Met can you kindly inform the public to avoid the environs of tivoli,spanish town road area.The Residents are up in arms about a teen’s killing.


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  1. How police fi wake up ppl pickney outta dem bed an kill dem an seh a mistaken identity???…if u feel him a gunman an yuh ketch him a sleep why not cuff him an take him in???.was he on a wanted list???was he a wanted gunman??P.S.mi a ask b4 mi jump to conclusion..tivoli ppl unno ansa mi plz

  2. look inna yuh indox deh,most of these teens not so innocent…yes some police wicked but these teensssssssssss

    1. yuh see the teen in de video wid the big gun a run through wid other behind him yet a next man pon de front a call out de police dem,him nuh see the yute weh a buss shot but him see the police weh a try shield him and him friend them head back.

      School is not the problem cuz after them leave school they can’t get no kind of job because of them damn address or how dem look,the government need fi duh something bout the jobs,open up some jobs fi the mutes dem,work center,build some more buildings ..something has to give cause nuff a dem is not dunce from 8 subjects to who have bachelors,master etc a dem a buss gun tuh cuz dem nah get the right buss fi feed themselves and family.

      Come on now man look pon the little yutes dem just a run through like a nothing and them mek up them mind seh anything a anything

      1. Simplicity a lot of these young boys don’t want to work, the problem stems from absentee fathers in the home to guide these boys from the vicious cycle of crime and violence.

  3. Mi see smaddy pon mi fb dis morning write seh dem a pray fi Tivoli and fi her friend’s family and mi did a wonda if war dung deh. Mi a go link har see weh mi can find out.

  4. Met I’m worried because that police the guy cussing in the video is my brother. Lord have mercy.

    1. If he didn’t have that camera phone in his hand,I think the outcome would be different.

      Cause Jamaican police don’t like when yuh talk back at them as if fi dem say more than yours and dem fi chat tuh yuh any kind a way and yuh must suck it up,no respect nuff a dem don’t have all because them have on a damn uniform wid a license to kill weapon.

    2. How do you know it is your brother and when the police face was never clearly visible? You must have some form of bionic eyes.

  5. by night we hear say tivoli Neva have no guns and is pure innocent dead. Show dem this video with the one a run wid the assault rifle and dem ago say a one broom. Wonda how much dah inquiry and out come ago cost?

    Idgaf! Dem couldn’t protest without risking people life?

  6. @OC u is a f***g dick head…like really??? not everyone who lives in the ghetto or come from the ghetto is the same…u kno what mi naw waste mi phone ink pon sinting like u…..Not today Satan not today :travel :travel

    1. not everyone who lives in the ghetto or come from the ghetto is the same.

      So what traits do you have that separates you from the other lowlife ghetto hood rats? I agree with @OC, that place need to be blown to bits. Hopefully, you will not be home when the bomb is released. Nothing good comes from the ghetto….you of all people should know that!

      1. And what about the babies and little children who don’t have a choice where there parents live. Before you say evil things you better hope when you’re driving on the road you dont meet into a fatal accident. Or when you go sleep tonight that you wake up in the morning.

  7. I forgot it’s JLP time, the party that represents criminals, cruffs, wannabe bad-men and straight riff-raff…. So be prepared for a bunch of eruptions from this and other JLP garrisons, because bad man antics is their appeal to their constituents.
    @Phantom Phoneix
    Hahahahahahaha… Yeah they’re going to say it’s a broom all even when the cops recover it and show them. Jamaicans are too indiscriminate be when it comes to money and they well revere any sadistic figure, who can grant them a box food every now and then… In order for the Jamaican info structure to grow and stimulate more foreign investment we have to get rid of the don worshipping culture that’s plaguing Jamaica. All this unnecessary crime is the reason why people don’t want to invest into structures that would generate more jobs for the youth.

  8. Met that his name is tevin and me nah swear fi nobody, but is not a likke youth weh mix up in a nthg. A work him actually a come from when them kick off him door and shoot him 9 time in a him sleep. Him madda live a foreign and him daddy deh England. Him nuh short a nthg and him a nuh criminal! Den kill the youth and now a seh a mistaken identity. NINE SHOT! THEN WAYCH HIM BLEED TO DEATH!

