Hide my id pink wall!! Mi na lie mi love how Nicole a live with confidence 9 years ago at ministry of education where we use to work she didn’t have this confidence and never like to work out etc and during her pregnancy she use to hide and ashamed of it but big up to the people them weh put confidence in her because if you ever know Nicole she wasn’t like this before so allow her to be frighten and friendly on social media with the top people them. Big up the Martian Christian who groom her to dress and work out and Nicole make Rachel influence her not to talk to Martina.


    1. If mi coulda like this 10,000 times! jeezas! I am tired of her and dem people yah weh a sen een foolishness. MI block the whole lot of dem offa mi feed cause it was too rass much man!

  1. Senda you are really obsessed with this woman!!!Why don’t you keep that same energy and do something progressive with your life.

  2. People must stay in the darkness for the rest of their lives ? It’s called growth. Go get you some of that growth vitamin. Kmt.backhand compliment.

  3. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak Mi naaaa tell nuh lie sometimes mi nuh like ppl but mi love di ppl dem weh send een to pinkwall cause dem a di funniest set a ppl :ngakak no sah. Dem dash har out pan di new year an di ppl dem talk bout it an now she get a small positive but if yuh read good a still negative :ngakak :ngakak elfie yuh luddy a di spicy tings mi want hear bout.

  4. whats Martina lat name and does he have a instagram or facebook? Cause it seems like a she was the queen B and Rachel push her out . Please Met find out fi mi Please and thanks.

    1. Martina happy divorced Rachel husband brother. Martina is not one to be mess with she loves herself dearly. She quite independent and her support system helps her too. Rachel is currently being happy in her marriage because Covid brought her husband home 🏡 to her so she can have this happy family pictures.

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