Holness Administration Going Ahead With Goat Islands Logistics Hub Plans

Holness Administration Going Ahead With Goat Islands Logistics Hub Plans

The Andrew Holness administration is pushing ahead with plans to develop a transshipment port and industrial and commercial zones in the environmentally protected Portland Bight/Goat Island area by China Harbour Engineering Company (CHEC).

The Government revealed its position in the latest Letter of Intent to the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

The indication from the Government that it is sticking with the Chinese proposal is significant because a framework agreement that was signed under the Portia Simpson Miller administration in 2014 expired in August.

The Government says a technical feasibility study for the project has started although a timeline for its completion was not given.

It said the feasibility study is a prerequisite for determining the construction methodology and for obtaining the terms of reference from the National Environment and Planning Agency for the Environmental Impact Assessment.

At the signing of the framework agreement, former Transport and Works Minister, Dr Omar Davies, insisted that it was only after the completion of the environment assessment that the project would go to the Cabinet for a decision.

While in Opposition, Holness’ Jamaica Labour Party declared its support for the project on the basis that environmental conditions on the Goat Islands were not abused.

The Jamaica Environment Trust has warned the Government against using the Goat Islands saying the area is invaluable to Jamaica and should be protected.

It’s reported that the proposed project would be a $190 billion investment in Jamaica.



  1. At least them actually a tell we. When di other one dem put it up for sale it was some jimscreechie movements why we even did find out (like how dem sell dunns river and gi permit fi dem fi mine round cockpit country)

    1. Tap chat faaut u ole labourite baboon, unu same one did a kick up wa day now “at least” at least nothing! Dam hypocrites

  2. Where are the brown uptown environmentalists to keep blazing the fire for nature??why have they fallen silent when prior they were on the verge of blocking everywhere inna Jamaica fi the few likkle Lizards??

    1. Them pawty in power. People literally a dead like dog, dollar a do more than grine, no promises kept, prices increasing daily. Everybody . All the media….I have nothing but contempt for them partiality

  3. Politicians I tell yuh! yuh memba how dem did vocal against the Goat Island thing. Annuh dem a di eediot dem still a the people dem wha follow dem & get riled up cause a unnuh always get embarrassed n can’t say ntn in the long run lol.

  4. Yes sah! Met silent eh? No u did a watch Porsha frock tale bout the Chinese and goat island, no uproar now??
    See di hypocrite dem a gallang deh

  5. These people dont care about the environment all they care about is money with the way they are destroying the planet I feel sorry for our future generations

    1. Read again. The contract that PNP agreed with expired and the JLP had the option to not renew it, but they chose to renew it of course. All morals and compassion get throw out the window when money involved.

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