1. Lol, he is so funny, but wait she and gully bop dey fi true true. A real story or a lie, Mi a Tell bout some ooman yow, smh. I don’t care what’s going on for him rite now, cuz all mi ago see is the dirty mad looking man, me could a Mek dat man touch me much less lay down wid me, ewww

  2. da yute ya a tell di gyal how fi live ..and nuh man nuh want ar and yadda yadda… look like u figet how all a di dj dem look wen dem jus bus ……mi not even a go remindyu ….and unu man a road mek it a point of duty fi look dem oman ……if u nuh know mek mi tell yu as long as him clean up oman outta road a go NEED him …hide yu girl fren cause u frighten fi si GULLY bop a yu matie

  3. Yu did si buju, elephant man and others ……but u did si dem when dem used to hang out a di studio gate??? before fame ……jus like how she a show I am sure there is many others ….a just the truth mi a talk

    1. No Real, none a dem man deh neva look like nor carry demself like gully bop a fix fan. Mi glad fi gully bop, mi glad suh til an mi nah seh nutten bad bout him, wish him de biggest success but none a dem yute deh was nutten close tuh gully bop.

    1. fi real yep. dem need fi fix him up first. everybody a look de quik money from de man.
      if a me a him management, I wudden even dash him pon sting weh a guh broadcast roun de werl dis year, till him clean up and kriss, brand new, knowing him potential. I wudda invest inna some dental implants, health check up, food & clothes and mek him live inna studio fi a whole year. one an two print interview. mi aguh mek back mi money an nuff more. people wudda only hear chune a road and want si gully bop fi a whole year. when dem see him a sting 2015, brand new, mouth fix up, looking healthy, nice clothes and dash clean lyrics fi de chune dem, pon him own. nuh share nuh stage yet wid nuhbady, no clash. people wudda affi pay big money fi si gully bop a clash anedda artist. him earning window too narrow fi run risk wid him career.

      1. Exactly Kunta!!!…not only that, but gully bop would have a new sense of renewal n’ pride and he will put his best foot forward….

  4. Barrel Man ah di chuuuut.No Man wont tek dat Up. Sleep wid gogs wake Up with fleas. THE gyal heart strung bad. She wear out har Shame blanket. Her pride went out THE window brap brap brap. A nuh she seh gully bop and her nuh deh? A she seh suh pon THE video public annoucement

  5. this nigga nah talk nutin wid sense, wha wrong wid di ooman dat if gully bop left her nuh man nah guh want her? another thing this world is like this, nuhbady nuh see u when u down but when u up or have likkle fame dats when dem see u..nutin wrong wit her being with gullybop..di man clean up and look decent now a just him teeth dem him fi get and if him get dem now him nah guh can talk good muchless DJ, suh him affi wait till after sting him put in him teeth dem. people fi low di ooman and mek she duh wha she want, a fi her life. a nuff gal out deh waa gullybop yah now and affi a fall back cause him have him ooman…mi watch a wet sundays video wit ooman a draw him fi dance wid him and chin step in and mek dem move up.

    1. Cham him doe seh nothing wrong this chin is a groupie n she mus condemn if she try offa so much man n a only gully bop she ketch

      1. Metty, the relationship doe come off as sincere tuh me; seems like she in it for the hype and money…barrel man seh fe ar tumuck trang tuh weh nutten cyaah mek she vomit :hammer :hammer

    2. But sed she grab him to after sting claim him wen him did batefoot where was chin :nerd
      Plus barrelman just being funny dats all
      (Simplicity soon sign in)

    3. But a sed way she grab him up to after sting claim him wen him did batefoot where was chin :nerd
      Plus barrelman just being funny dats all
      (Simplicity soon sign in)

      1. Ah dat mi waah know tuh Simply, ca if dis man ya did raily mad/homeless, weh di ooman dem did deh during that time????????

  6. I understand auntie met but people all over the blogs deh pon her case, I feel if she waa deh wid him a fi her option dat..mi neva hear about her before gullybop suh mi nuh kno if she a groupie.

    1. she was on here before ooooooooooooooooo …………..claim is kartel give har di name chin buffness ..har file need fi rewind den

  7. Aye sah yuh know seh mi si har pose up wid di bop but mi Neva tink nuttn of it…..shi nasty fi true fi really gone suck off di one last degeh degeh teet di man have lef loll

  8. Da bredda yah a one a dem who look down pon people because unnu have a likkle more material tings dan di nexx man.Jamaica have nuff more Gully Bop all over di place weh unnu a call mad man but some man jus want another chance.Suh insteada walk round and condemn people give dem some help.Gully Bop dis might be yuh last chance wid dem people yah mi bredda please make the best of it.Dont big up yuhself big up God.

  9. @ anon at 11:20…”Dont big up yuhself big up God”…………….every bloodklaat day ppl a dead fi hungry, dem poor bredda and sista a get kill and murder off by police and gunman, folitician a tek dem vote and nah fix road and all kinda f**kery and as soon as likkle fortune in terms of money and recognition come dem way di first person dem supposed to thank is god??…how bout di first person him thank is di man whe put him pon bloodklaat uchube?…remember Ted Williams?……di “Man With The Golden Voice”…one likkle uchube video and him famous as bloodklaat and have all new house and him bloodklaat family whe figget him raas find him….send him thanks to god and ray tay tay…..i wonder wha kinda thanks him gi di man whe put him pon uchube??……u think him even gi di bredda a dime outta di money wha him mek?…..a so bloodklaat white ppl and dem bible fool black ppl mek dem feel say no matter how much dem suffer and work hard….as soon as tings start happen fi dem…never take credit or give credit to another person for helping you……di most good and great white man inna di sky made it possible…….

