1. happle shut the f**up cause u cant fight.the time uno dey a mak video bout brand go help u kids.and go help u man wey trun pink pon u

  2. U know dem grown oman yah a disgrace…..lables mean so much to it a go kill dem. Apple, if u worldly possistion dem no fake, why it hurting u so much? U all need to grow up!

  3. But Marcia say wah she a say, call her out and done. What a way them a go hard fi prove say her things real. Me have my boss pon ig and fb and a woman that weh buy her 10k bags and shoes with her money and me neva see she post one yet. When u frighten and no use to things. Fr me a go h s apple a thief. She and her sista shaka u think she would be used to things by now. U see weh thieving land u sista. A one way ticket to jamaica lef her 2 pickney pon her mother and gone jamaica go mek onie British breed her

  4. Why uhnu ah carry on fi lables? Please tell me cause inquiring minds like myself want to know. Uhnu party ppl. Y’all suppose to just go out live one and FullJoy your self. Wen yuh dead and gone, is only one pair of shoes and and an outfit yuh caan take wid yuh. And who is to say that before them put you in the ground, them rob you. Life to short to put labels on everything and then war about it.

    1. Lol. They are all already on the list and they are just building their case on them so when them ready to do a street sweeping, every charge will stick. Nuh worry me let you enjoy di shenanigans lol lol

      1. The FEDS dem nuh start runeen yet…Tammy is only the first of many going down…everything is in position for take off…who wa try move them stash from one location to the next, FEDS ah surveillance dem movements…who wa talk pa phone fe get them story in sync, FEDS ah wire tap dat….who still wa guh inna the people dem store guh teef, secret *undercover* shoppers ah watch dem…why risk your freedom over dumb shit just to impress people who don’t give two shits about you anyways?…

  5. Happle dem shoes behind you anuh fi yuh… Those or not your shoes cuz dat is not your bedroom..Come outta Kerry and Jue bedroom a show off fi dem shoes. Mi nah luk pon she…

  6. Morning Met and Metters
    Big up apple with the receipt dem wid out paying tax a Apple sey shoes cost $945 plus 8.875 % tax and when Saks cash register ring it up it still come out to $945
    Big up Apple wid the Tom Fords boots whey only 2 alone Tom Ford mek and She Rihanna and Keisha Cole have it ohhhhhh cuz Apple maths sey 2-3=3 ok
    Big up Apple cuz she nuh do fake ohhhhhh

  7. These video getting old n tired if some of these ppl have jobs they would never have so much time on there hands! Ole wuckliss cutlass

  8. omg i dont know these people in real life only seen pics and MY WORD – what a girl ugly and talk bad and vulgar and stay bad !!!
    no , i always thought she was halfway cute in her instagram pictures ! but she must have a designer filters and angles !!
    and what low moral compass she must have to really feel the need to make a video about a pair of shoes !
    this generation and the next and the next are all doomed !

  9. Want to be girl whats wrong with you , uneducated you look dumb you have all these stuff and dont own assets a house first thing thats very important at least that can pass down to your kids can you live in shoes an clothes, bet you dont have nothing a yard to lord have mercy and your very ugly and that’s not in your house that’s kerryann house memba you house a glass house lol a jue shoes box dem

  10. Topple listen to ur self……u don’t do fake but u don’t ave a job……hope u not on saks video using none of those stolen credit cards within the video timeline buying ur real shit….what a day when di walls start crumble around u rich bad bitch….

  11. Kerryann a look attention girl bye nothing a gwan fe you frm jue gone you pop down you want people fe see an talk bout you unnuh played out, never learn unnuh live fe people and that’s sad

  12. Video makes no kine a sense to me …suh dem aguh cuss all day ova wah real nd fake wen tammy a luk fi cut a name-list deal wid de DA.
    Apple yuh caan sey yuh nuh duh wen de hair on yuh head is not urs
    the color of yuh skin is not yours
    wateva in yuh breast is not urs
    wateva in yuh butt is not urs
    yuh fingernail is not urs
    anuh u alone a duh FAKE but FAKE mean FAKE it nuh guh fi clothes nd shoes alone..tiad a dem already mi jus waan knw wah gwaan pon tammy side

  13. funny enough every single one from apple to kerry ann to big foot big body miss lou all have them EBT card. yet uno house full a name brand and can’t buy good food nyam cause a pure cheap food EBT can buy. wurthless rass uno.

