A bartender was last week hauled before the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court for reportedly attacking her best friend at her workplace and beating her because she had found a new friend.

The 24-year-old accused, Monique Morrison, of a Kingston address, was arrested and charged with assault occasioning bodily harm following the incident.

According to police reports, the complainant and Morrison had been best friends for two years. But the relationship turned sour after the complainant started a new friendship with another girl.

Reports are that Morrison started “throwing words” at the complainant on her Snapchat account and the complainant responded by answering through the same medium.

Morrison allegedly told the complainant via Snapchat that she was going to beat her when next she saw her.

On January 9 the complainant was at work having lunch with her new friend when Morrison came there and grabbed her after she had finished eating a meal.

Morrison reportedly punched the woman all over her body and also punched her over her left eye, causing a wound which bled.

The matter was reported and the accused was arrested.

However, last Friday when she appeared in court, Morrison pleaded not guilty to the charge and a trial date was scheduled for March 20 in the night court.

Morrison’s bail was subsequently extended.


  1. But see yah..ah could never just fren dem bi, dis look like some oda things wen deh gwahn man..I stan corrected however, but if a suh, I never see dis yeah

  2. Sounds like a classic case of a lovers quarrel. The two gals did ah phuck and one get ditched for a new sardine meal. Lesbians love beat up eachother to enforce submission and control, so I’m sure once all the facts come out it will lean towards that scenerio (no pun intended). The lesbian thing has taken Jamaica by storm.

  3. It never cease to amaze me when you hear clear cut accounts of what transpired…but the perpetrator plea not guilty! !

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