1. She don’t do fake but the card is not yours Scammers thief ppl info & put on the card with your name and different date of birth FOH lil scammer

      1. Their going to extreme lengths now! When envy turns to hate, it’s terrible!

        Sure she’s getting over, leave her to answer and continue to live your life…..we all know what time it is so why bother with their fake rich, their social media stardom, fact of the matter is beyond boots, dress and leased vehicle, Awkele Lawes Richards is nobody and has nothing that makes a difference in our world.


        1. Mi nuh understand why dem even pay har mind :nohope first di dress nuh real now card dis and that.Very boring for me so more time I dont even read the comments

  2. How this gal don’t have ss# or job but yuh have one of the hardest cc that can obtain? HOW how scammer but yet u don’t own a house u ride the welfare system but we soon read n watch u n yuh crew on the news phucking scammer

  3. Show me the mortgage bitch show me the bank account why I charge rings and pay cash for it put the cash on a house stop showing off vanity too flashy to go home and sit in a lil apt

  4. Apple pls leggo da little section 8 apt in a da bronx it no mek sense uno have so much money rich with amex card n a live off a da system give somebody who really need it a chance man cho

  5. How the hell you purhase 6g dress have no house business no degree and if what others are saying is true no ssn, even if you had a tax id, how!! I’ve seen wealthy jamaicans with supportive means of their gains but this right here just dont add up

  6. For some reason I tink that dress going back!!! No way she gonna paid that credit card bill and that dress is gonna jus hang in the closet cause Dem nuh repeat!! No way!! It jus don’t make any sense to mi, only a smart person will bring it back, jus air it out and it will be fine

    1. thats why she kept the receipt, the boxes, the wrapping paper, the bags and the tags !!!

      its going right back to Balmain!!

      its ok Apple girl , we see you !!


  7. None of this shit don’t match how Kim K and Beyoncé all have custom built homes and property all over the place land private jets and these imaginary celebs like dolly have one place to take pictures and Apple have lil apt buying food with food stamps robbas going to jail for fraud none of this adds up .

  8. Good Morning Met,Metters,Peepers nd Others…

    :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak Apple nuh bada neva tell yuh seh dem seh ruh deh rite oba yah a read nd wah turn yuh off is wen Robbas pic drop nd dem nah seh fi har own fake yuh seh not a mumma bloodclaat this gal weh a live through me nah get the fake feedback like me….unno seriously sick,like how yuh show that receipt if yuh nuh too busy show the one for the Porsche next,dwrcllllll

  9. @ anon8:03 thanks for clearing that up dwl. I was wondering how she get approved for that card with no papers while my ass with good credit get turn down after applying for it…no sah I can’t with these ppl!

  10. Apple can you please please please go get a big hous so u can put all your shoes and bags and flashy clothes in a big closet stop jam up the like apt before it cave in .and unno don’t have ins so u damage other people property down stairs from you

  11. Did she purchase the items online or walk in how in God’s name she get american express plus do the sales associate checking the credibility of the ccard if sales are over 1000$

  12. Met Apple put down one big cooking pon snap chat a 1st mi cornbeef soup the corn beef a swim in a the oil . Icon a go home go drink him bully beef soup

  13. Apple your a Dumb Bitch & selfish ‘ where’s your children future if you drop dead tomorrow ? You can only show off on dunce Donald trump soon fixed all you repeat offenders ass in USA . No house no bonds no 41k.

  14. Fapple like how you can show u receipt and all these things why you caan show you documents old liard you full a fraud,bout you have Amex card mi nuh know weh you fi get good credit from old scammers

  15. Kick out .. Gm met and metters :peluk :peluk I can’t with these rich people let me just stay right here work and save my two cents

  16. Apple can you go purchase a home . Buy Icon some edges while you out shopping . Invest in your future it don’t look bright . you neglecting very important aspects you don’t own anything but the stolen merchandise and CC is not in your name impossible everybody knows your name is not on the card cover up the numbers not the name celebrity’s don’t have anything to hide they would not dare do dem type of tings

