AMERICAN rapper Spliff Star, who, along with Busta Rhymes, flew into the island this week to support jailed deejay Vybz Kartel, expressed disappointment that local artistes are not coming to court in support of their beleaguered colleague.

Spliff Star, who is of Trinidadian descent and appeared on Busta Rhymes’ album The Coming, shared his observation with the Jamaica Observer yesterday.

“Other artistes in Jamaica should come and support him. I can’t believe it. All Jamaican artistes should have stood up right here. Every artiste should have been right here,” said Spliff Star, 38, whose given name is William Lewis.

“I don’t like that. Ask yourself, if you were in that position wouldn’t you want the support?” said Star, who, with Rhymes, was in the Number Two courtroom of the Home Circuit Court in downtown Kingston for a second day.

Star and Rhymes left the courthouse with Vybz Kartel’s grandmother, Valda Palmer, sister Naydia Palmer and a cousin Chrisann McPherson. They were enveloped by a throng of supporters and media personnel on

King Street.

Rhymes hugged and chatted with Kartel’s relatives while supporters of the embattled DJ rallied

around them.

Rhymes (given name Trevor Smith Jr) has Jamaican roots and has previously collaborated with Kartel.

While unwilling to speak about the case, he was in the island to show his support.

“Me jus’ waan support the family of Kartel and support everything dat is right,” he said in Jamaican dialect.

Kartel, whose real name is Adidja Palmer; Shawn Campbell, popularly known as Shawn Storm; Shane Williams; Andre St John; and Kahira Jones have been on trial since November 18 over allegations that they beat Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams to death at the entertainer’s Havendale, St Andrew home, on August 16, 2011 over the disappearance of two illegal guns.

Meanwhile, presiding judge Justice Lennox Campbell in his second day of summation told jurors yesterday that this would be their last weekend on the trial. He indicated he would turn the case over for deliberation next week.

Lawyers seemed uneasy with aspects of Campbell’s summation. His use of the word “scheme”, in describing the defence of conspiracy, seemed to have ruffled the attorneys. An attorney was observed mouthing the word “scheme” in surprise.

The justice also apologised to the jurors for misquoting, on Thursday, the evidence during his summation. But following that correction, Jones’s attorney, Pierre Rogers, had to correct him about misquoting the main witness’s evidence regarding the time he testified he had reached Havendale with Williams.

Campbell again raised eyebrows among defence counsels when he said of the main witness: “The person who is dead is his friend.” The jurors are to determine whether Williams is in fact dead.

Moments later, Campbell told the jurors that the main witness had testified that he was scared.

“Ladies and gentlemen, these are not soft guys. These are men who locked guns. These are men who you wouldn’t think scare easily. Their knees wouldn’t buckle easily. What he’s telling you is that they were scared of the situation they were in,” Campbell said.

Campbell will continue his summation on Monday.


  1. Wen kartel did deh a road him don’t deal wid di res a artis dem an him make it clear seh him nuh waa nuh fren from dem, suh why shud dem rally fi him? Kmft meck dem 2 lunatic deh gwaan tink kartel a nice smaddy loll

  2. Busta should ask himself why aren’t the gaza artiste like gaza kim, merital family, popcaan, tommylee, jah vinci, black ryno, deva brat, etc there to support the man they say is responsible for their success….I sure know him never expect fi see bounty, movado and beenie. Man go around creating enemies then want to get their support, and BTW busta and movado signed to the same cash money label why him never ask movado to come along with him. This trial being going on for 3 months and not one time kartel mumma show her self fi support him, Busta tek weh yu self!!

  3. lol didnt know busta and the clown circus was so DUMB. make me start to wonder if he thinks him can talk all this crap becacause dem think jamaica and jamaicans dat foo fool…mi a feel offended now. I REALLY DIDNT THINK THE FLIPMODE CREW WAS THAT DUMB over the years…

  4. Wat ah way Kartel tun Busta and him pet innah him sheep dem too…no artist innah JA wah associate demself wid a man weh turn demself from God, plus all ah dem now di truth , furda more Kartel himself diss nuff ah dem so y dem woulda support him…How Busta all up innah di mix and nuh know wah gwan, him nuh realize dem ah laff offa him, Kartel ah mek ah fool outtah and doh even see it….poor him

  5. Busta yah eeeeidiot
    an de likkle fassy one deh

    do yu homework before yu chat

    big ship support him, gi him ah bag ah money, he laugh after dem an write song an disrespek dem

    so dem sing “naah fren again”

    beenie man seh “Gaza Me Seh”
    then write the song “Father God Help Them”

    and de list goes on…
    bout support.. everybady know him guilty
    big embarrassment.. kmt

  6. Like someone said before, Buju is guilty as charge but majority of us still supported him regardless….Spliff arent there issues on ur island in Trinidad, since u feel u have a voice, go and try and talk to ur parliament in treating Jamaicans with respect

    1. Remember all big concert keep fi Buju..all di artiste dem a do a seh free kartel choo one side a dem mouth because dem know how disgusting he is

      1. Galatians 6:9 – And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.

        1. Spliff Tail need to get several lives …..I do not know why they always put down Jamaicans one way and try to get a come up of our back…..Busta Lies hungry he need to go and do some Godly work… artist in Jamaica should not support Kartel because he was always acting as if he and he alone put dance hall music on the map….when he was just an island talent…he did not leave the island for several years and decide to put out his demonic music twice a day to lead the young ppl a stray ……..nuh matter if dem free WORL LOSS…his career is finished because nuh man nah go wuk wid nuh killa cause dem sure already know how him tan and now dem have proof …..Kartel seek he first the kingdom of God and all things will be added on to you ….if not you will perish

          1. and some a di selector dem…how kartel fi be dancehall and him neva mek dancehall? Dancehall is what kartel came and saw he did not invent it

      2. Met the artist dem just a sey free worl boss fi appeal to Kartel fan base. It’s more of a career opportunity, nothing else.

