Natalie no man yu slim an yu belly big nuh bl##########clat yu luk like perital donkey dwl woiiiii murda dis want more people.


5 thoughts on “BAH BAH BAD PEEPU

  1. Maybe she have sugar, a ssme so one a me cousin look and a sugar ddm say she have and one bad C-section that was never corrected.

  2. Mi bloodclawt no sah! a wah mek she look suh dwfl I cannot manij. Gal nuh business fi eena dem deh attire deh if yuh shape so. Oh no gal olive yah fi wear dress pan a reg….an a wahppen to har face :ngakak Mi say gal yuh uglyshapebadness gi Mi joke

  3. Obviously this yah send in by a gal wah Natalie f**k a ready. Senda y yu Neva tell her. Poor thing Natalie not even go p.o. pink wall. Send in yu self. So Shi born send in yuself send a.

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