1. Dutty apple everything u wear fake as f**k, just like u topper wear furniture bitchhhhhhhhhhh. You a u man a toilet paper u both r flush we no wa c r hear both u frighten duppy.

    1. Most certainly.
      Happle, why bother? If Marcia really have time to waste on you all that you showing isn’t shit to what she own. She being kind. Scroll her IG pics without malice, get honest feed backs about her progress and you’ll know that YOU DON”T HAVE SHIT PON HER! See de passport de fi starters 😀
      Yu is a likkle gold fish swimming in a shark infested waters and too stubborn to notice. I think your man may notice but you “friends” a boast yu..”TEK SLEEP AND MARK DEATH”. Can’t say you weren’t warned.
      BTW, you’ll need to leave she and her daughter rift out a onu likkle shoes and clothes passa passa cause she barely say nothing to onu.

  2. Real or fake – Apple the burden of proof will rest on your shoulders if /when that day comes…because you’re already showing the world that you own these items my dear…the humble calf suck the most milk…lala lala

  3. For some grown women with lives and families they sure have time to “prove” they are better than each other. Life must be stressful when you are not comfortable in your own bare skin.

  4. But which classy n’ sophisticated woman aguh really put on dem deh uglaaaaaaaaay loud colored ghetto looking Chanel sneakers??…**can’t believe these classic designers are starting to make these loud n’ gaudy items..just tacky and takes away from the designers’ signature looks**…

    1. @Yeppy! I saw on a website (can’t remember) something similar to Happle sneakers for $89. Happle so that is all your accomplishments wid the people dem credit card and Jay’s money? My girl for all the brand name things you have (real and fake) you should have your OWN house or condo to store them in…nuh suh?? Nuh follow Marcia causen sey she have har monayyyyy

      1. All Apple as the woman in the relationship shoulda tek the money and put some aside fe house downpayment/ bills, etc. first before flossing…that is where my man’s money is going towards first before any red bottoms or case ah champagne ah buy…business before pleasure…

  5. Mek a tell uuno summin, u see dis girl a post shoes and bag and dis and dat, and I can bet u and win say she don’t have a bank account wid a good ten grand in there, I bet she don’t even have life insurance for the kids them. ppl come on and wake up, and look what’s going on in the world, ppl barely a live fi see 30 now a days, and this is all that important to u guys, red bottom shoes don’t feel no different from a Steven madden shoes, and I know. look how much sickness and all sort of things a pop up in the world, every day I have to remind my kids, wash ur hands b4 u eat, don’t share juice or food from ur class mates, how was school today, did anybody try to bully u, these or the things I worry about in life, every morning I pray that my kids get thru the school days without any problem, mi can’t worry bout shoes and bag, it ain’t that serious y’all, everybody want to wear nice expensive things, but a nuh everyone willing to sell dem soul and let it take over ther life. or is it jus me. met sorry for this long essay, I’m jus venting.

    1. Very nice essay…well written/stated…but ma’am…who have $10 grand siddung inna bank account? cost of living very dare……more like $10 dollas

  6. hey Apple, how are you ? well from the looks a you pics life seems good. but apple lets talk me and you both know YOU A BROKE BITCH…… apple everybody know a regular u take you rent money and buy shoes n then ask your friends to return shit for you, DO YOU YALL EVER SEE THESE BITCHES WEAR THEM SHIT MORE THAN ONE TIME ? Y CAUSE THEY HAVE TO RETURN THE PEOPLE DEM GOODS. we all know u do your scamming thing but u saw what happen to tamara !!, (HEY J ICON STOP CALL THE PEOPLE DEM CREDIT CARD COMPANY N EXPAND DEM CREDIT LINE, apple your life is sad all u do a give Jcon 3some with the bitches and THEN WORRY IF THEIR PUSSY IS BETTER THAN YOURS , Jicon mi hear sey nothing nah gwan fi yuh in the package department

  7. sorry apple marcia lyfestyle kockkkk way more apPealing.. your stilll at that shoes and clothes level. SHE GONE WAY A LEAD

  8. dwl @yep! mi know mama, cuz I certainly don’t, but di way dem act rich,I would only hope they do. all that bag and clothes, plz. dem better go sell some. lol

  9. no matther how much name brand some people have on, some how some way it just nuh match some PEOPLE, as in, them body language and attitude just nuh match the “said brands” clothing and boot, and apple prove that the other day when she open har mouth a talk pon video. She still have that “life rough nd mi a struggle” feature bout har nuh matter how much Brands dem hide try behind its still obvious

  10. Ok Apple yu wear bare good clothes & shoes yea but come on now where is the big house and the saving for the little girl cuz she ugly bad and ago need yu help inna life cuz fi har 2 job weh she ago have nah guh help her

  11. Anonymous 11:11 am I CONCUR!! :repost: :repost: :repost: I guess all her bag and shoes will send her kids off to college and one day bury them. The sad truth about it all is that she’s doing all of this to impress a bunch of folks that don’t LIKE, GIVE A FLYING FK ABOUT HER, OR PROBABLY DONT EVEN KNOW HER. But for some reason we the ppl matters. She’s looking for our validation ppl because our opinions and how we view her matters to her. #FIXYALIFE You and DUTTY pussy Kerryann will always be Losers and Lames and lets not forget delusional. It’s not that we hate you Uneducated concubines, it’s just that we don’t like what you stand for and that’s the real fact. “Wealth is quiet poor is Loud” #Foodforyouremptybrains

  12. I HAVE 10k IN MY ACCOUNT YES!! You know why….??? Because I don’t buy labels to impress a bunch of broke hungry bitches like myself. We all struggling no matter the hustle I wish some ppl would wake up out their dreams and face reality. My money is for my future which doesn’t include living in the Pjs, An Attic, or A Bashment. I need some type of ASSETS Not Breast implants and Butt Shots. Dwl! Marcia your what I call “LIVIN” that’s how you stunt on basic bum bitches by living everyday not on special occasions and holidays. Lmao!

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