1. You need to love yourself,ask a friend to stay with them,you’re working,then u can try save and rent a little place.U need to leave that man don’t want u,leave before him kill u

  2. He is showing you that he doesn’t want you. When people shows you who you are believe them. You said you’re working, get a cheap place to rent. It might not be what you’re use to but believe me, it will be better than what you’re going through because you’ll have peace.

  3. He didn’t change because of a new vehicle. He was always abusive, remember? It’s been 10 years at some point earlier you must have known with the treatment he’ll one day put you out. Why didn’t you start making preparations at least 5 years ago to escape? I am sorry I can’t be too sympathetic with you.

  4. Sweet heart leave the kids and find someone to stay with until u can rent a place if u don’t walk away this man will kill u…don’t look on what u both built together the man want u out so leave peacefully

  5. When man show oonu say them nuh want oonu, oonu need fi stop try hang on tooth and nail. Him nuh want u. Him know u need him and can’t do better so him a give u his ass to kiss. Really and truly as a woman wid daughters u nah set no example cuz u sit there taking abuse and telling your kid shit bout will be a while. You busy a try mek a man jealous when the man don’t want u. When oonu go learn? Di man dem a kill oonu claat cah dem hate oonu. A man dem waah lie down wid and some woman head jus thick suh and nah get the message. Get out. Him nuh want u in his place. Go do sumn wid uself bout u a try mek man jealous when u know u nuh have place fi sleep. Kmt.

  6. A your fault , you act like u wah leave, but u love d abuse , stop using the kids fi excuse . A d fuck .

  7. That why me say woman be independent for most love you self more and see there have two daughter cnt keep he abuse n make excuse say because you kids move out will find way r even get help hate hearing this

  8. Foremost see me different type a b me nuh put no man over my happiness if me see like he want disrespect me run him me na did dun Inna nth wah me happy we Inna no relationship with no man wise up wan love you frist

  9. That man does not want you. Wet up di bed and wet up your clothes? Miss get out of the man place. Go kotch with someone for a while then rent a little room for yourself. Save up your money. Leave that man alone, him don’t want you. Stop play wifey to single men!!!

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