  17. i wonder why she don’t show the bank account how much money in the account bitch with your name pon it . No summer home on the beach . Where is the assets bitch . Can we see the stocks and bonds . Savings account with kids name pon it . If Apple has time to post this ugly dress and shoes and belt take the time to show everybody you really about that life . I will wait I’m off today . Even the people dem that work hard and have assets don’t have time to prove anything Apple the rich people buy fake tings all the time so why u have to prove it nah fake

  18. mi did haffi guh re-watch it Apple seh,” mi hear seh dem all a count the sea queens pon it…” :ngakak

    it pronounce sequence muma dwrcllllllll,yuh better mine how yah incriminate yuh self wid these things,the state nd city will get yuh,if yuh claim yuh nah scam where credit card cancer you’re scamming where section 8 and welfare is concern..yuh income above low income Apple,be he careful

  19. Rich nah pay for shit everything is free for them . They have tings that they don’t even know they have cause it gets delivered daily the names alone is a brand Google Beyonce and Google Apple . Apple your net worth is shrimp fried ricr and Dunce .Robbaa and dolly not even waste time discuss unno .

  20. I am convinced fully that Apple is insecure. Nuh just Wah day she deh pon Instagram a talk sey ” dem a talk bout you like everyday and you nah talk bout dem like one day whatever. But you love it. If yuh never over yasso a read up ppl comments yuh wouldn’t run go show receipt. My girl if mi see you inna grocery a use ebt mi a tek a picture ol’ wutless wretch.

  21. mi a dead apple u are a clown!! Trump soon fix u buisness! All I can say is unu links large a farrin

  22. Let me say this, not in defense of anyone, but just to shed some light on the whole “owning a home” situation. Because I know people who are in that position right now. I know people with good credit and good, steady jobs who refuse to buy a house. Not because they can’t ….. but a lot of people hate the fact that they have to live from day to day, worrying about paying their mortgage or losing their homes if something should happen. There are people who believe in just working, saving for a rainy day and just enjoying their lives. I know people have a hard time paying their mortgage EVERY month. Owning a home also comes with the responsibility of everything pertaining to the house. When you rent an apartment all you have to do is worry about utilities and your rent. Now…… unu nuh jump dung mi choat because I get ya’ll point. If dem gonna brag, it should be bout sumting substantial. Not clothes an shoes. How dem see it… least if dem drop offa shape dem can still model in fake shit and fake the hype. Dem can always lease a car. It’s hard to use ppl credit and social to buy a house suh maybe dem stick to what easier. The American Dream for most people is owning a home. I’m one of those people. It’s an investment. Yes. And a very good one too. But everything is not for everybody. The same way you have some people that would never wear name brand clothes or buy an expensive car even if they can afford to. The worst thing that can happen to anyone….. is losing their home when you they’ve worked so hard for their down payment and struggle so hard every month to pay their mortgage. IJS. I get the whole “boasy an nuh live no where” thing. I’m just looking at it how dem look at it. I’ve personally had conversations with ppl who feel this way. GM Metters. Shaniiiiii. Howdy mumm.

  23. Why do we keep giving these dancehall skettels so much attention. I do not give a rats ass about these dancehall lowlives so I will not get up everyday talking about them every second. Are they that important why every minute people talking about them. Whatever clothes, shoes, handbags and carshe os boasting about does not impress me so I do care how she get them as long as I am satisfied with my life and the little that I have that is all that matters. Enough about these degenerates… your life and let them live theirs.

  24. I have had all different types of cards even American Express that is one hard ass card to get and when you pay them you pay in full!!! I am not going to say that card is not real but I do have some questions about that receipt??? When you walk into a store and purchase, correct me if I am wrong Met but when you walk into a store taxes are added and so forth but I have never seen it with online shipment in my life not in that format… It could be the brand I don’t know because I would never pay that much for a dress on my poor govt job but when they start charging taxes for online payments? Deliver, sure but tax??? Met – I need your expertise please. PS I love me some Apple 🙂 although I don’t know her or her hubby I just love their little energy

    1. That card is NOT hard to get.. My bum ass co worker got one., and him still cant fly back a fi him country. Yea I know that was irrelevant but I cant stand him.

