1. That’s why we always have to done you over ya pon pink wall . Apple you just too Hype and fool fool about high end fashion and can’t spell without spell check ‘ me embarrassed for you never know sa a you alone can tek pict with husband and with the photo shop that’s played out next time Pair not pear dumb bitch .

    1. You just as bad with the pair lol she should have just said “PURE”; matter of fact she should have said nothing at all……..

  2. me nuh endorse the tiefin scammings but say weh Uno want this gal a lead all a di dancehall gal dem by far in ny all wen she dunce n cyah spell she smart enough lef dirty Bronx move up a CT for a briter future wit har husband

  3. The only idiot gal we see is you apple pray for icon everyday cause anyday him get suck off by the big boys you surly get wey the duck get you too show with no backitive to stand on your own .

  4. I think she is trying to say “pure’ but innah patois, she shoulda just seh bare( however you spell it in patois). Yall pay too much attention to her, smady nah get weh dem want outta Jaydion. Leave it alone already, him not leaving her sheesh.

  5. Well a patois she a type inna so pear… Pure… Pair… Sed ting lol… A bare high end… Pure bjgh end… Lawks… Apple a pear photoshop yuh photoshop yuh pics cause yu look dry an squivel up like prune and raw like fish inna real like.

  6. 9:07 Mi say if da gal post bare Bs every day and not expect critique from da world something not right . Normal people get up everyday and
    Work dis bitch get up everyday and nah pick up a book or enroll in school
    Nor does she work and stealing from the government and da poor ole lady cc info

  7. Hope she spend the summer 2017 with the Kennedy’s and hang out at the derby then Martha’s Vineyard for the hot summer days drinking tea rich couple jay and apple.

  8. DWL she need to take some a that money and atleast go take some English classes, she always throwing shade and cannot spell, very sad.

  9. apple need to be careful because right now he sleeping wit my fren without condom and she trying to make jaydion come inside her…518 area code jadion have.

    1. Im assuming your fiend wants a baby with the pink one??? Remind her him nuh need fi cum inna ar fi breed ar…sick fuqqen ppl

  10. Hehehehehe me dead over met yard .. I love this yard well anyways she buying new bed for xmas and the new year : :apple tell the blogger thanks

  11. @Pure Fashion Icon your friend is the biggest idiot for wanting a married man to impregnate her. Why some women like to put themselves in problem and then walk about like bitter Betty complaining? kmt.

  12. thats so nasty. your friend is disgusting cause mi sure JayIcon not just sexing apple and your friend. When the whole a dem get a strong dose a AIDS them will know.

  13. Apple yuh flop yuh self again. Yuh dunce rass bat. Yuh need bulla and pear fi yuh bulla brain. Yuh too hype and nuh know how fi construct one little sentence. Apple stop embarrassing yuh self pon social media. Grow the f..k up. Nobody care about u nor yuh husband. A full time one man own yuh up u been a f..ka,girl and a side bitch fi years. Meck sure jaydon party guh good a jamaica Suh that u can guh pay fi the bed and Meck sure yuh buy a sofa also. You lame dunce ,idiot ,fool ,fool ,clown bitch apple.u are an embarrassment to your own dam self. Bout yuh pear high fashion .it’s pure high fashion. Jamal please guh pick up apple.

  14. Three sister get rape and no one ain’t interested in that but anything about apple , Jody , robbas it’s a big topic. Is unu ppl mek johncrow feel like humming bird. Unu mek dem gal feel too important an dats the reason why dem Gwan so. If I own 10 Hermes bag like these girls I would have bought my house cash ✌️So how on earth can I be interested in someone who have 10 bags and no house . This is so sad & these are the things people should be concerned about rather than apple,Jody,robbas etc.if it was a story about them u would see a trillion comment but them nuh find this interesting or important to read an comment in case the sisters seeing this give them a word of encouragement. (Mi jus affi copy &paste wat I wrote on the girls dem) unu can dun mi now bye.

  15. @Lisa yuh Suh a hypocrite you posting on the same post Wey we are post pon bout apple Suh what u saying fool. Yuh a act like a we tell yuh dunce bat friend apple fi post pear instead of pure. Gal come kiss with kitty k , y ,- , + . What is interesting to you may not be interesting to us to each is own. We nah stop dog them frighten Friday gal they Wey bruck and boasy and dunce. Guh invite apple and her friends them to sign up fi Jamal and left wi Meck me rip up nasty apple Wey jaydon Meck song fa and she cannot spell the word in her own song. Jaydon so full of himself that him produce 2 lame ass songs and the bottom songs a talk about him and now apple .who the f…k want to listen to a sind dedicated to jaydon and apple. Apple and jaydon a two clowns. They seriously think they are celebrities. Get over uno stupid self. Uno a act like uno, a mavado Wey can sing about himself and Wi dance to ithe. Jaydon yuh flop yuh self again and apple now flop fi herself again ,and again with a bad spelling. U are a dunce girl apple .

  16. Lisa we come over here to laugh and talk shit. Yes, I watch the news, read yahoo, msn, huff post but on this site is straight laughter and b.s. I just discover this site a mnth ago and I’m mad that none of my friends never heard of it. I laugh all day cuz Jamaican just chew up di things and spit it out. My people…On my occasional outings, I see these chicks and laugh. Walking around naked w/a traveling bag on there arms. Where they do that at? You don’t see that shit in the yankee, white nor Asian clubs(I party with them all, no discrimination). Aren’t they bi-costal, why then do they carry these damn travel bags around? Is it to show off? You cant be rich partying with poor people. You have to be in your circle. Talk about them please. Laughing still.

    Can the ICON find an organization in Jamaica and give a donation upon his arrival in the poor people country. Please find it in your heart considering you are very wealthy and will charge poor people to get into your dance. Being that you don’t need the money, PLEASE DONATE ALL PROCEED TO A HOSPITAL OR CHARITY OF YOUR CHOICE. THAT IS WHAT RICH PEOPLE DO HOMMIE. I will also donate to that organization. Thanks in advance.

  17. Brighter?! Further mi bloodclaat in a ppl rent house ?! it’s an upgrade to never owning a home due to the more expensive rent, no credit, no occupation, and the list continues. Lol, awaiting the others in her shadow to fallow.

  18. Listen me I have to work 12 hr shift get up early morn just fi pay my mortgage as a first time home buyer and a dis my
    Rassclauttt tax money a guh to gyal whey a buy $1500
    And & $2500 dollar bag and a scam pple credit card dis
    Nuh look good to box cover wat a way section 8 have
    Dem a move and upgrade me ting a time we stop pay tax
    Suh dem can live somewhere, me rather me tax money
    Give to the sick kids dem whey need help me hurt nuh f**k
    Where is trump me need him fi find dem all and send
    Dem back a ja guh see what it is living there once again
    And don’t have nothing a dat dem get visa fi come foreign
    Fah fi waste bumboclauttt time all these years . Sad story
    And every year for them is the same f**ing thing .

  19. All ah unoo sound bad mind wey unoo business wey di gal waan doh? Ah she mek unoo caan scam or wear expensive things?go bathe unoo dutty ole and low di gal mek she live har life

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