1. Who did dis to the girl? Unu wicked bad,dem eyelashes fava paint brush bristles. Ppl be careful wid unu credit card info plz.

  2. Stress a kill u apple!! Thas makeup artist is used to enhance beauty not age u by 15 years damn she looks old!

  3. And me did think seh she look gud inna the picture dem. Muss the camera lighting and the big whole glasses pon har face fool me

  4. Nuff a dem love talk bout people seh dem an Apple fava, but if smaddy ever out of them mind a tell me seh mi fava Apple, mi bruck a big dutty fight and guh all a jail fi that, close up Apple ole and fava ole haaag

  5. Why they just can’t give their friends a chance….NOW tell me why Appllette choose to start sell hair now when Yankee Michelle been doing so.

    Appellete you need to go sell something else. Damm you all are a bunch of 8ers. I swear

  6. Boy she ugly a rass talk bout gucci dis and gucci dat, not ah rass, she have a pic without makeup and she look old and tired now imagine u look the same with makeup smh.

  7. Not di best looking but not the worst! Apple alone go pon Live with no makeup or filters outta all a dem. Age is showing on her but she’s by far not ugly. Typical hard life from Young face is all I see looking at her

  8. Her face looks like opal. Are they using the same plastic surgery doctor. The women who do this to themselves eventually look the same. Especially with the eyebrow shit. Noone is unique anymore

    1. :hammer :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak.

      Me ldid a think a cross between Mr. Spock and madame.

      YardieT! Come get you bruise fruit sah!

  9. this look aged her badly it come off as drag. mi see on live and without the makeup she rea;;y looks her age whoever did dis wicked doah all the bottom lash like it a sweep weh age while the top a add it

  10. Wow You ppl need Jesus. Apple is no where near ugly and you guys know this. Makeup gives you different looks. This girl go live all the time and looks nothing like this. I hate when ppl use the word “jealous” but sorry to say some of you jealous and envious bad. Don’t run come say jealous of what because no one should be so focused on another female that don’t feed YOU. LMBO Let the girl live HER life as she chooses. She’s obviously happy and that’s what y’all upset about? Stop it Thank God I will never be this hateful towards anyone.

  11. I really hate that cereal box ring. It’s ugly Nuh frig. Apple can’t sell mi no AliExpress hair, bruhhhhhh. Afta mi Nuh frightened

  12. I find it funny, how all of a sudden…. She wants to sell hair. Apple low Yankee Michelle she did it first and doing her thing.

    1. Much success to her with this business venture. It’s an honest way to make a living. Why not capitalize pon ar likkle knowings?

  13. I’m confuse yankeee Michelle stop talking to her bestie Simone because she claim Simone following her so what she have to say about apple now not a damn thing cause Michelle wanna fit in with Apple

  14. It’s the Botox injections she must have gotten them a week right before the party. Or if not it’s some treatment she received on her face that did that like fillers or something it didn’t relax as yet. She do look off though!! People need to be honest to her and tell her close the lively your face look like you just had Botox or fillers…Lol. that’s what real friends do.

  15. Nuh care how pretty you be everybody have a bad day. This is not one of her better looks, but dem bleach so much and nuh know Dem haffi use sunscreen everyday. The sun is no joke fi age you. Go get skin treztments at the med spa, drink lots of water and use sunscreen religiously. Sometimes less is more with the makeup.

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