1. Dear Lord!!…Mi nuh seh people nuffi enjoy demself but, but, but dis yah? A hope all a dem get through alright and none fatal. Di bus driver should a tell dem fi nuh deh heng offah bus outah windah and all dem summn deh…good lord man, why not wait till dem reach or even tan innah u seat and whine till u tiad? Too many distractions dah bus drivah yei mussi wen deh waivah.

  2. Met oh mi si somebody post seh is not di same bus dis, nuh know how true it is. But di gurl dem look like di same one dem wah deh pan di grung..

  3. Absolutely ridiculous! I applaud the person for sending in the video because it can be used as a teaching tool for youngsters. I couldn’t imagine me as a driver letting these antics going on, they would have had to sit their asses down before I move off dat bus. When doing the most goes wrong.

    RIP to the deceased and I hope the survivors recover and are a bit wiser.

  4. aarrmm….so ppl are insinuating that the reason for the crash is the behavior of the passengers??….if an asshole or a bunch of assholes are drunk and acting the fool in first class the pilot is still responsible for the safety of the other passengers is he not?…..and for the person who said “satan did let loose pon dis ya bus”..god could have intervened could he not?? it begs the question either he was powerless to stop it or chose not to….either way…..he is a failure….oh wait…i cant say that because god moves in mysterious ways….so the sacrifice of these lives will spur ppl to act accordingly while on public transportation….thus saving countless other lives…..did i get that right or am i missing something??…..

    1. The difference with your scenario is that the pilot is locked off in the cockpit and does not hear a thing that is happening outside unless notified. These people were even blocking the driver’s blindspot when they were hanging out the bus like that. Every driver knows that any distraction could be fatal, and when you are operating a large vehicle you have to be more vigilant about safety. The driver should have shut that shit down when they started hanging outside, it would have been within their right to do so, and I am sure the bus company has some rules in place while their bus is in operation. Anywho, hindsight is 20/20 and there are consequences for every action.

    2. correction di driva responsible fi everybody pon him transportation just like di the captain pon di shit n di pilot pon him plane (not di passenga)

  5. Very sad very very sad…all parties should be blame for their irresponsible behavior! When your in a plane you know not to open a window let alone to put your gad damn head out the windows! How are you going to be in a moving vehicle and take your entire body dangling it outside the moving vehicle? Incoming traffic and all! No one said your not allowed to have fun but in this case this is beyond ridiculous!

    1. Which Passenger Plane have windows you can open? Oh, so you were that person on the JetBlue Airlines flight out of New York a few weeks ago, complaining to the Flight Attendant that your window could not be open and demanded I refund? :cendol

    1. Nope. God nuh have nothing to do with this. The Trelawny stretch of road is a death trap on a normal day, add to that the antics by the passengers, driver distraction because of the said antics, possibly wild driving all together created a clusterfck of doom for these folks.

  6. The partying could have been done at the beach, or while the bus was parked. When you live in a country where the laws are just a joke to the residents and grown people find pleasure in acting like children. Why aren’t they sitting in their seats and strapped in seat belts? They always have to be so extra and vulgar. Even in the parties, these grown people will climb on roof tops and in trees dancing and acting a fool. God is not hurting anyone, the same Devil that leads them to these kinds of behavior is the same one who is hurting these people. The only thing God did was save a lot of them because there could have been more fatality involved. Easter is not for this kind of behavior, they should have played some gospel.

  7. Big Easter Sunday…one time inna Jamaica every body deh a church Easter Sunday….mi sorry fi dem stil….anyway….dancing outside a de bus window??? Ridiculous!!!!! have fun but humble nuh. …humble!!


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