      Yea bak to the card.. You can even get one as a new college student.
      The applications be all over the school..ready to ruin the youth dem credit.
      Guys the card is GREEN the basic one.
      Apple is a scammer..You will be surprised what they can do.
      I’m with you PINKS DC Apple is a Trickster.. her proof is really weak. I doubt she used that card 4 purchase.
      But I know this much.. That shit look like it a go bak a shop..weed smoke and all. LOL


  26. Apple, I don’t care how you get your things, but please, please, invest in some gold , rare coins, art or something that’s gonna retain its value. If you are illegally obtaining things, then be sure to purchase small valuables items that can be easily hidden or transported. When I work the government take some of my money before I see a dime, so I don’t care about who wanna do what because the government is pumping me bad. Get it the best way you can and be smart about your shit

  27. Only if this dunce head was actually putting the same Effort into her children, :hoax2 then I would respek her (in my birdman voice) :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak Apple I’ll clap when I’m impressed boo boo kitty. You are a sad excuse for a so called wife, mother, and daughter. You keep saying your clothes, shoes and bags ah mad people, come on girl, get a grip of reality would you…..No one wants your fake dancehall celebrity life because you don’t even like it much. Go and be a better mother to your children and invest in their life and future. Spend less on your body and ugly filler lips (Looking like Cat woman in real life) and more in your children cause from the looks of things you don’t treat your children well are all. Bitch I ain’t blind. Go get a life and come off public assistant baller. Hot gyal nah deh pon welfare. :thumbdown :thumbdown GO get a GED and take up some English lesson cause God knows you don’t speak nor write proper but you know Balmain, Tom Ford, Louboutin, Dsquare, D&G, and the list goes on.. Yet you can’t pronounce or spell them properly without spell check half the time. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak Let me be clear to Apple clan and her groupies before dem start talk fu**y!! nobody wants her pieces because I’m sure majority of her designer pieces whether clothes or shoes aren’t even in her to this day. Which I’m sure this Balmain dress won’t survive another month in her possession as well. Dwfl!!!!

  28. I had a home that I bought all by myself, I had a great job and then I was laid off and with that I lost my house something that I worked so hard to get for my children and I lost it, it was hard to maintain it being a single mother but I did my best, couldn’t call the landlord to come have someone fix something had to call around and make that happen myself… But slowly but surely I will own another home soon.. But I will never spend that much money on clothes just to show off for people and never wear it again, my money will be used for betterment of my children not to show off in front of people that care zero about me… Some people priorities are really off straight up…

    1. Next time when you get to own a house, be careful to get a mortgage that is in your reach, just my advise, I got lay off my job as well, But my unemployment was enough to save my home for the 6mths and I had a cushion in the bank, I am not saying YOU but us black people back in the days where getting mortgage we could NOT afford. You did it before and you can do it again, I agree with you with priorities because I for one with a mortgage not going to waste my money on things that are not tangible. Blessed

  29. Mi dont get it fi all that money she spend on dress and shose and never have outstanding wedding oh my God these birches I just hope they don’t take my money cause I ant calling no bank right to police I go…

  30. Mi dont get it fi all that money she spend on dress and shose and never have outstanding wedding oh my God these bitches I just hope they don’t take my money cause I ant calling no bank right to police I go…

  31. There is going to come time time in this girl life, when she ago wish she did have all the money she squander on clothes, surgery and shoes. When you hubby in a certain line of work. Saving for a rainy day, should be priority number one. Cos this is going to be a tsunami not a rainy day. Lawyer fee, bail money all these things are extremely necessary. Especially when your not making a legit 6 figure income. When these superficial women going to learn

    1. AGREE! I have seen this happened over and over, They know what their husband is doing out in the streets to make that kind of money, however the ignorant females they tend to live in the NOW and don’t save, NOTHING ILLEGAL last forever, One day the bucket bottom going to drop out, hopefully she wont get caught as well with HIM when the time comes. Sad.

  32. It is a possibility someone with good credit took out the card and add her name as a second card holder and she pay the bill.

  33. Apple yuh borrow dat from the store, ah bet three years time yuh nuh have dah dress deh……please. Show us the payment and zero balance on the Amex bill when you pay it. Stop show of….yuh nuh have it like dat.

    1. Exactly and she can all call AMEX and tell dem seh ah she never purchase it and they return the money right away. I know people who have done it. So that dont show nothing.

