Yeppie mi luv u n err thing but right now mi worried fi u mi wha u move STAT!!!!!!

  2. I live in ATL and honestly? let me say this, maybe this is just in the dancehall rae rae world cause I have been out and I am not talking about dancehall clubs, The people here dress better than these people. Bwoy sah look pon the big dutty green pants wid the brown jacket? like what the F is that? and it puzzle me cause most of them people that you see in ATL dancehall migrate from NY and now living here. Me just lost for words

    1. Ah true Anon ah tell…the southern girls down here can dress dey asses off summen serious!!!!! fidem style tun way up up..

    1. No don’t say that because that lot up top ain’t studying shiiiite dead ass wrong that big ppl caa put dem selves together better.

      1. Chuetty, fe yuh mout lite baaaaaad!!:hammer :hammer :hammer…ya’ll gots to take it easy on my town folks now :tkp :tkp :tkp

      2. Chuetty, there are many different degrees that apply to dancehall that can be studied; for example, there are degrees in criminology, sexology, teefology, pharmacueticology*yea that one*, scamminology, fraudology and the list goes on…

  3. One other thing, all these old looking people with their faces look like when you put meat in a zip lock bag need to give the night drew a brake, I am not saying old people cannot have fun enuh, but if you go have dance and call it simple elegant and have people who look like 80yrs old a come a you dance, please to stop use the likes of “simply elegant” and start use “A night call playing Bingo” Look on the man with the mic? That man look like Him have bout 30 grand kids, unuh need to stop now man, NO YOUNG PEOPLE NOT GOING TO ATL DANCEHALL, Dem a go a different party.

      1. *teeeeeeaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrssssssss* cyaah stop cry/laugh…Yawdy, go easy huh man..doe mek it look suh bad….

        1. :ngakak. Yeppy him all luk more pon di lean side at dat :ngakak Bout ah fling hand pon man shoulda an ah point finga eena camera like him ah star bwoy :ngakak

          1. Him ah look ah pint inna camera like the Uncle Sam poster weh seh “I want you” :hammer ..unu well turble man LOL!!

  4. Mi see seh unu a entaina if unu can dress fling up some a unu clothes out a unu closet pon pink wall cause unu can’t show unu face up deh cause unu a internet trouble meka weh need company is not everybody young go a dance hall is not everybody old people wear weh dem ave & can afford suh if unu Nuh Loik it chatin bout it ya suh nay stop nuttin a thousand a pple weh dress good unu put up ya & maybe tha 1 night deh sumtin needed fi add r tek weh unu Nuh ave nuttin fi duh than put dem up ya most a unu weh a do it a attack unu matey dem or people weh unu angry Fah fi wah I wouldn’t kno but the slogan seh simple elegant it mean the sender ago like weh everybody wear jamaica all ova a mix multitude Ina everyting but a ya suh name weh it name suh unu bring come & unu muss a nay shit fi do go get a job.. Because the man belly big him nuffi go party because di next man old him fi tan a him yaad who do nursing know seh di older you get u must try to stay physically fit so OVER 40 unu go out & enjoy unu self wear weh unu have & don’t go tief shit me in a mi early 30s & mi a party till god call mi, unu need fi go duh senting positive wid unu self than a watch people

    1. Same thing dem a talk bout, use yuh punctuation. Yuh a cuss people and cannot write a decent sentence…

    2. Den if bigs tings ah gwaan inna fi yuh life, except eena di grammar area weh Babygirl already point out, den ah weh yuh ah duh oba yah? Metty sen yuh telegram wid personal invitation??? Bout nursing, go ah dance an physically fit blah blah foolishness. It sad seh yuh ah get ah severe ulcer oba di comments….but nuh worry too much cah ah nuh like we ah guh tek back nuh chat :cool

    3. You is the promoter for this party don’t it? You is one piece a duncebat, I had to read your paragraph bout 5 times just to understand what you saying because you neeba use no punctuation. This party should not be called simple elegant because all a unuh waaah dash way. I know you in the pictures as well a baaaaaaaa unuh old and tuff like.

  5. Picture 1-3-6 all don’t look right & dem clothes wah dash weh di rest a woman dem have big belly but dem comfortable suh leave dem @ anon the jacket shouldn’t wear wid the pants dem face look tuff & greasy picture 6 look like she a go sabbath church look like a granny bad.. Unu know seh a glama wayne Ina di blue shirt unu leave him mek him enjoy himself dem seh bugsy bam the selecta @the right in a di bottom pic wid di bow tie him a di woman in a pic 6 deh Ina di ramping shack but she Nuh look suh right.. Who kno if a true & weh she name..pic 6

  6. she and the nex girl in pic 7 are besties chin and batty. the girl in pic 7 name Bridgette the same one weh show har naked breasts dem a one recent dance. straight nastiness and love attention bad. bridgette take that middle finger and stick it where no man want to dicck it.

  7. I think everyone who always have something negative to say because someone dress different has character issues. It seems unuh criticize and laugh afta people fi mek unuh self look and feel gud…high self esteem is not gained by tearing someone else down.. Bad and good dressing deh everywhere including NY and JA so unuh need fi go is dung somewey and find sumting constructive fi do

  8. Neisha Worrydem grant an dianfluffy diva an peaches Leprecaun tap put up d ppl dem pon gropie a waan dem know fi sure seh a uunuuoo fi dem beat out uunnuuoo bloodclaat wooiiieee leprecaun anuh mi call u suh mi hear seh a stush gih u dat name i r weakkkk it fit u dooaah Neisha y dnt u guh luk fi d gal weh tek way u bby daddy an a breed fi him all u fluffydiva kmrt man dun pon u an u leprecaun tap show d teifing tings an d swippa tjngs dem pon IG an guh spend u money u an neisha nuh hear seh pickney naah hold man again look how lon dah song busss wooiiiee

  9. Last picture man inna de miggle look like Martin Luther King…lol
    ATL need fi rebirth or deport these tan bad aliens.

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