  14. i want to know why this stupid girl apple keep incriminating herself
    doesnt she know the feds will use that very receipt she is uploading against her
    making the DA’s job hella easy

  15. I am so glad those dumb birds are not our future. What a gal illiterate. Happle why yuh neva shoot the video inna yuh glass bedroom? Kerryann read between the lines, Happle a set yuh up like how Jay set up Jue.

  16. Met: mi nuh inna di woman back and fourth,but mi have something fi seh,suh mi a guh talk mi mind, mi a beg apple fi cool it down and i pray di video she jus doo and di receit and di picture dem she tek on instagram she tek down,yuh jus a donate evidance my girl,everything weh upload dem can track di exact location,yuh nuh hare dem seh Secret Service involve,stop gwaan like a dunce on guh sidung on weight di ting out!!!!!! di yankee dem seh this.. when keeping it real goes wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!! Met dis a your fault cause yu should warn har of di implifications she a duh now cause she a guh mashup more people with di f**kry and when dem whole har she a guh chat

    1. Like really Triston!? Yuh really tink seh Met can stop Apple idiocy? No Iyah!!! Dem gal deh ego waaaay too big. No matter wha dem aguh wrong and strong. Inna dem delusional mind dem always know fi get over widout get ketch. Yuh juss affi leave some peeple fi duh dem ting.

    2. Met are you an apple friends? Shame on you for reposting this video that was already posted on social media and for not telling ur friend of the possible ramifications dwrl

  17. Well damn Apple u not worried about getting some papers but u worrying about what’s real and what’s fake sad bitch when u gonna learn? By the way what happened to hairline??? U need a closure boo…just enjoy ur freedom while u still got it cause me know unno fret cause unno time a run out now scamming business no last long…u see what happen to Tammy unno still nah learn….no body not praying fi unno downfall but unno too hype so when unno fall ppl ago laugh unno to scorn….Kerry mi think u was somebody enno but bitch u ain’t shit unno too frightened

  18. Apple please Nuh badda put yuh face pan no more video chile without waxing on the makeup and polish it, yuh too ugly man. Di hair… Please get the real ja’can castor oil and rub the hair line cuz mi woulda like know if a yuh head back it waah reach.. Shut up to your voice match the way you look DISGUSTING!

  19. But Yuh brute eeh lady EBT is accepted at Whole Foods, Trader Joes, Farmers Markets, Shop Rite, BJ’s, Target, Aldi’s. I bet you sent and applied and didn’t get it!!! A baaaaayyyyyyyy. I don’t sell mines Cuz food expensive and my children den loooove food. Me vex aid Yuh!!! Hi Met!!! Love you!! Back to eating my Apple.

      1. Yawdy, mi use yuh know dis girl weh have 8 kids…$1,200.00 she get ah month time in foodstamps…yuh si when she get ar food stamps dem, all 3-4 shopping carts full up wid food she buy up…so I would tag along and push an extra cart for myself :siul

          1. :ngakak Yeppy yuh bad is ah shame :ngakak It hurt me every time mi affi buy di dear ackee yah. Me did ah try get ah link wid my gurl up top but she mussi still ah eat har apple :ngakak

          2. Whenever them go on sale, mi stock up; mi buy one can today on sale fe $7.99…as Metty seh, food very dare..we wastes NOTHING in our household…who nuh finish dem breakfast will have it for lunch and who nuh finish dem lunch will have it for dinner…I stays clipping coupons too…

  20. “It’s better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than open ones mouth and remove all doubt.” – Mark Twain
    Happle yuh mouth part nuh look normal, and di wrerds weh ah come outta it wrerser nuh normal. Yuh actions confirm yuh shallowness. Stress alone gwine kill yuh wen dem hand yuh di oranges jumpsuit…..:travel

    1. Yuh tink Apple sound dark, yuh nuh hear Bobby talk yet…close yuh yeye yuh woulda swear seh is ah man talking…

        1. Yawdy, mi hear Bobbette talk one time…she sound just like Sanford from Sanford & Son, voice baritone like a mug, that rich meaty man voice…all mi coulda duh was tuh smh and laugh….