  34. If you can scam all these designer items I’m looking forward to seeing you treat your children well (which I have yet to see from the looks of your social media accounts) you post everything I don’t see why you wouldn’t post those precious moments with your Lil ones. Lol!! I don’t see you, muchless Boassy dolly doing much with your children, Everything is always about you two worthless piece of shits that call yourselves mothers. One thing I can say is that Kerryann is a different breed from apple. I always see her well invested into her children and their daily life. I like that about her. She’s more of a mother figure than apple any day hands down. All Happle care bout is pieces, bleach, more Fake ass shots, flatter stomach, bigger breast, fillers on her lips,( looking like the real hollywood cat woman) :dp lease cars, dancehall nightlife and taking trips on U.S soul. Its hardly ever about your children and im sure everyone knows that too!! Happle nothing bout you good not even your body cause it look deformed you need your money back from your doctor momma. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

    And another thing, why don’t you sign your mother up at the nearest senior citizens center near you? so she can go and hang out with her pears instead of always being on social media like she some young chicken. she need to know her place as a old woman.This is why people are always disrespecting her because she’s in everything and everywhere minding others business. You should a fix her face instead mi nah lie cause your mother face ugly bad 😀 😀 I showed my daughters her face and they said mommy why she look like the evil witch from snow white :tkp :tkp :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :tkp :tkp :shutup: :shutup: :shutup:

    1. Dwl you comment have me rolling on the floor.I don’t know why she do t buy that handicapped mother of her’s a new face. Har Madda ugly with a difference and loose. One careless bigooman. Christine when big head Bobby a come back? lol you start tekan u age yet. You good with the online thing go pon senior citizens meet.Com and find something to occupy your time. You fave Fava 10 truck run in a it

    2. yuh know pon a real nah seh she fi flood har page wid har son but i have never seen dolly even seh har son deh pon honor roll,got a certificate for attendance,maths,english ntn tuh do wid school is only when she tek him shopping,birthday or a fresh haircut.

  35. They got a credit card making machine and made a card with someones account number and just added her name to the fake card. Her name is on the card for identification purposes but may not be on the actual account. Scammers often add a name to a card that they can obtain a identification card for or someone who already has identification. That method is used for in store person to person transactions because the retailers never call the card company to see if someone is on the account when the transaction has been approved. If the credit card account was flagged and the transaction declined, then the retailer would call, but the person using the fake card would often say ” I’ll pay cash or use another card.” It’s a difficult process to catch them unless they keep using the same credit card number repeatedly.

  36. @Sweets My sentiments exactly. I said it in another post and I’ll say it again…I’m starting to believe Apple and her “husband” must have some type of legitimate source of income. Real estate property #Something Because there is no way in hell Jay would allow her to post the types of videos that she does on IG if they wasn’t walking the straight and narrow #NoWay How the hell can she be so brazen to post up Amex credit cards and Balmain #everything when your lifestyle is shady. I just don’t get it…it’s just not adding up. Someone can put their “husbands” freedom in jeopardy to show off on people that’s don’t give a f**k about you in the first place?

    1. I used to say the same thing.. BUt think about it. The man bleach his face till it pink…Do your man bleach? because mine dont.
      Jay is a bitch. He is a fronting ass nigg. So yea he dont care.
      I dont think he scam like dat.. thats all Apple shit. Its her IG account so if shit hits the fan it will be all on her. This is why he a weak nigga.. He probably cant wait 4 that skettal to go down.

  37. Live ur life Princess apple cuz u will surely have to live with the consequences! Team Apple Win,lose or draw,all when dem lock u up and throw whey di key.I will never support u on any wrong doings and if u get caught the judge fi throw di whole bible book at u.

    I understand the hustle and need to make a change but for someone to go out a dem way bout dem a call authorities pon di girl smh! Go siddung dutty badmind anon and lef wi Princess alone.

  38. And anodda rass ting, a no suh it pronounce. damn duppy bat unnu. ignorant. Spelled Balmain pronounced (Balmaan) stupid dumb ass, next time unnu a brag brag good. Love nuff up inna tings and unnu clueless and dunce like monkey see monkey do! Google/youtube it.


