met did u hear that bag white send us marshals to the house him buy for his baby mother because mi hear seh di new man live in deh wid har now them go pick him up the other morning


  1. He didn’t buy shit bagwhite is a Battyman immigration soon pick him up nigga you forget you dont belong in this country

  2. Tasha and bag white don’t own the house tasha live in a rent them a pay. Them just love to play big.Tasha is a big idiot why she love to hype so must and she knows the type of work her man them duh.Tasha just disrespect the man wife and a pose up all over with the man. I heard the man wanted long time fi years now him on the run Suh a lie them a tell pon poor bag white. This ugly boy Wey gold digger Tasha a run dung nuh have the money Wey Tasha ting him did have because she see him doing money pull up. Him wife sey him a boasy bruck popishow.Tasha mi hear sey yuh run gone a la yesterday bout yuh a guh bail him because yuh playing time is over us marshal mash up yuh dolly house. Tasha when us marshal come fi yuh u ain’t going tuh be on no bail fi now and if u do get bail yuh nuh have the asset that they going to need to get him out. Tasha the wife nah look Suh dog nam u and that ugly boy supper. If any body fi know the man new name Wey him a work with is him wife a can’t bag white. And mi nuh wrong the wife either him should deal with him wife better than that she been with him fi years. This idiot ugly ducking boy know him have so much skeleton into him closet and him did a keep dance the same day them come pick him up the night was him party. The party was going to flop anyway because nobody knows this fool. And Tasha if yuh man Suh rich why him a keep dance with admission $20 ??? Uno tink uno a fool people. A Suh and free dance with free liquor him a keep because uno rich. Tasha uno get lost. Mi nuh wrong yuhere from left bag white because u really did a lot fi him especially when him get deported and him keep on f..king other lame bitches from. Bronx but yuh need to slow the f..k down and go get back a job you have 4 children tuh live for next time the US marshal may pick up up for conspiracy Tasha chill. Mi cuss yuh but mi like you.just grow up Tasha not because yuh born here it nuh mean nothing any prison time is still considered waste of years.

  3. Sad ppl Sad. Bag White turn informer cuz the woman left him. No matta how she left him so what for who! Bag White f**k nuff of the BX skettal dem and think she a stay. Him been left the wife so plz stop with the out dated info. Chinchilla want Tasha and they love each otha so what it a do unno. Ppl swear they know u life more dan u. The girl own her home and have her 3 pickney dem and maybe a fourth on the way. Badmind gone kill nuff of unno.

  4. Real CHAT YOUR STORY ALL THE WAY WRONG! Sound like bag white typing! Just a f***n hater! Bag white and pony deh!

  5. @nasty gal shut up yuh mouth u sound like a big fool. How much love Tasha and chinchilla could have for each other and him only know her 2 months now. Yuh not even fi start f…k a man Wey yuh just know 2 months ago. Tasha don’t own no f…king house Im in their circle .and stop lie pon poor bag white the man nuh call no dam police pon that ugly boy he bin wanted for years now and anybody fi report him new name wey him a use fi travel and drive woyld be his wife .how bag white ago know him name ???u tink u can just call us marshal and sey 1man a f..k mi gal come lock him up. Uno a idiot .uno have to have the man full name and the new name Wey him a use and information pon him fi tell them wat and wat he did before us marshal come Suh uno need to stop frame bag white .and tasha she just want tuh act like she all that suh she a run wit the story to feel special. chinchilla and the wife was together and Tasha answer the man phone and talk shit tuh the woman that’s why the woman and him start to war so don’t talk wat you don’t know.chinchilla ain’t no good catch him ugly and him stupid and act like him have money but him don’t and him Boasyness, cause him fi get rob and man shot him into him mouth and the man them sey the Nigas ain’t got shit they waste them time.Tasha needs to grow up and if Tasha a breed now she would be so nasty fi just know man and have them a cum into her and a f…k her without condom and chinchilla have more woman other than Tasha and the wife. Please girl bye u sound silly.anyway the fuss over because him a look at 20 or more years in prison and mi nuh tink them going to give him bail because he was out on bail from 2010 and him jump him bail and been on the run for 6 years now . so Tasha will be on the next man Dick Wey she tink have money and can give her a little hype. Tasha yuh hype over fi now girl sorry

  6. Real chat you a sound VERY SALTY like it a bag white… Tasha been a f**k him more dan 2 months but Pony know that so who idiot. Tasha left bag white and now all of the sudden marshall cum. Bag White f**k Chincilla wife to get info for di bwoy to lock him up but all now you still don’t get Tasha back worthless BWOY BAG WHITE. PPl don’t rate u and you own BM don’t rate u. Karma the bitch who a cum 4 u. Not the wife know nuthin bout Tasha or address. 6 yrs him out on bail but as soon as him deh with you BM at you house MARSHALL cum. Who BIG FOOL informa BWOY wickedness a kill you all while u friend dem a laugh offa you. Who know Chinchilla know him lucky and have him tings. Memba him took Tasha from you.

