0 thoughts on “BLEACH PINNACLE

  1. Kelly Mafia last I heard ur mom was his “Sweetie”. Kellyy tell ur madda fi run not walk cause Cleous sexuality been in question before him bawn. No tell me seh a so she love likes till she gone swim wid di fishes.

  2. Cleous ‘married’ and rate his wife she is also his babymother, so whoever Kelly Mafia ‘s mother may be take my advice lady and do not waste your time

  3. I do like his outfit; would pair nicely with a pair of black high heeled peep toe ankle booties and a nice black circle cashmere scarf with a nice black leather gloves..

    1. :ngakak Yeppy mi sure dat sumting up dere own ah pair ah peep-toe pumps and ah few cashmere scarves :ngakak Di asymmetrical blouse wid di jeggings ah lick shot fi real.

      1. Yawdy :peluk :peluk :peluk ..di outfit nice fe true…mussi him ooman clothes dem him wearing cause he has good fashion sense when it come on tuh di ooman clothes dem :ngakak

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