  40. Ye with Amex u can take out upto 5 cards additional to the main holder so Jay must have taken it out and added her to get one but the bill will be together Cus he main card holder that’s only way lol, I have one and I have gave my spouse and nanny a card for the kids and stuff

      1. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :repost: :repost: :sup2: These Negros off de frigging scale. All de dog have Amex

  41. Apple we need to see the kids bedrooms, better bedroom set in your bedroom and a nice bathroom bc that bathroom look corny n distasteful.oh and the family room too.

    Fix up ur place man yuh a hot gyal, hot gyal place fi a sparkle n have good king size bed. How u know to put ur attire together n dont know how to fix up d lilly apt.

    Pleeeeeease apple buy a good bed, i guess u n ur man is the perfect match eeeeeh blind a lead blind.

  42. Apple that’s Keisha card u too lie both Richards. Say thank god fi her as much as u chat her everything you want is her card you go borrow to swipe . Keisha is a damn fool to lend u her card.

  43. I hope Balmain can help you when you reach jail and bawling old worthless gal. I will be here to add my comment when it reach the pinkwall.

  44. Mamacita owning a house in ny was the best financial decision I have ever made,I purchase my house for $400000 three yrs ago and the last house sold on my block was for $605000 last month so check the equity,plus I never get less than $15000 a year in taxes since I bought the house,now you tell me which tenant you know can say the same

    1. Shhhhhh don’t say another word, owning your own home is truly an investment contrary to popular believes of people who maybe cannot afford or their credit is jacked up to get one. There is NO reason in the book for not buying real estate none, Caucasians and how they think is pretty much different from us, Mamacita may have her point in her own little way, however, I have been around long enough to know that HOME OWNERSHIP should be one of our main priorities, who wants to pay into someone else equity? lol. Real estate is one of the oldest trick in the book for investments.

  45. Apple your dress is fake.the original dress do have 12 buttons going up the middle of the dress and your dress got 8.fake stuff do comes with receipt. A man was trying to sell me a Gucci watch one time he had receipt printed with Macy store name on it the exact price for the watch including taxes on the receipt and if mi never 100 percent sure sey it was fake I would get trick by this man but I had bought that same watch already and knew that the green on the original was darker. I swear on my life the man had down to the fake receipt and I know he must trick somebody. So bye apple this is America u can get anything print. And u been wearing fake stuff for years now you and Opal trendsetter, dolly ,sweets ,man passion , ven tech nuff a uno stuff them fake uno know the African man in Manhattan that sell the good fake stuff. Apple if you have money why not buy yuh self a new bedroom set , a good living room set and buy a house your husband is a us citizen so why not purchase something of value if uno , have you show car and bags why u don’t show your children room .you always video everything and post but yet still you can’t post a day at home with your family. A only when uno into hotel uno post pictures.people apple don’t even own a driver’s license. A the ebt card she have with her picture on it a drive with has I’d and travel with. Where is the porche apple ??? Apple where is uno house a Jamaica. Icon travel so often to Jamaica and yet still he has no house in Jamaica but uno rich. A laugh them laugh at jaydon in Jamaica boasy bruck.all of the top man them a Jamaica own either an apartment ,condo, house or mansion.not even a fowl cub apple and jaydon don’t own. Apple your dress is fake get over it. Apple everybody knows you and jaydon name so why u hiding the name on your so Cal credit card all u have to do is hide the credit card number show your name u dumb bitch.u got so much theft and fraud arrest the entire 161 precinct knows your name your name is public records.@mamacita people that have money all of them own house. Why pay rent and it’s a silly conversation to talk about people with money don’t want responsible to care for a house that’s point is lame. You can’t live your life for what if something goes bad you loose down payment life is a gamble you either win ,loose or draw. Apple you are a dunce , stupid, idiot , fool fool ,broke clown

  46. But if it wasn’t for jmg I wouldn’t know these people! And clearly she reads the comments over hear, to even try to prove something. When we die we go into a box, or we are cremated, vanity doesn’t buy happiness, some people only know God when trouble reach them.

  47. Apple I know u reading… Why did you delete all the fliers for the May 7th party inna Queens. I wanted to see who took pics at your party but I couldnt find one flier on your IG. I mean u posted the shit 10 times..bout RELOAD.
    So WEIRD… answers anyone?
    SMH LOL Apple stop responding to shit..cause your story have NUFF hole. Illiterate bird.