    1. I dont know what to say or how I would feel but God nah sleep. They love ambushing people in Jamaica more time mi wonder if dem run in wid warrant

  9. I agree with @Simplicity 2:55 pm they should do better to have something for our young adults after them live high school if college they don’t pursue, if they had some sort of work, we probably wouldn’t have so much crime going around and plaguing the country… The reason for so much crime is 1 some don’t want to work and want it the easy way and 2 some want to work but can’t get work so they go the easy right with the other criminals that were breed for criminality… I do not condone the death of a whole community because of their address it’s not the innocent people there for just want to their life in peace that are shooting and running havoc in the community… The police started something and now the young youth of the community is upset… Regardless if he was or wasn’t a gun man they shouldn’t of killed the man while he sleep, I didn’t know in Jamaica police and bust into someone’s place late night or early morning and just kill them like that… Then what law or standards are we holding the police to uphold… They are wrong and then say he was mistaken identity no sah… You shut and asked questions later that shouldn’t be the answer… They could of took him to jail, he didn’t pose a threat so why shoot him 9 times that’s just wrong and they need to be help accountable look what has been started by the account of the police mistaken identity…

    1. Dem do it all the time and the worst thing is that there is no compensation. If dem did a run in wid warrant so many innocent people wouldnt die but dem need fi come off the road with the shooting that is not going to solve anything more dan kill innocent people

  10. why not put these boys to work? God knows Jamaica is blessed with fertile land, we nah live inna desert. Make these yout go and plant and produce and feed the nation. Save the money we currently waste on imported crap food and invest in the tools needed to farm.

    Also, what about solar power? Jamaica have nuff sunshine don’t? So why the eff none of these wukless politrickcian don’t get some solar industry popping off in Jam?

    It’s really not rocket science.

  11. There’s another one where a group o them confronting police and throwing stones. I not saying a word because if you call for peace the Tivoli massive waa string u up.

    1. They dont know better. Ah how Seaga set dem fi think , this topic is here no name nuh call and dem a come email me bout family of deceased asking for blog about deceased to be removed..Fi dem level a daft cant record. Mi stop ansa dem all pan facebook because is like dem blind and cant read only write

      1. Smh. Then after annuh the deceased u showing. Them waa nyam me on fb, because me say there must be a more peaceful solution – March go up Jamaica House/MP Office/Commisioner. What solution going to come from taking on the police? You coulda enquire til you purple, the people them done dead. Them reply is them willing fi dead for what them believe in. So me .

      2. :ngakak :ngakak Tivoli fi bun dung. Unu could a VEX till all dog onu start chaw! That shit is a blight to a potential business hub where jobs can exist.

        From parade clear west need to be bombed out. All the crosses hospital can go too. But nasty, dutty, evil infested Tivoli first.

        Tivoli gardens condemn from de 70s and will remain condemn! Problem is the infestation of the resident evil dem when it get bun out…Pandora box matters would spread can cross the island disguise as fellow citizens and neighbors.

        Tivoli gardens people onu need to know the rest of Jamaica hate onu like rat hate posion :travel

        Arnett gardens ya’ll too. Share an share alike :kiss

  12. @anon 5:04 who of all people should kno what??? A couldn’t me u talking my dear …u kno mi? U kno ntn bout mi? When u coming fi mi u betta come damn good. As mi seh not everybody living or coming from the ghetto is the damn same mi kno lots a ppl who born in the ghetto an come out to be something in life ….so when u an di odda rat bat one up top a dig grave unuh betta dig enough to Unuh an Unuh families.