    1. Mi bombo mi say dese days mi just watch unnu galang bad a day time eno is where u gotten from no sahhhhh Lmaooo wata caaa top run outta mi eye to how mi a laff

  21. I. Wasn’t ready :ngakak :malu :ngakak apple apple apple :cd when when will u learn girl big old dunce bat like you , no sah u sound very bad lmaoooo plus your mouth look nasty and dutty :dp Kerry Ann omg Realy girl how much kids do u have ??? Where is jue bear ? Do u have any money or assets or a job to help your self ediot ediot gal how u so hype and dem tekk bk jue bear truck ??? Some gal a hype and hypeness no fit dem eoieeee

  22. I had no clue she sounded like that at all, goodness! Please take some of those credit cards and enroll in school.

  23. As for miss up top both apply for food stamp and get turn down. No I didnt miss. I have a 5 days a week job. Food expensive yes but guess what as far as I heard is not everything food stamp can buy. U and apple them a the same thing bcz if u a did have a job u couldn’t on food stamp. Apple and the rest including u use uno money buy name brand and then live off the government . Uno must open uno big hole go breed if uno can’t rass feed them. A people like me who have to work very hard and pay tax then them tek it give wukless bitches like uno . That’s why it burn me. Go get a job a that u fi do bcz if u had one u couldn’t have foodstamp.

    1. Not to water down your argument ma’am, but is the Mexicans dem weh ah nyaam up alla di foodstamp and housing programs…breed like roaches, cyaah speak ah lick ah English *not to mention most of them are illegal*, but the best way for them to plant them foot eena Merica is tuh breed every 9 months so the kids dem can secure them safe haven in America and collect foodstamps and other government aid that hard working Americans should have access to FIRST AND FOREMOST *if needed*…I just wanted to put my lil 2 cents in on that because that always rubs me the wrong way, but I get your point ma’am, no disrespect to you…

  24. I am just suprised that so called ‘hype’ men see these girls as being good enough to be their personal women -times have changed

  25. with brands like those were is ur walkin closet uno have dem in a living room a show.happle get bestadancehall mek him video u closet and mi mean live fi bag and shoes.mi work 12hr a day 16.50 a hr and now mi cant buy a redbotton not even fi treat mi self.

  26. When mi si Haffail appear pan di video mi mouth open wide caz mi nevah ready fi di horse look and den Happlet opened har, mi mouth drap ah grung to rarse,…no sah, gal vein tan up innah har face lakkah wah,and dah weave, holly spanish town..oh laaawd

      1. Surprise is an understatement mi a tell u, u know Met,U know like when someone send a pic of demself and when si dem or dem open dem mouth u just seh ooooh noooo, innah u Red Rat voice and run,, that was it fi mi Met. caz a just baay pics mi si har pan suh really nahn deh expect it. Gurl suh fake she all fake har voice and true appearance innah mi head.
        On a side note, it look like dis girl have several beings walking wid har suh as they come forward is a diffrent name,haffail, happlet, hapfake, aintapp lol. Met u nuh see how it look like di gurl about to have an aneurysm over har fake wurl wah she created tru fake cards,clothes, shoes, body and receipts. Only ting wah nuh fake bout it is di people dem big and small who dem a hurt wid dem tierrrrrd of dem, mi fed a wuk too slow man..look like dem want some a u bloggers fi help dem out some..send in dem resume nuh Met..dwl

  27. Den all immigration sexual assault a teck cuss ppl now? Apple, a hope you have never been raped or ever will, it nuh matta wah u waan cuss seh, how u going to teck a sexual assault cuss smaddy? Sick creatures.
    Anywho, u nuh hab a closet? a basement ur shoes keep?..kmt. You way too passionate bout dis issue mums, just too consumed by it.