  7. This nobody ass dude that I is unrecognizable need to go back to obscurity. When was the last time he was interviewed anywhere? Dude looking some relevance and it’s sad when you leave US to hop on a Jamaican bandwagon.
    They sound daft as hell. If Kartel has no support from anyone else in the Jamaican entertainment fraternity, what does that tell you jackass?
    Saying they should support Kartel is the equivalent of telling the black community to support Zimmerman.
    Busta gorilla looking ass need to accept that he’s a has been and will never resurrect his career.

  8. busta too nuff!!! i leave him to time,cause kartel is noo damn good, i want busta ask him big fren, where him get the idea of short boss? :travel

  9. ah next thing busta,ask your big fren,if him member when him did send some of his boys to kill one of gaza member, the gaza member was in the club n him boys tell the youth to walk downstairs with gun by youth side,dem open up the trunk of a car, thats when the youth did know say him ah go dead,so him did what him affi do but is some police men was across the street safe him, met is more to this story here,kartel is ah wicked!!!!

  10. U see da one busta weh fava roast pig too damn nuff in business weh don’t concern him too fukin brite wid it kmft

  11. Hi busta those artiste that you spoke about they have real family real job anf business to attended to.. they send their support and i am sure he got it. When buju got lock up was he their.. did kartel even contributed to do a pay perview.. for buju’s concert? Noooooo kartel is a judas and loyal ppl dont have time to go sit in no court house and make money pass them by for a judas only loyal ppl get those privileged deh

    1. no he didnt even say a word towards it …i never hear him se free buju so he is getting what he paid for

  12. Excatly met. So if the artiste them do a interbiew or write on social media say “free kartel” he should be greatful.. you know what is busta problem? Dj Khalid sign mavado so nothing not going on for busta so him a look fi sign kartel, u can see say busta fake.. all along him never woulda speak proper patwa but all of a sudden him a speak it clear him fake bad

  13. Wey Obara meji dey?? Come een come say your piece pon da subject matter ya. You a sharpshooter, so come fire some bullets pon da Bloodcleet Busta Bullshit ting ya. Obara meji, where are you ???

  14. Mi nah look pan them, we Jamaicans are very supportive of our ppl, we back them to the last drop, but dissa one will not get our support, him did the wrong thing, when him decide to diss THE MOST HIGH GOD, JAH is my God, a fool fi just tek weh them self, Busta and the midget included, just disappear.

  15. So busta sign Kartel cause him want to have a presence a Jamaica… he hope to recoup di money weh him spen when Kartel free…………di sad ting is that Kartel nah go free him neva eva a go be loyal ….and well Busta haffi come talk about 6 mnths after how Kartel Diss him….where is …..di next bwoy deh Corey Todd ? Busta it betta yu go sign Pan head ..and go si if u can help di rasta ppl dem pon di Pinnacle

  16. Kartel a nuh wan nice bwoy…..even if som artis guh gi dem support….if it happens dat him free-up, him same one a guh tun roun diss dem seh dem a hop pon him wagon fi a hype, unu nuh si weh him duh Beenie?

  17. Roast pig busta and him trini fren a look a comeback….nuff a di artiste dem weh a come out and a seh free kartel dem nuh mean it ,di amount a shit weh kartel do..from dem 2 idiot deh realize seh a dem alone deh a court a support kartel dem should a jus tek weh demself same time pon di next flight out…dem look like a set a idiot..

  18. Whilst @ it did they extend themselves to the victims’ relatives? Goons whose careers are DEAD (pun intended).

  19. Busta do a song with niki minaj in a patoi, I think I last year. Kartel, Nero, Ti, and a few others are on the remix track. Twerk it is di name a di song, but kartel part BADDDDD. so busta want kartel come out so dem can make a some dollaz affa it.

  20. lets be transparent here when it cimes to music unless its glorifying God It not Godly so to speak, so the comment or comments that his music is un Godly may be tru yes however the vast majority of secular music is un Godly, don’t care how nice the wording is from it promotes things that are sin its unGodly . kartel is clearly not the only one with demonic music as the bible says if somthings not of God then. its of evil With that said it people do bad thi gs all the time and repent. im not sure if kartel has so I don’t want to judge but from what I see its the blatant lack of remourse that is disturbing in kartel situation.It is clear Busta has buisness on his mind and who knows if he really cares about supporting kartel his agenda is that he probally wants him out to sign him just like a previous metter said

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