9 thoughts on “BED ALLERGIC

  1. BBC! Dem kip dance ova Jurassic Park, “music by T-Rex Evolution and MC Methuselah”. Mi nuh say ppl nuh fi go out and have fun but when the geriatric patients a tremble demself inna dancehall wears that warrant a red card.

  2. Naw lie sender u on point wit this one.. i believe there is a time and a place..but them pass them place fi tru

  3. DWL no man!!!! dem need some rest fi true… u can tell a some long time higgla and druggist from the 80s/90s lmao i caint be bothered eno!!!

  4. Sender you are funny, poor people they were tried of the nursing home they had to come out and hold a one drink and vibes I don’t blame them, they need a club all fi dem selves though that would be cool for dem. LOL Bless they little hearts though….

  5. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak If I laugh in yah dwl… A dis yuh call evidence lol…. in di court a law Charge dem!!! dem deserve it.

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