I have a few people to thank first the givers this yer..I would to thank the person I dont know who but you know who you are…As soon as you got your tax refund you came on and said Angella had to be blessed..Thank you..There were also four other people who took the time out to give..Kia and the other man Mr D.. I thank you.
September is around the corner and Angella’s daughter Ashely will be returning to school again with your help. She will need school supplies, shoes , uniforms and assistance with money for lunch..Your usual donations will help..For those who wish to send to my paypal and I send the money please send me an email. For those who wish to send directly her name is
Angella Crew , Phone number -876-842-4032.Thank you!

0 thoughts on “BEGGING TIME AGAIN

  1. Yu know say one blessing deh pon yu life !!! One blessing weh your children and your children children will reap from your blessing . Sometimes Mi a pray and you are not on my mind but mi mouth open and hear I am lifting you up in prayer .

      1. Met, Likeacopcar…what’s the rest because all I see is email protected and when I click it takes me to cloud.

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