1. Stop worry u self the baby soon reach 6 months so u can go work, jus bear up… caz as u quint the baby turn one and a run up an down… a so most babyfather stay if the baby can stay round them, they dont want to give them nothing. So the baby nah go stay small forever, and u we soon heal up so just humble and leave it to god.

  2. In order to fix a problem, you have to deal with the root of the problem.

    In the last paragraph u wrote..only someone who has survived a narcissist will understand it. Playing the victim card, it’s what they do with such skill. Lots of people throw around the word narcissist but few understand the depths of it. It’s a lot deeper than people being full of themselves, trust me.

    If he really is one, try know ur not dealing with anything normal. Their line of thinking defies logic, but’s it how they are. These people do nothing but leave a trail of destruction in the lives of people who don’t know what they are up against.

    But there is hope. There are great resources avail online to help you understand what is going on and what you can do to help urself. Bcuz if you follow a narcissist the time they finish with you, you won’t know who you are anymore.

    There are countless videos(if you don’t want to read)breaking down narcissism. I personally like Dr. Ramani and Dr. Les Carter. Maybe by watching you can educate urself to determine if you are really dealing with one and what to expect.

    Gaslighting, Invalidating, Love Bombing, Discarding, Future faking and more.
    Watch, listen, learn.

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