jason say the reason y him stay with she is because of her mouth, Jason get dip and is in ja now with him next gal. It stink a Bronx say shamar still a hide and a take back the friend , Kerry and me hear say your man breed gal ..the little gal with the waist trainer that’s telling them to stop fight them say all she do is walk and take ppl man and them have har as pass roun Trishy go right down to sushana them need a life

    1. I couldn’t believe everyone was readily available to meet up to fight during a weekday? So none of Apple’s friends work? Put social media antics aside, none of Apple’s friends are sensible? No one said hun close your door and tend to your daily activities and children? Everyone boast this female to go outside to fight? Does Instagram pay out these individuals like YouTube for the numbers of followers/subscribers? Someone please advise. Thanks lol

      None of these individuals reside in neighborhoods that matches their lifestyle on social media. What happen to residing in Riverdale or Pelham Bay areas or even Kingsbridge? If this altercation occurred in the above areas the police would be quickly dispatched.

  36. Toya act, look ,talk ,shape and walk like a real Battyman something about her just gives a real tranny vibe plus all that buss up skin and botched breast you have no wonder why u accept ur man dogging you cause ur self esteem low him scawn your body idk how these abominations dont accept themselves but expect a man to love these crawny things they do to their bodies and you act like you have class but have to bring ur kids to fight with you real ghetto trash u be no wonder why ur man owning other pussy infront u apple is a disgrace but u having ur kids in the mix and acting like ms queen bitch u low to u stalking apple page cah ur man eat her out n u vex anybody with sense know that

  37. All this is crazy. This is what happens when you love the spot light…smh. These people have children, Apple you have a teenage son. I can imagine how he feels among his little brethrens them. Shame

  38. Toya man hood shit up ah longtime him love battyhole mi wha see if toya ago fight the men to next Toya yuh hole shit up vanity you love rainbow cocky u get mi gay fren show mi yuh man hood an its like mi coulda smell di frownzeyness from di picture him never circumcised and him buddy head look white n stink wid some likkle bump round the edges n it have 2 black spots on the top him used to go over him place pon (Edited) in yonkers sometimes

  39. Toya she mek her man weh deh jail fuck har inna har batty and she ah use it fi years fi blackmail him everytime he cheats him tell har nuff seh him regret her but its to late. Him people dem been ah seh him fuck batty an mek guys suck him hood its no secret depending on who you ask

  40. I wish a bitch would pull up to my place i woulda stabbed that bitch so many times her big handicap headed battyman woulda sit in prison and feel it these hoes have no pride or sense dirty toya go take care of ur ugly ass kids bitch u leff all di way ah yonkers fi fight with ur botched body dont u have jail money to fuck for yuh man seh yuh breast feel like rock stone boo

  41. Alicia Leslie Aka Lotoya Also known as Breast 439 Homestead ave Mount Vernon yuh think yuh untouchable and nuh body nuh know nothing bout yuh big foot big head,Donkey teeth gyal wah look deformed.

  42. This sad bad. How u stand out there and watch your “wife” hair get pulled like a rag doll???? Under the circumstances it’s better if you would’ve just stayed inside and watched from the window. Bronx clowns!

    1. Girl lol. Could you imagine if someone would have lost their lives for this foolishness. The sad thing is there’s females still siding with Apple’s actions. Its a sad and disgusting world.

  43. Toya yuh man an him family nuh stop talk how u obeah j bitch gwaan enjoy ur freedom cause if him did free him woulda beat out yuh bloodclaat and thats a fact him beat u in the past and leave an go fuck same night u is a bloodclaat horse mouth mascot bitch stay off the internet sorry ass you arent educated and yuh and ur man both criminals

  44. Toya yuh man an him family nuh stop talk how u obeah j bitch gwaan enjoy ur freedom cause if him did free him woulda beat out yuh bloodclaat and thats a fact him beat u in the past and leave an go fuck same night u is a bloodclaat horse mouth mascot bitch stay off the internet sorry ass you arent educated and yuh and ur man both criminals

  45. The message the girl toya sent is clear as day. She wants you to leave her man tf alone and go put that energy that you have to your owna hersband lol

  46. Yes Princess Apple com thru
    You lead
    Your pum pum turn up
    You got your husband at home with you
    Them grudge you for your life
    Ain’t nothing fake about holding your husband
    Bun Bun Bun Bun Bun

  47. Yes Princess Apple com thru
    You lead
    Your pum pum turn up
    You got your husband at home with you
    Them grudge you for your life
    Ain’t nothing fake about how your pum holding your husband
    Bun Bun Bun Bun Bun

  48. You Noh see di whole a them a some ghetto trash, only ghetto act like this up town noh act like this we just hire a hitman and its all over, you wouldn’t see the white people or people in Hollywood act like this but di duty ghettoites them never disappoint.

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