So met these young ladies were two of the contestants in the running for atlanta sexiest dancehall female and look who them end up give it to over these two beauties. Crawny hood buffer Toya wey look malnourished and need feedin. Toya is no competition for these two young ladies. met right now them a run man head red pon the atlanta dancehall scene. And no I am not either of them and don’t know them and met can confirm it. Just giving credit where it is due. Toya take a page from these two young ladies here on how to be sexy and act like a lady and go hold several seat corners.


  1. Yes sender you is correct these two keep themselves together and they don’t sleep around. Toya sleep with the j judge that was the reason for her winning she is also sleeping with woman and man out here

  2. MET! you just leggo one ATL circus post…goodness you should a let these two represent that area fi de day widout the circus to! dwfln

  3. 2 bad bitchesss!!!!…they never represent the real hottas on the dancehall scene chue bad mine and jealousy, but here are 2 of….

  4. Shanon u want your 15 mins of fame ok I’m pretty sure by midday your file will be disclosed on here!Your rap sheet too long my girl!

    1. It’s not about rap sheet as far as ATL postings go…ATL post always feature clowns. Dem file coulda a lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng out rass, DEM STILL A CUT ABOVE the rest of ATL featured here, lol

  5. Shannon mighta f**kk one and two man here *as she can and should* but people, mek mi tell unu dis…#FACTS!!!…..this girl doe chubble nobody, cool b, easy going…the problem wid MOST Atlanta dancehall BADMINE females is that if yuh nuh inna fidem circle of friends or clique, dem doe like yuh ah wi try fe seh and do ANYTHING fe put bad mark pa yuh ***and I won’t call any names either cause ya’ll know who you are***…these two young ladies *Shannon and Nicole* carry loads of class and sex appeal, with or without clothes on…and to whomever seh dem ago seneen Shannon’s file…sen it een nuh watch JMG dun yuh bloodclaat…

    1. @Yep!! I agree with you 100%!!! And when dem a try bully and war wid yuh and yuh nah pay dem nuh mind dem sey yuh fraid a dem.

  6. Suh which one a Shannon and which one a Nicole. About to begin a project in ATL, one of them MAY qualify. Tenk yuh in advance.

      1. (((((( Meeeeeeeeeeettttttt ))))) Wha gwaan!? Mi jussa pass chu and get mi kicks from JMG. Not even want mi wife Simplictiy fi know seh mi did deh yah.
        Yuh si how de one Quena a bawl out fi Simplicity. Shi a WIKID. A try mash up mi life.

      1. Ok… Well as mi ongle have space fi one inna de new project, de one inna de black blazer MAY qualify. I’ll have to make contact and outline the project requirements.
        Thank you Yep!

        1. Anytime Kunta! Me wi kip it 100 wid yuh when it come on tuh any linky yuh need in Atlanta…link Bugsy Bam Bam fe touch basis wid Shannon; dat ah im parrie…

          1. Ok. When de mobile lab reach ATL mi wi link yuh fi de contact. And, my projects are classified suh 100% confidential.

      1. Yuh si how yuh stay….. Ready fi cause prablem a mi yawd. Nuh worry yuhself, mi wifey understand my line of werk and is very familiar with my experiments in the lab. LOL.

    1. Two ah dem ah decent girls. Only difference between the two is Shannon is taller; Shannon more reserved but Nicole wi more tek the dance floor ah bruck out likkle bittish when she ready fe dance. Shannon love ar weed n’ Hennessey still lol; real cool girl…yes bitches, try runeen now!…

      1. eheee!!! Look like Nicole truly ready fi mi upcoming project. De project requires an adventurous female that fits your physical description and mi eyeball test. Shi look like a chick mi glimpse inna Covington wha day. Juss neva have de time fi de recruitment.

        1. Well, if ah Nikkie yuh wa link, then touch basis wid Dovey Magnum; dat ah fe ar peoples…Kunta, you would really have to sit down and reason wid di two of them to get a feel of them and see where their heads are at and to determine which one better suites n’ meets your qualifications, but none the less…two excellent candidates…this coming from a woman weh can spot a diamond in the my advice Kunta…link Bugsy Bam Bam *fe Shannon* and Dovey Magnum *fe Nicole* and tek it from there…

          1. Suh how u a do matchmaking and u nuh address di big ass ring pon har ring finga? Nuh wedding ring dat?

  7. Yu seet Kunta. Dem a hype Tracy Champion like seh…cho. Di Missy inna di hoops a tek life, bret, tiekle, an whaddeva else she waan tek.

    1. Tracy Champion waaay pass har expiration date from like 6 yrs ago. Stale milk, full a curdle like cottage cheese. Non factor. Need fi retire. Fresh milk fi examine de chemical components. Yeah, Shannon – black blazer and loops MAY be ready for an experiment.

  8. Don’t know Nicole but Shannon us a cool cool chick, a straight up girl and a young mom that’s in love with her boys. Don’t care bout her file …..she looks really good especially for a mother of 3

  9. Both of them are the best looking on the reggae scene the rest of them bitches look like seh GOD DONT FINISH MEK THEM

  10. @ Oh please
    Bitch stfu and go suck your mother do you know how classy and pretty look bitch yuh nuh si yuh madda hole don’t good pretty pussy bring pretty kids and you don’t pretty so therefore yuh madda pussy don’t good !!!! CAROL BUCKAS GOOD UP DAUGHTER NICOLE bitch mad because she can’t afford the better things in life nor can she look like these two lovely ladies go wash yuh dutty draws yuh wake up Pon pink wall I bet you didn’t even brush your teeth yuh just wake up an ah chat off yuh big pussy

  11. Water pussy bitch !!! 100 man run thru dat !!!! Yuh hole big like the Atlantic Ocean yuh hole stretch till pee pee ah drip out by it self

  12. I never understood why people are so bad why women are so envious when women are sexy and beautiful we should tell them I, I know Nikki and I know Shannon Nikki love her music and I love to wild out and have a good time and does not bother anybody and as for Shannon I’ve never seen somebody go so hard and take care of her kids , she is she’s very cool and does not bother anybody and ain’t never scared either. And I have known this girl from Florida days and I know for a fact she’s a hustler who gives a f**k about her reputation y’all just mad because you ugly and broke

    1. She will get real thug in a New York minute, the one Shannon she, suh mek dem try ah ting ah si if bullet nuh fly…

  13. Shannon who slept with yard man on xpose bed lol dash weh how many belly shannon glad you picked up a collection from the baby daddy them.and fix them breast go fix the big hole now walking desease shannon stop acting like you’re somebody now when you know you are Atlanta garbage pan bugsy bam bam say you suck cock like a champ

  14. Shannon met can we send the tape of shannon on xpose bed sukin yardman shannon toya 2cute them is selling pum pum of Craigslist white man pay for jamaican sexy girls for money n things shannon should be happy my friend is a clean girl who wash her azz n puzzy cause her man put his cock in her azz n shannon suk her man lol

  15. So y’all mad cuz they pretty , no matter what u do or say that will never change , and the sad part about it is it’s these girls friends that are saying and posting these things fake ass haters what are you so mad about a leave people alone people have no life where are your kids where is your man where’s your woman get a job, Bugsy and Shanon are friends so that just sounds crazy you people are so disgusting and evil

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