  7. Bag white too bc nasty and real chat u need fi stop pick up fi bag white ! Bag white guh fck chinchilla baby mother to get revenge ! Dem too fckin nasty! Tasha a mad bag white !!!!!! Plz him shame like dog ! Ah good fi him who can’t hear must bloodclat feel ! Bag white fi Gweh him wife up pony more dan Tasha .. Cuz mi hear seh a him n pony sleep INNA same bed ! And share couch what I want to know is why Pony can’t get him own tings from pony name a call is always bout d same thing either woman a mind him or man a mind him claims to be a hustler but niggas stay buying u champagne bruh niggas stay buying u clothes n boot bruh.. How? Then these niggas come on the road and gwan like dem all a dat ! Kmt Bag white need to talk seh him broke now ! dats why dem hitch up pan di bwoy Weh name Terry now .. Whole a dem a batty man just watch di joke !

  8. Bag white stop it we know it’s you telling someone to comment trying to defend your name we know it’s you that send the police w know how u got the man full name so pls stop an if u Gwaan I’m gonna talk some things that u can’t come back from. Yes u a big informa for what u did u send police to the house an u know that for a fact

  9. Hold on which chinchilla a wonder if is toast man a mean gavin Thompson that was using him brother name renee Thompson if a him dat pussy a thief and been on the run from Florida,cali and Arizona for years now a god a pay back him wicked rasshole and since him run off from him get bail in Arizona dont think him getting any bail again because him now considered a flight risk him baby mother that have him big daughter live in forth lauderdale , met a his friend beenie did get shot at the mechanic shop off oakland park with the whole baller don thing that bwoy a wicked wicked rass hole that should suffer in hell thief and tasha and all the others and the others is alot of girls thats how him get stuff rob and con , him also rob ppl money saying he can send stuff to them and when them send them money him change him # wicked rass

  10. Plz stop It with the GAVIN THOMPSON JERMAINE. Him took Tasha already so dun the argrument. Which yard mon not rob and teef and use otha name. U wicked bad bad bad. Tasha a mad u head BAD. Him wife a still love him same way Tasha. U vex Tasha a leave u for mon who want her. Him neva leave di gal one time a mi say that. All of BX see that all who blind see that. Memba stop change you name and hide pussy bwoy informa cuz color icon upon the side show it a you. LOL LOL LOL KMT GAVIN, BAT, Anony, Stop depend pon Terry hood battybwoy

  11. Whole ah dem a fish FROM PONY BACK TO BAGWHITE ! N MI HEAR SEH ERNIE AKA ONE DON VEX TRU HIM CANT SUCK BAGWHITE HOOD ERNIE U KNO U A BATTY MAN 2 .. You ah d biggest batty man INNA d crew unu need fi change unu name to team black to bc cuz unu life nasty n mucky ! Team white mi bloodclat how about TEAM BRUCKKKKKKKKKK

  12. @nastygal i dont know who bag white is but i sure do know who Gavin Thompson is him mother a jamaica have 1 foot and i can tell u that rass hole even f**k up him own bother name when us Marshall hold him in other states him tell them him name renee Thompson which is his brother name not even him child a forth lauderdale him not taking care of just a hype and a act big and him broke and bounce from gal yard to gal yard and if that tasha gal think him love she she crazy she just ago become a next victim that bwoy a wicked and i am not no bag white met can tell u that , i know gavin Thompson and is true real talk a tell they did shot him thats why his bottom lip look like that they did put him in the bath tub it was on the news and the video is still on youtube

  13. @Gavin Thompson I’m gal you know Sey a true mi a talk because me know Sey a true you a talk tuh. Tasha fi big rass woman you act like a little spring chicken you love hype too much. A nuff gal chinchilla have a true him tink sey Tasha have a ting because him tink sey bag white give her big money that’s why yuh si him run in pon Tasha.Tasha stop fool yuh self bout chinchilla love you how fi uno love come true Suh fast Inna 2 yuh really dumb fi big woman. That boy is a thief and a con man and a scammer. Chinchilla nuh have no dam money him guh a few dance guh buy few bottle him and him friend Meck up and duh 2 money pull up and did a plan fi keep dance already and him just come bout yah. Rich man nuh keep $20 dance. A poor bag white uno have strength for .Tasha ano bag white send no dam police tuh yuh house. So what if yuh left bag white ano him a the first man yuh left.Tasha you too full of yourself that’s why yuh want tuh sey man a mad over yuh. We all knew bag white love you and him suppose tuh because you been good to him for years .but Tasha you use tuh f**k pon your man them tuh Suh nuh come act angel a nuff man yuh f**k a Bronx fi money so you bad and bag white bad Suh uno should stay together. Birds of the same features flock together.and bag white not f…king chinchilla woman. Chinchilla guh mind yuh Pinckney worthless boasy bruck boy. Tasha pack yuh bag because this trial not going tuh end well.although mi know you nuh keep p…y principle fi long.and mi not tecking up fi bag white and I really do like you but I’m sick of seeing you acting a fool all over with these idiot man you want tuh charge fi conspiracy Tasha. Tasha please stop. Walk away from chinchilla like how jlo, walk Wey from puff daddy .

  14. Real chat correction bag white talk it out him own mouth seh him fck bag d man girl so yes he did fck chilla wife .. U may know some but not all

  15. His real birth name is Gavin Thompson wanted in many states because everytime he gets bail he flee to a new state to f**k over whatever single mother he can find like his wife and tasha his baby mother in forth lauderdale the baby girl he got in cali him breed up gal in every state because he stay on the run tasha don’t mek nobody stop u from clean out u from clean out u bank account fi help him u stupid dumbo u and wife congrats for turning the wanted criminal

  16. @Gavin Thompson 9:26 pm you said you can still see the video on youtube what is the name of the video please?

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