  13. @met dutty bitch met no you just seh no space no deh a jail fi them, now you talking bout god nah sleep and warrant…

    1. You passed your mother , your grandmother, your sister your whole family and come call me bitch and we not related? Shame on you :nohope . Jamaica jail dont have space fi a walk and lock up everybody and they need warrants to enter someone’s home why are you upset again? I forgot you called me bitch and left so many people out :kiss

      1. Met correct mi if I am wrong, but isn’t Jamaica a democracy? Democracy that means literally-rule by the people? People wasn’t it five months ago unu tolled to the polls and vote, but one unu orange and green and gwan wid bare sinting. How is that working for you, huh? How comes wen it’s election time or just before then you people don’t DEMAND certain things from the Government? Demand things like a Police can’t enter any private residence without proper warrants, demand changes to the school system, lower school fees, etc. You people have the power and do nothing with it, unu mek the men in suits use you, election done and no change. Exercise unu right, you people have the power, fight the corrupt power structures. Unless more innocent ghetto yutes are going to be killed, and there will be nothing done. Remember, wen dem kill Spragga Benz son, and he took them to court and nothing happened? Now imagine the average parent without fame or money?

        1. They killed over 70, dash di body dem ina boxes ina cemetery without telling their families…………how many ghetto youths more fi dead? That is not the way. They do not care if dem wipe out the whole a tivoli nothing will come from it. People haffi press fi change all when no one fi dem dead/ show up a court and testify dem kinda tings deh. Killing does nothing because they dont care how many die

          1. you’re right MET if the 2010 massacre proved anything is that the residents cannot tek on the forces, they are outnumbered and outgunned, and don’t have the luxury of being protected by the Govt for their wrong doings.Where is Andrew in all this, did he make a statement did he visit on of the JLP’s most loyal stronghold, what has he done to quell the unrest? they need to do as you said, press charge and follow up on it,

    2. Me rass! JPS no cut unnu power? All wifi dem fi cut and onu get military lock dung fi the weekend.

      Poor Met unnu have strength fah? Nah no gun ova cemetery fi go dig up or bury back :nerd

      1. I notice they like to come on here and twist things and lie..I know where that is coming from and it going to fix. But if dem eva come back and mek mi mad head tek me and I ansa dem a guh hate mi ten million more time

        1. Family of the deceased displaying anger :hammer

          Them lucky them can bus gun while hungry. Look pon Turkey how the people behaving rational while confronting military

  14. pressure is on the police commissioner and the insecurity minister so they have to put on a show like they’re actually doing something to combat crime, so to play politics they go into Tivoli supposedly for someone and end up killing the innocent, ALL A SHAM, why didn’t they run in a CLARENDON which is so writhing with high crime and murder? ,,,,,,, instead its Tivoli ,,,,,,, why?

  15. One ting doe when shat use to did a fiya when Mi dung deh. Mi naw lie bullet nave nuh yiy so Mi neva outta door.. especially wid nuh damn phone a video at least dem fat phone deh couldn’t video still lol…. Mi memba one day Mi deh a my gate wid my fren dem an, Mi bredren deh cross di street a fi him yard wid few frens tuh, an gun shat stawt fiya Mi say! Mi an my friends run een a my yawd… Mi bloodclawt fi only see Mi said bredren a beat dung di grill fi come een… dwpcl him tun eediot an run lef him gate weh open an come a my yawd fi Mi let him een. Mi say all days afta di shooting Mi still a laugh…. two guys had died that day too very sad…

  16. Jamaican police need fi get some gun shot more often. Dem function with impunity and they don’t respect the lives of the citizens. I am not one to condone violence; however, the government is not attempting to reign in the the police officers whom they have given the licenses to kill indiscriminately and that is very grieving to me…

    I am not posturing as if there are no criminal elements within the mid, but police caan just a killa whomever and nothing nah come out of it! Bark too gun shot under them so dem can start respecting people…

    1. Lali gun shot not going to change a thing dere and a nuh now dem a shoot di police. They need to rid the area of the bad apples because when dudus did lef dem dere all a di badman dem lef and a di likkle fryers and innocents dead ina everything. Police nah go back from dem all dem a go do a kill dem more so u a set dem up fi dead

        1. People have to be proactive and they are not…it ina we culture not to push protests not to try to change laws…Nuff a dem deh deh and wouldnt testify. Nuff police going to prison now in Jamaica is not like the U.S where dem convict less than 1% of the police..so there is always a way.

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