Yute inna black name ziggy a the page itself mi waan yuh get fi c de comments dis yute a don fi jones town not nuh Annette garden sum a seh a gud yute de rest a seh through him a don wid police family thenpolice dem a gwaan like him nuffi dead cuz a nuff him kill


  1. From before mi leave jungle ziggy a kill people and mi left Jamaica 15 years now, and a jungle aka Arnette Gardens him live not jones town. Saw him ata a football match last March, as surprised he was still living..guess him time just come

  2. Well every body kno z iggy is no saint. Him get dip from canada and did a mash up the place before him leave and come back and a run a certain part.I have no idea why dem kill him cause mi hear seh him did a cool.but ziggy have a lot of man that wanted him head before him go a Canada. U cant be a thug and think u untsouchable man still want u after all these yrs

  3. if it’s the same man that was on the news last night, the police made it very clear that he was involved in badness, so how are they lying?

  4. When you a DON and kill people, anything a anything. One less Criminal off the streets. I have no sympathy for people like these. KMT.

  5. Zigga a good youth people nuh fallow nobody everybody have bad ways but gud cover him bad gone but not forgotten real youth man is no don just did a try put di place in a one n youth n youth look up to him suck uno mother n cum off di man name him dead n gone

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