  48. It’s an American Express yes, but why not show the actual number(not all at least the last 4 digits) along with the location where It’s being delivered. Anyone can see it was charged but using what card.

  49. Apple this card is brand new.. You’ve been a member since 2016. The card says it.
    U just made this card.. be careful girl. U hot on the gram.

  50. What really have me laughing is the extent she goes just to prove to PEOPLE that she is not wearing fake, This is indeed some serious case of ridiculousness :ngakak My question IS, what does YOU proving to the internet the dress is real has to do with the price of sugar? You want to be a celebrity so much you were willing to show the GREEN american express which is not hard to get once you have good credit, and everyone knows what ever you take on it for that month you have to pay it back in FULL. Let’s be clear, Tell your Scammer and Druggest man say, American Express is tied to a lot of these government entities, They will watch how you spend then ask you for YOUR IRS tax papers to see your income. Kuddos to you if the card is real or fake, AS WHAT MET SAH, LEAVE HER ALONE WITH HER MILLION DOLLAR FROCK After all, WE are not going to be the ones sitting in a Jail cell when the time comes and we know time longer than rope. Us people is why they think they are famous, Her man look like a freaking handy cap with a leash on his neck while SHE a pull him.

  51. apple post some pics of your kids goin to school, n i hope they dont take the school bus ok and i hope they’re goin to a private school .post pics at the park ,at school conference parent meeting going for a walk ,doin homework ,report card and more .. you only post pics when them have on designer clothes lets them be kids n have fun daam fool dont let them be like u when they grow up ,seem like u dont have dinner with them not even movie u take girl get a life the kids come first .u into ur man more than the kids .bet u soon run go buy up some designer stuff for them n post ,kmt me my kids them all over my page have nothing hiding because when the police want peolpe they always find them so y , u my kids thenm come before my 100% get that go have fun with ur kids n let the world see u love vanity more that ur kids bitch



      1. Wait fi me dah Lady, I need a ride, You think we can go look for the LUMANAMY people them to help us with this? MET! Is where you riding to? :ngakak

  53. Mrs. Richards I still like you but that is the price of one item not all those things put together thus you cant fit a size 4 uro 38 dress is usa size 4 so is that really your dress or did you hurry and buy the real deal to show as proof while the fake one is sitting on the sideline? Wow… is it that important to impress people that don’t even care for you all? I don’t know you but I do like the two of your style I really do. Mrs. Richards, that is not the same dress you wore the other night that dress clearly states uro size 38 dress which in us is a size 4 unless you are a size 4 this is not adding up!!! Check saks they sell that brand same dress check the sizes..

    1. I wear a size 4 but guess what? I don’t have NO ass, Yes, Me batty flat and me breast them small so you may have a point here with the body she has, The fake batty alone with her breast NO BUENO If I laugh today I may piss up me self, MET? Come here with the bike please cause your bloggers Tun right up. :ngacir2

  54. I’m sorry Met delete one the last comment please I did not see that it post twice LOL

    Sorry Apple Richards

  55. Apple see if yuh can open back yuh page like yuh did for your wedding nuh private it off man,free it up again dwrcl…unno need fi stop stress out Mrs.Richards by end a year she moving to the upper east side




      1. But what really mek me nearly piss up me self is PINKDC said I “HAVE CRACKED THE CASE ALL!!!” But something can go so really and truly? :ngakak Oh the tangled webs we weave. Speak the truth MET and don’t ride off wid the bike, You think the Lady, I mean the Name brand Lady wear Size 4? In the other post with Her and she husband, someone made a comment and said, She was fat and No way designers make size 12 dress? I have gained the utmost respect for your bloggers, Them is danAGRUS to backfire. :ngakak

        1. :shutup: Pinks bad cause she mek mi run go pan di site and mi neva waa follow it up but from di person go talk bout 8 button ____________________ How dem see Apple button fi count dem :ngakak

  57. Apple seh she dont read here so mi nuh understand WHYYYY she always mek di people dem press some a har button dem (kaw dem gwaan bad fi wedding pictures and still zero). As di people dem seh B she give dem A E I O U and hold on pan di Y. No evidence she give will eva be good enough..some people will have honest questions but nuff a dem is mate or wanna be mates so mi nuh get why she troubled …see smaddy all count di button dem pan di dress..Mi neva did a read but from mi si dat comment mi start pay good attention cause JMG people badda dan a fire

    1. Don’t say a next werrrdddd to this. BING! :ngakak Some of the comments you can tell they are pulling her legs, and she illiterate enough to want to prove to the www. that she is Rich she and her husband. Me gone yahh man, cause this a HISTRRYYYY on JMG.

