0 thoughts on “BIG PUMPUM -50c

  1. Just like dat again Shaniqua Tompkins, just like dat…50!!..and you’re still the biggest LOSER!!..STILL no spell check ( there/their )

  2. Still stop the bull shit now !!!
    Still go invest in some English classes & last not certainly not least go tell it to a shrink and come off social media with personal problems, it’s not a good look.

  3. U STILL stuck on this ish, but u STILL gotta pay her child support so a baaaaay! Move on!

  4. OMG!!!! Wat did this woman duh to him mek him a gwaan suh?????Him a guh hard as if him have some video of the sort wid har a f**k him bestfriend pon fi him side a di bed

  5. Ms. Shaniqua Tompkins duh yuhself an yuh newly High School graduate a favor….nuh entertain nuh more waste post wid 2 quarters aka fifty cents. Fi him postings bout yuh shouldn’t faze yuh one bit, cah all ah now 2 quarters STILL nuh get di big pitcho! Suh mek mi bruk it dung fi him…..BIG MAN, fi miss yuh owna pickney graduation is ah BIG DUTTY DISGRACE. No excuses!! Posting smack bout him mumma mek yuh look even wrerse. #nationaldisgrace#

  6. Met guyh pon Matterhorn instagram under da videos him upload wid cheese. Bam bam empty Matterhorn like a water bottle and bare tings it don’t look good.

  7. Ah chue every time him pay the child support and the lady might decide fe get ar hair done, toes paint, new outfit or wadeva…him feel like ah the child support money she ah spend pon arself, not even thinking that she has her own source of income. 10 nickels is very cross, angry and miserable ( Bounty voice )…like get over yourself already and stop fight gainst Ms. Tompkins and go fight the judge weh issue the child support order :doctor:

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