1. hmmm why Beenie never said this back in 2010 or 2011 when Kartel was releasing hit after hit. I love Beenie but its been a while since I’ve heard anything great from him

  2. Beenie is one of the best entertainers to come out of Jamaica and he is definitely the best when it comes to winning over a hostile audience. However, as a person, he is a walking contradiction.
    He pretty much only showed–backhanded–love for Shabba here and pretty much disrespected all other dancehall artiste; en route to justify his relevance.
    No too long ago, he was the sole artiste who was disrespecting Shabba and minimizing Shabba’s worth and now he is praising Shabba–kinda. He need to stop regarding Bounty Killa as any variation of a friend and stick to the facts…
    Beenie crush Vegas, and everybody else on his way to self-adoration. You have your place in the pantheon among dancehall greats; However, you don’t have to slaughter or minimize the relevance/contribution of other to justify your worth.
    I can’t help to think that Beenie was high or drunk–he is one of those silly people who don’t regard the likes of Chronixx or Tarrus Riley as dancehall artistes

  3. Did he drink too much NYQILL or something else.Why the hell he kept on saying “LIKE SERIOUSLY” sounded like a little bitch.All these years and still cannot do a proper interview.PLEASE TAKE SOME ENGLISH AND COMPREHENSION CLASSES AND STOP MAKING US LOOK DUMB.

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