    2. There are two bloggers who comment on just about every single Apple post. They are SICK and OBSESSED. It’s usually Apple who they come for and never the husband.

      I been paying attention since the wedding and these two talk so much shit. The more they talk the more they prove themselves to be liars. You two are sad and I pity you both. Anything you two write I usually know that the opposite is the truth.

      So really and truly nuh odda man nuh dey a New York? Is there a man shortage or what? Currently he is a married man. Get over it. Pray the prayer of side chicKS and K.I.M if you want a blessed and peaceful life.

      1. :ngakak dem gwaan bad eno man but dem neva want no man unless him want smaddy and di person want him. They sick like that ina di dancehall arena

    1. she fits in it cuz them personalize it for her……why every time ppl a talk bout Apple unno mek reference of ppl weh actual have legit legal money pon top a money

  58. Hi @ Anonymous @11:32 a.m. thank you for your response… It was my 1st home but best believe I learned from it and I will surely own again real soon… I’ve realize that there’s times in our life that we will be up one minute and down the next but what I do know God won’t give me more than I can bare… I’m moving towards the future and most def will be owning a home again… I love looking good like the next person but believe it will be within my mines and for me not to impress anyone… You have a bless day and thank you for the advice…

  59. a neva the bottom the smaddy count,is de line from under the part weh curve in dem count and seh a 8 when it fi be ten…mi a wait fem dem count robbas own next :ngakak

  60. We fail to understand that all these outfits are made in the same factories in China. So, if you pay $60 or $5,000. Someone needs to introduce this BITCH to the term rebranding. Until we start showing our IPO & CASH FLOW STATEMENTS your still a basic bitch. NEXT

  61. Credit card cloning, or “skimming” as it is sometimes called, is a technique whereby someone obtains your credit card details, copies them onto a bogus card and begins using the credit card. While credit card theft itself is not new, the manner in which the information is stolen is still not clear to many people.
    The first step is to recruit an individual willing to participate in the scheme. Bartenders, wait staff, or shop assistants are often prime targets because of the sheer volume of credit cards they handle.
    Recruits are given a pocket-size device with a scanning slot, something that resembles a pager and can be worn on a belt. They are instructed to swipe customers’ credit cards through the device. Because the process takes only a few seconds, it can be done easily and inconspicuously without the customer or another employee noticing.
    Swiping the credit card through the device copies the information held on the magnetic strip into memory. That information can subsequently be copied to a counterfeit card, complete with security holograms.

  62. Why mi decide fi read every comment here and see di person seh apple fi write har thesis on scamming? U know mi a stop read mi gone ooo :tkp

  63. @pink DC I was thinking same dam thing. I find it extremely hard to believe she is a 38 with those Boobs and butt. I use to consistently wear a size 42 and I had no breast, no batty and I was pretty small 5feet 6 weighing 128 lbs with a 26 waist
    I have seen her in person. She have slim arms and all but I still don’t see how she fit a 38 with those appendages

  64. Sorry snapple you can’t break the net with 120 post.I see you trying to get to Kim k stats but you would have to’ve born again mrs richards

  65. all you need to do is check the order number online – if you know her zip code *sips tea*…the order number shows in the video…Guess you wont be able to return this dress…

  66. Apple that’s not even your card, it’s the people things you use order these things FACTS YOU HAVE NO ESTABLISHED CREDIT TO HAVE A GREEN AMEX CARD JAY JUST MARRIED YOU! Omg you disgust me, if only the Feds see this now yuh get F**K BEHAVE YOURSELF MAN… Ah better you spend your own money buy the fake then f**k up people things to buy the real YOU NEED TO STOP!

  67. Apple have nuff money , she always ah look good . Baddest inna dancehall
    Yassss Mrs. Richards stay good

  68. Sad sad sad. Uno terrible. Apple why you proving to these people why F**K THEM. THEM A HATER. Hating ass bitches and niggas. Get a f7cking life

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