1. I’ve been saying this for a minute now I sooooo agree and sometimes we has women wonder y we attract men that are no good for us because the spirit that is left back beckons to those of its kind smh sad but true
    U MISTA Johncrow Belly u no have no moral compass wit anything sexual I will pray for u smh

  2. I believe this to be true, this is so deep!!!!Sex is more than just exchanging bodily fluids, U have those special ones who releases positive vibrations and goodness flows, but on d other hand yuh have d ones dem wid fi dem, crosses, baggage, demons, aids, crab louse and d list goes on. Who nuh waan tek heed a fi dem business, well dem nuh tan deh mek tom, dick and harry run een then, d information is out there for dem to pick, choose and refuse, u choose what u want to believe, no one is holding a gun at ur hand, for u to believe. A ur owna property skin it out all yuh want to, but when d crosses tek yuh dont seh nobody never warn yuh!

    1. OneDrop, I so agree with you…have y’all ever kissed someone and it felt just like or even better than sex???..the physical act of sex isn’t all there is to it…the metaphysical part of it matters as well..

      1. A real thing man Yeppie! Yuh have some ppl weh before, during and after d act of self itself u just feel this sense of warmth & love, and everything that’s wonderful just resonates throughout ur whole body, and u just feel like u r sharing in their greatness, but on d other hand u do it with someone, & u feel like that person pulled something from u, left a feeling of heaviness on u. Some ppl nuh intune wid dem body, dem heart mind and body nah connect yah Yeppie suh dem nuh have a clue bout wah wi a talk bout. Dem need fi guh do yoga or sumthing cauz fi dem heart mind & body nah work 2gether at all, there’s a disconnect, their body and mind just nuh match up at all yah Yep Yep!

  3. True ting Met, I know a girl that any man sleep wid har go a prison… The man coulda be a saint prison nah miss him if him godeh!!!

  4. thats how homosexuality is transmitted. victims of certain violations tend to trod that route. how pussy sen a man go jail now. mi nuh see dat. some woman just love criminal, and tief neva love fi si tief wid long bag, hence they end up f**king the same woman

  5. I agree nuff dutty germsy bwoy with parasitic spirit roaming around..them family cursed & dem a walking demons come inna yu life & after u mix wid dem bay saltness tek yu..proven fact! & on top of that dem very disloyal & ungrateful just runnnnnnnn far from dem if u find dem out early enuff

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