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  1. The other day a friend of mines said Apple was her idol …I knew just then our friendship would come to an end cause any gyal weh idolize Apple could never be in their right mind .

  2. People still hype over Channel bags and shit? :travel Versace, Channel and Gucci colognes are the only things i’ll wear in these brands sorraaay cuz i know they are real and i can afford them! Apple seem like shi still nuh used to nothing :cd

  3. :ngakak Nickijane and Somoyaaa We tired to type the same things you all saying on JMG. Time is the master though, Flippa and Marsha thought they could have gotten away with their illegal money, something in these fools head making them think they are invincible to the FEDS, What they don’t know, the Letter boys will watch you for YEARS.

  4. Saw this bum bitch and crew in bloomingdales last week and I did pinch security fi watch out fi dem. But mi never stick around fi see if nuttun happen

    1. U must not mek badmind lead u. Leave ppl business alone. Dutty crab inna barrel mentality. God’s timing is perfect, him neva ask u fi nuh help!!!!!

    2. Unno never know say the security guards them in on it too. Pinch them a money and they turn a blind eye. I know one that live in the people them store every Wednesday she goes shoplifting and is because her security friend is at the door and he knows when she comes him have a little extra money to make. They can barely survive off their little security guard pay so them tun blind eye.

  5. Wow, why would any one want to see another Jamaican behind bars??? Why unnu a wish bad for people? Regardless of how the people them hype or show off, leave them alone. Unnu a call down Feds pan the people dem. Mek ppl live them life man.Life short let them enjoy life. No matter how them make them money. Them nah Robb unnu! (I’m venting) because mi nuh like badmind ppl. Haters, bad wishers. Unnu sick joncrow stomach. A Jamaica mi seh and once I see another jamaican doing well, me proud a DAT. Kmft

    1. Until your account has been hacked and your hard earned money taken then you will see why we need to help fight this crime of taking what’s not yours. My poor mother had her account hacked and the people dem take out her money a mek car payments up in a yonkers. You stay deh promote the slackness.

    2. My question to you is, WHY NOT? Why should we step back and watch other Jamaicans bring Our country down more than how it is already in MUCK and don’t do anything about it? You call drugs, stealing and scamming for money to wear name brands DOING WELL? YOU ARE THE ONE WHO SICK JONCROW STOMACH! We have good Jamaicans out here that came to this country, struggle and work for there hard earn money and can buy namebrands and live like this bitches without the illegal gains, Take your illiterate disgrace to my country and keep it in you all dancehall circle. What in Illegal money should one be proud of? Unuh dog shit unuh, This Ghetto mentality you all want to force on other people, I for one tired to see MY OWN IN THE NEWS. MOVE.

      1. word…then u will hear Jamaicans are the leader of shop lifting. America is quick to label. I wouldnt tell but I aint mad at you at all. If you see something say something.
        I could see them in there with the Patois..smh.

  6. @9:37am Sun YOU really see the ppl. Dem a shop and pinch security? Lmao smaddy should a tump out yuh teet dem. A u own BLOOMINGDALES wtf? A suh ppl. Badmind? No man.

  7. Why do people think JAy sell drugs like Flippa…. They swipe cards like everybody else. I can look at him and his wife and tell they don’t have cash like that. No money pull up inna dance and he never makes it rain like the legendary Flippa Mafia.
    I could’ve look at Marsha and Flippa and see them have cash flow.
    Apple swipe, she put fake checks in the bank and wait 4 it to clear.
    She only has clothes which she returns for credit.
    Come on guys don’t give these Bronx termites no props. I’m sorry I don’t think she fly, check them Yankee gal IG all Keyshia Kaior dem gal they UP. Apple stay in those hole in the wall parties, a real bitch wouldn’t be caught dead. She never in those YAnkee parties in the city w/ real bitches. They will laugh at her. Especially at those hair hats she be wearing.

    The other day she put up a flier fe har bredda party. Some IG thot was on the flier Shaneeka Adams(wateva). The girl come in the comments and say to Apple “is that me on the flier?” Apple says “yea its my brother party”. The IG thot replied “cute”. LOL
    Apple then deleted it.

          1. ummm Keisha is a old video IG thot…. yes she UP now as I said in my post. but plz be clear she was an IG thot/stripper/video gal.


  8. Real bad bitches dont get caught dead at hole in wall parties sum a uno a give dis gal too much credit she can only flex on dancehall ppl

  9. Go chuuu yaw Princess Happle… Low d lady had baddie look good n r tittie them a gallang. Girl up ah top weh u friend say she idolize Happle maybe it’s just the way she carries herself she admires n how she always flawlessly put tugeddah… Whoeiii u naw fi end the friendship man. Go chuu princess Happle go chuuu!!!

  10. Them bitches always post receipts and wat credit card they use to buy but NEVER can post wat bank account pay that credit card bill. Of course they need to hold on to the receipt to return it. Show me the bank account that PAY THEM BILLS. Last time I check u can’t pay a credit card bill with another credit card. SHOW some bank account balance!!! Broke bitches

  11. Suh how bobbette a have pon her IG bout you see it here first with the back pack. N I see apple have it in in Miami from memorial time. Bobbette a kill herself to fi get everything apple have smh. Bout see it here first lol

  12. Large up yuself apple, a you keep dem fingers moving. Love you bae Lol don’t stop mek dem vex and bite up themselves

  13. BAD MIND F**KS! JEALOUS ASS WACK ASS bitches. I don’t know what they do or how they get it. This is how u bitches make unnu suck hood mouth put ppl. A prison. Talking about what y’all think the people dem do for a living. A unnu same one put FLI**A MA**A a prison now y’all talking bout him have money and shit. U nasty crab Ina barrel hating ass no life, jealous bitch Issi. Like I said before! leave ppl. Business and mind your own. Joncrow! Cyah stand unnu.

    1. Flippa was under investigation..what is it Operation FED EX… that was bigger that pink wall. FOH with this stupid comment you non working bish. Flippa was dealing with millions.

      A blind man can see wat Apple do..STFU!!

  14. Unnu just bad mind! The time unnu a worry bout what people have and how they get it, unnu fi huh fix up unnu life, crazy enough y’all be the same bad mind heffahs! Liking the girl pics and a follow her.y’all wicked and I can’t stand wicked hating ass people that would go out their way to get another black person in trouble. I could see if the girl was raping or killing, But damn. Badmind badmind.

  15. I can say Keisha kaior is my idol ,she full a ambition ,she owns her own business ,sent herself to college ,model ,video vixen something ,get paid for club hosting and she is building a mansion and Gucci mane is her man she us loaded and speaks very educated and intelligent ,none of them is in her league and she hand with real celebrity a Trinis was the face for one of her lipstick and snooki,Google her and check it out very smart girl she is from St Thomas ,and wen Gucci mane was in prison you never hear her name a call up ,real girl, go check out the mansion she a build with her own money ,and she educate herself cause wen u get old who wants you in any video ,she very smart and I rate her ,if them only take a page out if her book them future would look good

  16. Apple u look good,yuh smell good.Many men want yuh!when u hot yuh hot..makes no difference who say it from a the truth! :-).kudos on the fantastic stiffas no slippaz tits round ere! 🙂

  17. Saw her and her man yesterday..all the Africans were in the store laughing at her…her man look like when people dead..his complexion..jesus..and then she have in the waist Trainor and lord..words can’t describe the body..me say..the African dem laugh and chat.only God can come tell me why she do her body like that . anyways. The bleaching and the body sculpting not working..smh..left her poor daughter in tje African store..baby crying out her eyes..smh..what a life

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