    1. Of course he/they should give thanks to God first, if God nevah put di man deh fi video him at that very moment how him wouldah reach pan utube?..Not all things are black and white. Seems like you have a prob with God, the one who created you. Wether he is black, white pink, orange , green etc, there is still a God, he is the creator of all things, including you, me and these men. Nuttn nuh happen b4 its time and God knows why all things happen and his reasons for doing so, so giving him thanks first,is the right thing to do. IJS

  10. Barrel Man right….dat man r a crack ed, di hol a him mout railing pap dung, an fi di likkle hype and possibly some currency she gwan suck awf di lolli. Gold digging at it’s finest.

  11. @ tinan….answer me these questions……the first slave who came across the middle passage….the first slave to become a christian…did he do it on his own or was it because he was forced to become a christian?…because removing his ideas of religion also removed his ideas of freedom, ideals of dignity and most importantly enslaved his mind just as well as his body?……or did he voluntarily choose to ignore every single thing he knew before he got captured, beaten and shackled on a ship?….

    1. I can’t claim that I know about the first slave and his/her religion, caz then I would be lying, have no idea who it was, doubt anyone really knows. What I know, however, is what I spoke of up top;that God is our creator and he is the creator of all things; and we should always thank him,Good or bad; contrary to popular belief sometimes bad things do happen to us, but it happens so that the good things can come into our lives. True believer of this. So I guess we can agree to disagree as always.

  12. Mi jus feel like seh dem ah tek gully bop fe poppy show ca if ya huh fix up ah man, start fix up weh visibly need fix in…start wid di man mouth; carry im gah dentist mek dem correct every issue weh need fe fix, doctor appointment mek certain seh di man health aay ok, seef him can mentally manage this transition into instant stardom…it’s like covering up a wound without properly dressing it first *ah jus suh mi seet*…wishing him all the best, but hope him nuh mek dem style him as eediat…gully, use this opportunity fe build ah foundation cause as you were once a homeless man, you shoulda know seh dat anuh nutten nice, ah yuh nuh wa rise and den val back inna di sed gully hole weh yuh jus come from…think wisely this time around and try uplift yuhself…

    1. *seef him can mentally manage this transition into instant stardom because that type of change can be overwhelming fe some people who nuh use tuh dem deh kinda limelight*

      1. True Yeppie, mi feel suh sometimes too, and hope mi rang..but him seh im nevah homeless but him house did a leak sometimes and him did hungry. Hope someone step in a mek sure seh dem nuh rob him blind and send him bad innah di same hell him was in.

        1. Hunger ah homelessness ah two ah di worst combinations of tingz weh nuh nice ah baxide!!!!!!!..and just from that alone, di man should tell management str8 up, seh him nuh wa goodung dem roads deh again suh dem need fe mek sure seh certain tingz sawt out propa feem…gully bop might did mad, but fe you survive pan di streets, him far from fool, dat mi know fe sure!!!!…alla wi have wi downfalls inna life, but before gully bop help ah man fe mek money aafa him, him need re-assurance that Laing and management have him best interest at heart…mi really hope the right people dem ah oversee gully bop career and well being, real talk…

          1. Plus tuh how dem seh Laing ah big big teef, him coulda all try teef gully bop two front teet if him nuh mind sharp…dislike advantage tekkers..

        1. :hammer :hammer..Yawdy, gully bop remind mi of one ah mi grandmadda *rest in peace nana*…mi granny did have bout 3 teet eena ar mout but ah swear is one ah di prettiest smiles yuh coulda eva si cause she full up ah love, laughter and happiness :ngakak

      2. yep mi a guh thru de post de. I agree wid yuh 100%. mi mek a similar post up a top. de mental part is critical cause gully bop did affi fight off some wikidness weh did bring him down. dah pawt deh affi tek care of cause two twos can drop back pon de wikidness. mi see it happen nuff time.
        tuh how it look like a mostly fool fool short sighted mek a quik buck people seh dem a management inna dancehall. wid a few exceptions, most a dem nuh really have a plan fi manage career. jussa guh wid de flow.

        1. Kunta :2thumbup, dem need fe mek sure seh gully bop can transition from one stage tuh the next with ease…gully bop owe it tuh himself fe mek certain seh dem nuh fuhck im ova and set certain links which will be beneficial tuh him in the long run…only he knows what lead him tuh become homeless/senile, so he needs tuh stay away from those elements..easier said than done, but doe mek dem use and abuse yuh and den fling yuh back right weh dem fine yuh once dem finish wid yuh..

  13. Barrel man funny yes but him wrong. Surprise to know man will want har and even wife her too. Some men will f**k anything. Most yaad man put looks before character and she don’t look bad. So trust and and believe she will find a man if she don’t have one already. Him probly pimping har out to the Gully Bop amd and collecting behind the scenes. It’s possible. Lol

  14. Yeppie nuh mek mi drop dung in yah, a which part u tan si two front teeth innah Bap head? Di two summun wah a peep out pan di side lakka stalagmite and tite..? No Yeppie man…lol woiee.
    On a more serious note mi hope dem nuh tek advantage too..Nuh like a di users and abusahs dem at all eidah. All dem people wah him seh im come in lakkah “Mayor to”, a hope a decent one in deh wah wi help him out and nuh mek that reach him.

    1. misseh de pink wall nuh lack excitement and comedy.
      Tinan seh, gully bop (mi still a laff) have two stalagmite and stalactite inna him mouth. LOL.
      Dis a de biggest joke mi get inna long time. mi still alaff. tears a run. no sah.

  15. Barrelman barrel fame a get to him head now man…stfu n have several seatz..n worry bout u 15mins wey soon expire

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