Why isn’t the African American community not doing anything about R.Kelly? He p*ssed in a little girl’s mouth? There is video evidence. I don’t want to hear anything from dem anymore. They get upset when a celebrity wear black face, but is okay with a grown man destroying little girls? Where is the MEGA church? Why is the church not outrage? Unnu help me comprehend.


  1. I watched the entire program and R Kelly is a criminal and should be brought to justice. But we like to protect and enable them. Just look in our own Jamaican community how some big man look young girls and with the permission of the mother especially if they are from a poor background. I watched Mr Vegas live on Facebook on the subject of Surviving R Kelly. He spoke about a Jamaican entertainer who like to sleep with young girls and even though he didn’t call the person name he got threats . So this is exactly why our community can’t deal with our issues without defending criminals.

  2. What I despise the most is the constant comparison to white alleged offenders. They did this same sh*t with dirty bill Cosby too. There is a time and a place to discuss race and this aint it. R Kelly is a closeted homosexual who fantasized about [email protected] his own mother, in addition to being a pedophile and an STD spreader. Shame on all those black people who want to create a distraction and change the narrative. When they bumping to 12 Play, just know it was written about a child. I hope the police watched and took notes. Glad to know the FBI is investigating. Mi ignorant fi Sparkle and Aaliyah mumma.

  3. I’ve not seen the Documentary, but base on what have been said about Kelly over the years, I believed the accused. The black community is very hypocritical. We want others to respect us, but do the opposite to each other. The feedback in regards to the Documentary is very disturbing. It make me sick because it’s coming from black women, who continue to support Kelly, while shaming the victims.

    Many of his supporters are father’s and mothers of black girls. Why do some of us as black people, have such an hard time believing a black woman when they speak their truth about sexual abuse? Why are we always lying? Look how the black community treated Bevery Johnson when she accused Bill Cosy of sexually assaulting her? We don’t respect each other, unless the crime commited against us is done by a white person. Then and only then, “BLACK LIVES MATTER”.

  4. Bitch, why are you comparing apples and oranges?
    R. Kelly has some f##kd up issues, yes, but no one forced those little girls into those sexual acts, they willingly participated from the videos I saw.
    Now Black face is another race trying to degrade Black people, a totally separate issue from R. Kelly. Is R. Kelly trying to demean the Black race or is his perverted as just trying to get some thrills off some morally corrupt little girls?
    And when you passing your judgements, don’t lump all Black people in one category, we all dont think alike, dummy.

      1. If you are raised by morally corrupt individuals, most likely you will become morally corrupt. If you are led astray, put on the wrong track from early and you dont know better, most likely you will follow your environmental teachings. Go look up the definition, it can happen. While you at it look up morals too. Shit is something I can never be. Don’t get mad at me because you have no comprehension. Go shoot yourself now.

  5. He cannot be charged twice for the same crime and he was found innocent. The victims parents did not come forward and other family members stated it was not their underage relative in the video. Everyone is pointing the finger at R. Kelly alone but he had help attracting these girls from his staff or either they seen it going on. So why should he be charged alone. They are all guilty in this, so they all need to be charged not just him alone.
    One thing I do believe R. Kelly about is when he stated parents were intentionally letting him date their daughters just to exploit money from him. Listen at Sparkles statement she introduced her niece to him. And when she caught her in the studio by herself with him and questioned why she was there, the niece said she was going to a party at his house. Why would you introduce your niece to him and let her go to a party at his if you witnessed the encounters he’s had with other under age girls?? And her family settled out of court for money. So it appears it was more about money for these families because if it wasn’t then they would’ve went fourth with seeing to it he was prosecuted instead settling out of court for money. Bottom line he needs to seek help for his abuse and sexual fascinations.
    There is an e-book that one of the girls wrote title, Daddy’s Little Freak. She discussed how she intentionally went after him to have an relationship with him and her grandmother allowed her to date him although she was under age. She also talks about having sex with his body guard and how his personal doctor was the one who ultimately saved her life.

  6. What do you expect the Black community to do, sender? Are we the justice system? Wasn’t the video produced years ago? Why now should the Black community do something to R. Kelly? If Lifetime didn’t make the documentary, would you have sent this in, sender? What does the MEGA church have to do with this? You cannot comprehend because you lack comprehension.

  7. what I would like to know is why are they singling out r kelly when hollywood is well know for the underdage little girl and boys parties that they keep. I remember that actor from lord of the rings was talking about it then a few days later he had to take back his statement because he got a call from a hollywood bigshot and his career was now at risk.

  8. You took the bait! Perfect example of a negro that defends all things associated with being black. Hope young/teenage children are afraid of you.

  9. Let’s be honest here at age 17 how old was your boyfriend? Not saying R. Kelly is not a sicko but those girls parents sold them for a dream(basically sex trafficking there child) Everyone should be blamed for their part. A lot of the girls let on their free will as well.

  10. He did get charged but the family of the same girl in the video never stood up to him so he got away with it. One of the girls said she saw the same girl from the video with him after the whole thing. U cant help who dont want help.

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