1. Congrats but bill gates must did have to married to that girl cause a she support him clothes wise and hype wise ,and remember every body a married cause dem waa come a foreign. Sir Dean, lukie fabulous and now bill gates.desperate woman do desperate things to say they have a man.Sharon Saab did a do the same thing but bill gates like the expensive clothes dem and Sharon money nuh so long.woman must stop walk and mine man and mek man be the provider.

  2. Sender pic plz, wi waan see di strang stumuck ooman whe marry pothole face, opportunist, leech Billed Gyates

  3. Congrat to me friends Mr. And Mrs BARTLEY god bless you both long life and love. I know all kind a bitches a go run out and have kind a bad things to say make them talk because you can’t stop them. Don’t forget is when them stop talk u have to worried. Sharon byll gates don’t want u the better woman won.

  4. Mr Bartley I hope u married fi di right reasons & when u reach a farin you nuh lef u wife fi a next gal weh ave more $ than u wife… & when you reach up deh do a face surgery pon dem pot hole deh

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