So met every day dis f**k box gal whe change man every two months put up pon ig bout she shape like an 8 😁 dwl dis girl be killing the edit site on her body and hyping up on ig everyday bout she sexy and her body real and bout whe body edit a guh dwl and she dead ass know she be killing the edit on her body looking like a f***n handicap she nu stop suck in her belly which makes her hips look broad and her top looks extra big DAMN IDIOT.. look at these pics people especially the ones in the white dwrcl nikki aka finey we all know u aint sexy to dat inna real like b*tch plz


18 thoughts on “APTITUDE

  1. Badmind is active Nicky yaah win she tek weh u man lmao. Cuz I see shape I’ve seen her in person alot times she looks damn good to me!!!always at her child school an active mom in her child’s life so u just a try bring her down cuz u a fishing fi information cuz u boldly find her #ina ya man fone and him move u up lmao sad u

  2. Finey is such a sweet girl a devoted single mom right now because her baby daddy die. Sender yuh badmind bad a finey still a win a bayyyyyy

  3. I admire that girl she’s a mom and a dad & she’s good at it and her shape is so real I’ve seen videos of her on her ig smh ppl be hating for the simplest thing’s tho leave that child alone girl whatever you’re doing keep doing it you’re killing your heater’s and your and from a man to a woman Tums up on your daddy role a lot of man can’t do what you do !!!!!!???

  4. Sender Your every confusing because you don’t know what to send in on the girl ppl will only pick out the negatives why didn’t you give her credit on how she’s doing a good job with her son ??? You’re so mad at this girl edit why don’t you get the edit and do yours ??? When you’ll can’t find anything to do other than being sad & miserable you torment other people fine or whatever your name is this is the work of a jealous friend because enemies don’t have the time to do this the most they will do is try to out do you ….fake ass bitches but continue doing you girl and keep your son smiling same way he seems happy to me and he’s a bright boy too I see him reading all the time of your Facebook page good job

  5. Girl I love your shape I see her the other day and I was like omg this girl your ass is so big and sexy I was in the same restaurant with her but I couldn’t call to her at the time because I couldn’t believe her shape was real even my boyfriend said Jo that girl is so damn sexy I told him she’s on my fb and he’s like her body looks fake tho but she’s sexy ASF tho

  6. Hey a from she a go school she sexy so from Calabar and she use to play football & do tracks so maybe that’s why she keep that body when we use to go school everybody love that because she lil and neat she don’t edit no pic leave the gal sender you intimidated by fine tho

  7. Handicap…. sender you don’t know when somebody shape good that’s why you say that but nevertheless you have people here who knows her in real life when the Fox can’t get the grape they say it’s not good get off the girl dick jealous motherf***8rs

  8. I smell hate & jealousy keep doing you girl and good job on your job with your kid he’s a fine ass little boy I admire how you push him towards school the sender needed a mother like you a proud one who’s not ashamed to even help her child in front of the world…..sender go get the edit & do it too I see the Stars do it so what if the girl do it you guys get jealous over everything you know the app why not get it too

  9. Kmt if uno no r uno wouldn’t sen in dis kmt she nuh ramp Fi put up vd n vd cah tell lie y yo Neva sen in d gal vd yo too bloodclaat jealous badmind a kill uno gal yo a mad dem

  10. This is the work of Michelle aka michii hottaz on Fb, fihey a kill this girl she is a top notchet theif and envies Nicky for what she has , Nicky shape is as real as life, she has never went to the surgeons knife, michii is mad becuz she is ugly and she is a stick michii a way day ya me see u man post say u couldn’t spell Giuseppe b4 you know him, u dunce bad Michelle, me sorry me and Nicky never close like that cuz me ignorant when me sehe she start post u. Me would a tell had say u is a germs, Michelle member how u get the drop way day ya daat ya, dog mek me talk, shit up shit up… come on michii rmr we all know Nicky can fight, you know she will literally hunt you down and kill u, theif michii ya theif leave classy people alone Mon, obeah worker Michelle, dancehall mix up, well at the same time I would hate Nicky too if I was u, cuz look how u ugly all day dimple summu Seh a wha that rmr ya dog shit, u is a little bad mind cuz wah day u keep u party and Nicky look ten times better than u, me all deh a nail shop and hear ppl a say u a talk bout she make clothes like yours fi out do u, when I saw the picture, I know what shkirt suit cuz I was thinking of getting one my self so.to my self I was like Michelle is a poison, to be honest I admire Nicky I always like her install post and she wear nice things, it even came to my senses one day after scrolling that apprenty u we’re wearing Nicky green pumps but after a while I was like maybe you have one but I realise nicky don’t wear it back, so that simply means live on Nicky closet, iv even see u post pics and tag tg so that simply means u always deh a the gyal yard, u a evil from day one, from u use to come at the same nails shop i use to go I shence it. Shitty shitty pussy doh make me send in a story bout that, met just talk to har b4 me me haffi send had in lil bad mind

  11. The way how nicki wicked me believe she sit down and write all these comments cause SHE DONT HAVE ANY FRENS INNA REAL LIFE!! Cause nobody don’t really have anything Gud to say abt this child…… Hssssst she can’t even keep a fren too long

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