1. Beenie nuh easy ah backfoot. when given the mike he had nothing to say but when Raga read fi talk him jus hitch on pon Raga an seh Kartel deh a jail and dancehall deh a road…..

    1. I like how Ragga ansa as to Beenie lmaooooooooooooooo him do up Kartel neatly..may God go wid him fi true…because him Beenie nah go wid him

          1. Met mi seh it hold me cause beenie did actually look concern till mi hear him bus out………..’KARTEL DEHA JAIL NOT DANCEHALL!!

  2. Good Evening Met,

    I don’t really have much to say about it. I have been interested in hearing the thoughts of other artists on the saga, but know mi cyaaa Banda! Nearly all of them in this clip and numerous others I have seen or articles read,¬†they just seem like puss have dem tongue. I don’t know if they can’t articulate themselves properly so are worried that it nay come out wrong, or if is just fraid dem fraid fi tawk! All I know is they going round the ting – 1000 words from each of them and all now many of them really ain’t said nothing! In the media, during the weeks since the verdict, it’s only Raga & Ninja that I recall, who’ve actually said anything worth hearing.)

    I’m sorry this is off topic, but….
    Not sure if you have come across this footage &/or had it up on the site before.

    Just thought I’d share the link:

  3. Bernie is no different from kartel it’s just that kartel get caught. No Bernie them say kill bogle

  4. OOOPS its true even the saw she always with her so call twanin bou she jus come a ja it abou timet saw fix her self better li like her but hair neva tan gd yet clothes worst

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