0 thoughts on “BAD PEOPLE

  1. Mi no c di sense people a peel them head a hair off a dem add hair mi mussy fool fool but mi no c weh it looks good. Dem also peel dem eyebrow off a draw di pencil gone a yonder.

  2. Omg, ven plzzzzz mi a beg yuh fi grow back yuh hair, that shit is so f***king ugly plz put on a wig or something, I don’t know who tell yuh say dis look good, yuh guh Jamaica wid it, yuh come back up wid it, and yuh still have it in, it nuh look good, yuh look like predator wid yuh big round head. Frost mus hate yuh all when u and him in bed, all him can see is this big round shine head, cho rass man.

  3. Me see Yankee Michelle put up har pic sey bout har baby fadda have hood taste in women. Is which one ah de baby daddy dem she ah talk. Spike or Tedge?

  4. Alright me confused. Yankee michelle and spike lef? Think them was together still or them just have a good relationship. Now me see she and Damion Thomas.

  5. Unnu ago dead cause this girl not going nowhere nothing unnu say don’t register in tht bicth head so u hating ass bitch jus wasting precious time

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