1. Passion win …. hands down. I’m not his biggest fan cause mi think him too full of himself …..but he killed it. Mikey nuh look bad either. Is like all the man dem go to Milk and Honey in pretty pretty suit. Mi eyes dazzle when mi done look on all the pics dem. Dwl.

    Sidebar: How Passion can change woman so?? Is like him have a quota to fill. Geessam.

  2. Dem stylish sah, I like this look, clean and gentleman like. A few of them need to button their shirts but its a good look. I am so tired of the battyman dressing, tight jeans etc.

  3. I think Mikey pulled it off well and the guy in the red suit, just don’t like the shoes

    Passion can you try a new pose? Versatility…

    The man dem feeling purty…is wha lol

    1. Yes, what can I say but YES in agreement with you.
      What did the have a community meeting to plan for this.
      Damm never see come see set a fools
      Then they get there and put together they few dollars to by 2 bottles of henny to share among 12

    1. Do you have proof that he loves man, or that he just keeps his business to himself. Boy, the way you people assume is sad!!

  4. Issa crew a dem.. all a dem buy from di same cloth store man. Dem suit dem busy doe, suit dem deserve dem own space, dem too trafficking fi desso.

  5. Even if they are gay, they keep their bodies in decent shape and dress decent, not my style except for the plaid ensemble. They surely beat the dancehall women, in 12 pounds of fake hair, 4 lbs of make up, bleach out ghost face, fake breast, and 30 lbs of belly, you would think they are all pregnant. Ugly dancehall women are turning the men gay.

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