Paps me recently hear some tingz bout Paps but now me have the proof. Lord god the way Paps look broke n hungry inna pure connection it was sad bad. mi start pon him file now so Paps a f**k simply ashley . She post a video with she n dance fi bae and the world know that Paps indeed. Paps voice can’t hide. Simply ashley p**y no tired from Snapple facts Marley to Max to paps. Keeping it in da one link family.Paps all reach on her live. As he logged on she started blushing n turned fool.

5 thoughts on “BAPS PAPS

  1. Cash please to move on. The Man breed you fi keep you ina di house, now him doing him. Him get bored and tired of all you did to keep him. A just life, you can’t please a Man that don’t want to be pleased

  2. Hoe ass Ashley go sit the fuck down yuh walk and fuck all all bout, down to Rygin king yuh fuck when he had came to the garage night club in the Bronx to perform, bitch your nobody you run lef your daughter a Jamaica and the tiny store that you was selling your china clothes in, no papers no nothing bitch get a life your a groupie.

  3. Dem gal deh too nasty from one to the other and paps a clean up nasty can fuck who Marley use to fuck disgusting that’s why Marley always have things fi chat bout dem. The other day when paps did broke a cash alone did a ride the bruk life wid him now him hustling game a rise again him gone back to the nasty gal dem weh wouldn’t look pan him this time last year paps is a big waste all a dem done and bored out gal Knam dem out and laugh after them and gone. Without a bag a money a dash pan waste gal paps can’t get a gal fi shake leg pan him.

  4. Ashley she look like she no play stukie,a wah day she a fuck paul,and gyptian,and bout three other man name a ring,but it look like she care zero,a just on to the bigger fish fi she,the highest bidder gets the kitty,smh a when fi har pum pum get fi rest ‍♀️‍♀️

  5. Ashley sleep with all of her fren man dem and ex man , she too terrible me no kno wey she a run dun she cute but no have no class she tek too much mon

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