  28. MI HEART GOES OUT TO THIS GIRL. STRESS AGO GI AR A STROKES. IN ALLLL MY LIFE,MI NEVA SI SOMEBODY WORK SOOO HARD FI PPLS STAMP OF APPROVAL. Apple take it from me,it’s not worth it. You will never blend in a normal settings,no matter how much brand u wear. You are a STREGAY. You are not polished,you don’t know how to switch it up,you don’t know how to spell. Sometimes I’m reading ur posts & mi shame. Just always know this NOTHING LASTS FOREVER, BUT GOOD SALVATION. You & yuh brands coulda stay, a years now yuh a walk & teif, so why is it yuh feel the need to show off. GOD go with u.

    1. Fo real! I used to think she pretty, but seeing her going on like dis, I saw that there is no beauty in her. Beauty really shines form within. Maybe dats why di man ever a walk like stray fi smaddy teck him home, I can see that this is not someone you could ever bond with on a spiritual level. Meck dem shoes and bags comfut dem in times a sorrow yah, when dem head hat dem, dem can drink dem ginger ale out di shoes.

  29. Mi nuh si nuting happen to har talking if you is a real Jamaican yuh wi know dem type of talking wen yuh ah cuss hood rats ah suh yuh deal wid dem Apple ain’t got no time to pretty up no words pleaszz I have been following this Apple saga for a long time and all mi can see is ppl cussing Apple bout name brand’s and saying she’s a thief ah nuff ah unuh have kids for thieves and murders but nobody don’t know becausz unuh nah hype suh unuh come anna talk like unuh proper helloo I don’t see anything wrong with Apple I like her swag fake or real!!


  31. Crapple Happle Dropple Snapple Topple Mopple Bran-Apple Flopple why not one video to defend your kids or your mothering abilities???????? People put you on blast about that all the time.

  32. Kerry what you should be concerned why Apple aka Obeah salt, always have to stop somewhere before she comes to your house. You might want to give your house a good upside down clean….you will find interesting finds. Also check good a couple of personal things of Jue is are missing. You know Icon need to keep him slient. Winkie, winkers. Don’t come run in on this talking about people grudge your friendship because friends don’t use obeah to conquer and destroy each other.

  33. Kerri, I begging you stop mek apple aka Obeah salt cum a your yard. You don’t find it strange she always hav to mek a stop before she cum at you, better give your house a good upside down cleaning. You will find interesting finds. Go through Jue things well, you will see somethings missing. No wonder icon can conquer jue, wink, wink. Tamara you know is apple call Saks loss prevention so dem start look you close. And don’t come here talk about people grudge friendship cause friends don’t use obeah to destroy friends.

  34. apple…kerry…michelle..n miss lou uno see how marcia quiet….hmmmm…member a so she did quiet when the gal tek gary n six months after the child get deport. uno low the woman because while yall making videos shes gathering evidence to show her boss(immigration)….so uno better take heed worst uno go call demecia name Met sit back and watch the aftermath.

  35. Apple you win the most shallow and dumbest dunce award for the year.. Talk bout you a mek video fi provide justification as to the authenticity of name brand shoes. FREEKING FRIGHTEN FRIDAY. SMFH!! You man and you friends them couldn’t tell you that it would be a stupid move, before you lower your standards? No sir, you need to check yourself while your on your last path of destruction. Sad sad sad!

  36. good day peeps
    yuh knw mi guh back watch de video pon mute wen apple she cum in nd is a collection a shoes box dat behine apple yuh knw..bwoy dem smart suh till dem are you going to be on government assistance nd have things weh value more than wat dem budget unno as?!?!?! pon a bloodclaat real dem ppl yah a use dem phuck’n head or wah keep on making videos not only apple but de whole a unno weh a show off unno house thinking even wen unno delete it seh it really deleted unno gwine get bloodclaat charge fi public assistance fraud.

  37. Dunout dunce head cranny body crackapple you have no pride no mind you have no shame and ambition and you badmind all your friends that’s why Anna Kay and keyshia stop chat to you wicked bad you and your witch ugly mother a the same love obeah and bad falling star shana go f**k some more white man and buy some cloth and stop nuff up yourself remember you tell me sah you no like apple and you and her did fight over bobby socks fake bad big pussy granny christen you obeah bobby Stef and mak the woman dead cause you did want apple fi have him

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